And for your next trick…

Found my second year university poetry portfolio…. My my, the irony of a teenager…

And for your next trick…

Your aim was off
and now
I’ve got a foetus growing out of
the side of my head.
Feeding off my brain.
I wouldn’t worry
except that my vision’s blurred
and I’ve lost my appetite.
When I run out of mascara
I’ll give birth in my hat
and pass it round
to save for its education.
Maybe it’ll be a genius.


Filed under Fiction, Humour, Poetry, Sex, Women/Feminist, Writing

9 responses to “And for your next trick…

  1. Haha, brilliant. Wierd but brilliantly clear,


  2. Ken Kiser

    Now, you’re scaring me…



  3. Oh yeah! I needed that. Chortle, chortle….


  4. That was good. Surreal. Enjoyed it.


  5. Thanks guys – it’s a weird one, I know!


  6. romi41

    you have always been an interesting sort of chicka, haven’t you??? You really left me scratching my head this time, I enjoyed it 🙂


  7. hierophant4582



  8. venus00

    Strange and yet it struck a familiar chord. I was after all a dark teenager myself once. Thanks for sharing it!


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