The Pitch

I saw a fabulous play on saturday night called The Pitch. It’s written and performed by Melbournian actor, Peter Houghton. Here’s a snippet from the review I wrote for Australian Stage Online, which you can check out here:

Sometimes I wonder if the difference between a film audience and a theatre audience is that a modern film audience is geared up to criticize and needs to be won over, and a theatre audience walks in already willing to suspend that disbelief, practically soliciting the actors on stage – come on, entertain me, you know I want it! The common thread of course is that both audiences want to be involved in a story. “It’s the story that counts,” my favourite creative writing lecturer used to say, “It’s all about the story!” …

… [Houghton] does the best damn Robert De Niro face you’re ever likely to see anywhere, possibly even on Robert De Niro himself. Even if you’re not a theatre fan, do yourself a favour and go and see the Robert De Niro face. Trust me, it’s worth it.



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9 responses to “The Pitch

  1. I hope my comment gets ‘approved’. I’ve never written one for such a prestigious journal before. Your review was perfect, touched every base, balanced and enthusiastic, perfect. The show looks wonderful. I said, “Cool. Sounds fantastic. Hopefully the show will travel and we’ll get to see it up in Queensland.” Hope that’s okay.


  2. Ken Kiser

    I often wanted to write a “real” review, but never really knew where to start. Your appraisals are written so intelligently. I bet your reviews are getting good reviews themselves.


  3. kaylee

    Wow sounds like a good play!


  4. Paul, you’re such a sweetheart for leaving a message at the site 🙂 And thank you for this comment. Writing a good review is actually harder than it seems and is taking some practice 🙂

    Thanks very much Ken, that’s a lovely thing to say!

    It was a fabulous play Kaylee, I hope it continues to tour.

    You can read my latest review here
    if you’re interested.


  5. I think there’s more intimacy between audience and actors in a play. A film is much more remote. You know they’re not really there with you.


  6. I agree Tony, it’s what makes the theatre so magical.


  7. i enjoy and admire theatre, off-bway esp. is willing to take chances, if you sit in the first few rows it’s
    as if your inside the play.


  8. yuk! hate that avatar.


  9. I agree Jade, sometimes it’s the fringe stuff that can really push the boundaries and blow you away. (Sorry about the avatar – they’re random!)


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