Happy Feet

My Grandmother is a puffer.

Maybe I should extrapolate on that?

Nah. That’ll do. ‘My Grandmother is a puffer.’ It’ll keep you guessing:

She knocks back the odd spliff? She’s actually a big bomber jacket masquerading as a Grandmother? At night she morphs into the masked crusader; Blowfish Grannie!?

Okay, this feels really blasphemous now.

What I mean is that my Grandmother sighs a lot… and groans… sighs and groans… like, all the time. I went to visit her today and I massaged her feet and she huffed and puffed all the way through it. I just assumed that she really liked it. (I am a professional after-all, let’s not forget that people.) But then I got lunch ready and she huffed and puffed all the way through that. No problem, eating is a big deal for some people. Then I did the dishes and she sat at the table and talked to me and yes, you guessed it, she huffed and puffed all the way through that. I looked at her after one particularly loud huff and she smiled at me and said:

“I know I huff and puff a lot dear, it’s just so I can hear that I’m still alive.”

True story.

God love her.



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11 responses to “Happy Feet

  1. Now that’s a great line! Sounds like quite a character.


  2. LOL Simonne, maybe I should try that. It’s nice to know you’re still alive, I think.


  3. Well, at least she knows she’s a puffer.

    Glad to have found your blog. Looks like a fascinating place to spend time.


  4. You have to listen to the elders,


  5. Dawn

    How interesting to know the reason for the puffing. Interesting the comment on being alive because the grandmother (being my Mum) insisted on going to the funeral place to choose her plaque the other day. We were ushered in to a suitably quiet offfice with a suitably garbed quiet man behind a desk who looked at the elderly one, my sister and myself and said “ahem (yes he did) are there any …… ahem are there any……. are there any…………….ashes? Apparently most live people don’t go to organise their funerals and my sister said “No, but there might be in a few days” to which he looked somewhat askance. I think by the end of the visit he ‘got’ our sense of humour. T’was indeed a very funny day. We were escorted through the cemetary (to view the plot of course) in a buggy which was great fun – I know, you’re not supposed to have fun there but hey, how many people do you know who go to these lengths to organise their own funeral arrangements? It was a laugh a minute, especially when said elderly person said very crossly to us “It’s too late you know” to which we replied (when we were able to – being overcome with astonishment at first) – “Don’t you mean early?” “No, I don’t” (the intonation clearly implying we are really very dense children) “Two years ago I was thinking very clearly and would have made better and quicker decisions”. We were boggled.


  6. romi41

    I can totally relate to that, except I burp and fart so I can hear (and smell) that I’m still alive….

    ….sorry I couldn’t help myself….I mean “excuse me” 😉


  7. She is a character Anthony – she’s still very much a lady, despite her sense of humour 🙂

    I can imagine you doing that WC! I think I might give it a go too 😉

    Thanks for stopping by ybonsey, I love your site, it’s lovely to have you here 🙂

    Paul – wise words, my friend…

    Dawn, that story needs a longer telling, it’s hilarious!

    Romi… there are no words to really describe you, my lovely… 😉


  8. hierophant4582

    I thought this was going to be a story about smoking, haha.

    It’s good that she’s in such a happy place though. A lot of elderly folk sit around and simply wait to die.


  9. venus00

    That was so sweet. God bless Grandmas!


  10. Grace


    My mom is a Sigher. She’s always making these long sighing sounds and I’m always asking her “Mom, are you ok??”

    Her reply never varies (in a very pissy voice):

    “I’m just fine, Grace. I just SIGH alot”.

    Okkkkkkkkkkkkay, mom!


  11. sandybarker

    I loved this. And I think you are so lucky to have this time with her.


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