The Bridge

I crossed the bridge to over there the other day and now I don’t know how to get back. Not that I don’t like over there, it’s just that that’s not where I’m from and I’m beginning to miss here and now. You see here and now seems to be – I don’t know – somehow more real, and here in over there I feel a bit disjointed. When I’m in here and now I feel connected to, you know… stuff. But here in over there I keep feeling like something is about to happen, but it never does. It doesn’t make me feel very, I don’t know, switched on. I hope I can make my way back soon, because there’s something important I need to do and here in over there I can’t seem to do it, I can only wish that I was doing it. Weird huh?



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11 responses to “The Bridge

  1. Wierd and wonderful M.C. Escher thought. “here in over there” a pivot. Amazing, stopped me dead in my tracks and put me right there.


  2. Loved that! But don’t stay over there too long or it becomes here and now.


  3. Grace

    Over There sounds alot like ‘back then’ or ‘someday’ to me…I always feel out of sorts when I live in those places, too.

    Good thing this is fiction 😉

    Sending you a hug today, Goddess.


  4. Ken Kiser

    You know, I think they make a medication for that.

    … but I think they keep it somewhere else.

    but that’s neither here nor there. 😉

    Nice one Ken 🙂


  5. Not weird at all. I don’t think anyway. I find myself wandering over there away from here and now – and I think it’s just a sidetrip I need to make sometimes. To get above stuff and disconnect. To let the firing synapses cool down a bit after a rigorous work out. Sometimes it’s not crossing the bridge so much as the space in between the two points that we need so much. Chin up, dear, this too shall pass.


  6. But wherever you go there you are.


  7. hierophant4582

    It’s never too late to cross a bridge you’ve traversed across already. In fact, I think it’s sort of fun to walk back and forth.


  8. not weird at all – something is about to happen over there – so hurry up – leave here and get there.


  9. romi41

    This was very odd and yet there was nothing odd in how it captured my interest and fascination 🙂


  10. Thanks for all the interested comments everyone 🙂

    Evyl, I was waiting for that one!

    Just so you know, the piece is a bit of ‘zen’ fiction. I’m fine and actually not in an ‘over there‘ head space at all at the moment – but it’s sure good to know my peeps have my back 🙂


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