July Fiction Submission – ‘Snow in Winter’ by Wendy

The July submission had ‘Green‘ as a prompt and I really loved this flash fitction piece by Wendy. Wendy has decided to remain relatively anonymous with this piece, but will still be logging on to respond to any comments. So far, Wendy is a ‘closet’ writer, but I think maybe we can start to convince her to ‘come out’! Enjoy…

Snow in Winter

She ran a hand over the quilt, stopping to pick at a pill in the green brocade. She turned her hand over and stared at the brown spot on the back of it. It was new to her, this brown spot, and she squinted at it, not wanting to move to get her glasses and not all that fussed about seeing it close up either. She eased her breath out slowly, not wanting to disturb him, and turned her hand back to the familiar feel of the quilt.

She looked sideways at him, unsure if he was asleep, but thinking that perhaps he was. His breathing was low and quiet. She looked at his lips. She knew he was having an affair. He’d stopped curling into her body at night, wrapping his long legs around her like a net and waiting for her to respond. She would tighten at the feel of him behind her and hold her breath. She would wait a minute, frozen and airless, to see if he would give up and turn away, or relax into sleep. He knew what she was doing. She never kidded herself that he didn’t. She was just beyond pushing herself through it, that was all.

She couldn’t remember when the ice had struck her. It didn’t matter any more. She looked at his lips as he lay there and imagined another woman attached to them. A young thing with ballooning breasts and enthusiasm. She lifted her hands up in front of her face in the semi dark and watched as little green balls of cotton drifted down towards her like snow in the winter.

Please submit your poetry, flash fiction, or other literary ramblings for the August Submission, which is now open.



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13 responses to “July Fiction Submission – ‘Snow in Winter’ by Wendy

  1. Beautifully controlled prose, balanced so the emotion is there but it doesn’t overwhelm the writing. And the ending is a really well executed image. Wendy should definitely ‘come out’. I would love to read more.


  2. One Penny Profiles

    I agree with Paul. Wendy: Come out come out where ever you are!


  3. A young thing with ballooing breasts and enthusiasm Really wonderful line.

    I agree with Paul, this nicely and quietly executed, leaving the emotions soft and yet quite palpable.


  4. Wendy

    Gosh, thank you so much. Maybe I should venture out a bit more. Doing this has certainly given me more confidence. Thanks for your encouraging words.


  5. Thanks so much Wendy. I’m glad your piece was well received. Please submit again 🙂


  6. Rachel

    Wendy – You did do it afterall, I’m so pleased 🙂 It’s great!


  7. hierophant4582

    I really liked that. And I can totally relate to being in bed with someone knowing that their heart is elsewhere.


  8. romi41

    That was fantastic Wendy, some real talent here..come out, come out wherever you are, as this one piece won’t suffice! 😉

    And Simonne, you are great for having this “Writer’s Showcase” here, I can already see it’s going to be a great feature 🙂


  9. Thanks for stopping by hiero, I’m glad you liked it, I think it’s a wonderful piece.

    Romi, I’m hoping that you’re going to send me something for next month my girl!


  10. romi41

    I have my eye on submitting something to the August pool, I will try my darndest! 🙂


  11. Melana


    Great read! I love your style of writing. Taut, yet brimming with feeling. ‘She’ lingered in my thoughts hours after reading it! I would love to read more.



  12. Angela

    Awww, that’s so sad! I love how the words were few, but full of meaning. Almost like poetry, I’d say. You sould seriously “come out” and perhaps write this into small chapters of flash fiction. 🙂


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