Laptop Love Affair

This is me. Mimi is – me.

Camping is not my thing, not one bit. Sitting in the beautiful outdoors, my laptop in front of me, nature’s wonders all around – I can do that, I can… as long as behind me there’s a log cabin with a roaring fire, food not out of a can, and plumbing – that I can do. That’s me.

Oh, and if I’m away from my laptop for more than a few hours I get a rash, seriously, a rash.

I’ve just found Debbie Ridpath Ohi’s wonderful sites for writers. She’s an illustrator and writer from Toronto… and after discovering Mimi, I think I’m a little bit in love with her…



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13 responses to “Laptop Love Affair

  1. kaylee

    LOL thats me too Thanks for stoppping by my site. I post like once a week noe cause of what I am battling 😦


  2. This is a great illustration of how many of us feel about our laptops and being connected. My idea of camping is a chocolate on my pillow.


  3. Ha. We are in complete agreement re camping. I don’t understand the point. I must check out the site as soon as I find five minutes. Hope everything is going fantabulously well,


  4. Yeah…that’s definitely my idea of camping. Modern living in a rural setting. A rash, really? I’ve never let it go that far.


  5. Will have to check out Deb’s site.
    “Will write for chocolate?”
    That could turn my wife into a writer, I think.
    And yeah, my new laptop is growing on me too, though no sign of a rash. :mrgreen:



  6. I thought it might be, Kaylee. Chin up honey, we’re sending you some healing lovin’ energy.
    Mark, Im loving your idea of camping!
    Hey Paul, yes, things are generally fairly fantabulous 🙂
    Not really a rash Annie, just a… yearning… 😉
    Michael, writing for chocolate has a certain pleasing ring to it, doesn’t it?!


  7. I never even entertained the idea of a computer until I’d turned fifty a couple of years ago. Now, I daren’t risk the rash 🙂


  8. hierophant4582

    I know the feeling. Without a computer you feel like your out of touch with the “world”.


  9. no – i’m mimi – lol


  10. kaylee

    Thanks for those simmone!


  11. romi41

    Hmm…I’m somewhere in between…like I can leave my laptop and eat out of a can to enjoy some nature, but sleeping in a tent and pooping in a random outhouse (or the woods!!!!)???, not so much 😉


  12. But Tony, you’re such a whiz!
    Fight you for it Jade!
    No worries Kaylee 🙂
    Romi… I thought you’d be good at pooping in the woods 😉


  13. Grace

    Try Apple Cider Vinegar for that rash LOL


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