‘Beat’ excerpt

An excerpt from ‘Beat’: Chapter 44.

Siddhartha wanted to attain enlightenment, so he sat under a tree and meditated. He vowed to sit there for as long as it took to become enlightened. But as he sat, his ego assailed him, tempting and taunting him and he was plagued by doubt and fear. Siddhartha was unmoved. He sat and he sat. He cleared his mind as best as he could, but still he struggled, until he felt an urge to put his hand on the ground. So he placed his right hand on the earth and she took his doubts and desires from him and he was finally rid of the demons of his ego as he moved towards the light.

Empty thyself and I shall fill thee, Jesus said. But what if you are filled with something else? What then? How do you sit under a tree and be filled with the consciousness of Christ if you are already filled with other things? Siddhartha put his hand to the earth to rid himself of these other things. Can we do the same? Hermes, Abraham, Moses, Muhammad and Jesus, did they all sit under a tree and touch the earth to find God? I was a farmer, I touched the earth hundreds of times a day and the only the God I ever found when I was alive was in the bottom of my espresso cup. Ah yes, I am no prophet of God, but I do have the advantage of my own earthly demise tucked safely behind me, and in this, I am a prophet of the afterlife.

The common thread of religious humanity seems to be the desire to merge ourselves with the essence of God. But to obtain this enlightened merger, often we have to die first. Ah sì, this is a bummer, yes?

© Simonne Michelle-Wells


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17 responses to “‘Beat’ excerpt

  1. Doktor Holocaust

    i like this. I disagree with the notion that the essence of God is something external to be merged with, but I like it.

    in my corner of the universe, the essence of God, or Slack, or Cthulhu, or whatever you want to call it, is an internal thing, a seed lodged somewhere between the brain and the heart, and first you have to find it, that little lump of fledgeling divinity, and then you have to figure out how to feed it and nurture it so it grows, and hope that you don’t go crazy in the process.


  2. Not sure why but this reminds me of a joke:

    What did the Dalai Lama say to the New York City hotdog vendor?

    A: Make me one with everything.

    {{{{groan}}}}} 😉



  3. Simonne,
    I love your style – it’s gentle but it sucks you in like a vat of quicksand. You wiley writer, you. Good stuff.


  4. c

    This is skillfully written.

    It brought to mind my research on the bodhi tree- just as mystic. The voice and tone of the piece register at sacred decibels.


  5. That’s a very interesting excerpt. Is it from the beginning? Starting in the third person and then the shift to the dead first and then the accent just seems to come from nowhere. Fascinating and intriguing beginning. Do we get to read more or do we have to wait for the book to come out?


  6. Thanks Dok. I love your comments. Why does it not surprise me that Cthulhu might be the essence of God for you? Very well put – it is a fledgeling lump of divinity that needs nurturing isn’t it?

    Michael, I’ve never heard that and it made me laugh out loud… thanks for your insight my friend 😉

    Thanks Annie, I think I like being called wiley!

    Thanks Christine, ‘scared decibels’ is a nice way of putting it.

    Paul, it is a weird excerpt to post as it’s so out of context, but I thought, what the hell? The whole book is written in third person except for the character of the Italian grandfather. His chapters are few and quite short and always begin with a fable or tale of some sort. This chapter is about halfway through the book. I guess I can post more, no harm done as it’s still the first draft. Scary… but still good to get feedback.


  7. An excellent, questioning piece. As for me, wherever God is – or gods are – it begins with questioning, gathers speed with determination, and is found deep, deep down in the mind.
    Only question then is: is it OF the mind, or does this let you through to somewhere else?


  8. The key of course is to die while alive … we have the opportunity to experience death and still live, to reconnect with source …


  9. kaylee

    Love this one 🙂


  10. Melana

    Simonne –

    I really like this!

    It works so well because the simplicity of your writing style pays homage to the complex nature of the subject matter. It’s an excellent writing technique which allows for the readers to have direct and immediate contact with the material, without having to ‘go through’ your words.

    The words, like cars, are the vehicles but they park in the garage and the subject, like a passenger, is waiting on the street. And then, we the readers, show up to meet, greet and engage.

    After just a brief interaction (an excerpt’s worth), all we want to do is ponder and reflect on the meaning of this encounter!

    Mon, you’re not the only wiley one; I do believe God put you up to this! 🙂

    lana xx


  11. hierophant4582

    I like your blog. It always make me stretch my brain.


  12. Tony, thanks for the great comment. For me it is found deep in the heart, the place from where it originates.
    Mark, so you, that comment, it’s wonderful, thank you.
    Welcome Kaylee – I popped over to your blog earlier – you are one amazing teenager – I’ll be back over soon 🙂
    Lana, thank you! You know that’s really something I try to do with my writing. I learnt to do it for the stage and it thankfully it seems to have flowed over into my prose. What a great metaphor you use!
    Hiero – glad to be of some brain-stretching assistance my friend! 🙂


  13. Dawn

    Yes, posting more would be good. Chapter 44? Woohoo – way to go!


  14. romi41

    Just catching up on your blog, and wow, an excerpt from your book! 🙂

    I must say, I was a little awe-struck when I read this, and it cut into different parts of my mind that hibernate quite a bit …great GREAT stuff 🙂


  15. This is great Simonne.

    “Ah yes, I am no prophet of God, but I do have the advantage of my own earthly demise tucked safely behind me, and in this, I am a prophet of the afterlife.

    The common thread of religious humanity seems to be the desire to merge ourselves with the essence of God. But to obtain this enlightened merger, often we have to die first. Ah sì, this is a bummer, yes?”

    I love it.

    Chapter 44 of the first draft, Huh? Coming along nicely then, I would suppose.
    Can’t wait to read more.


  16. Thanks Dawn 🙂
    Romi, so pleased to help you un-hibernate! That’s cute! Thanks hon.
    It is coming along Chris, yes. Thanks for stopping by. Some days (the dialogue days!) I rip through it, and others I crawl, but that’s just how it is I guess!


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