To Words

One after the other after the other in tiny footprints you march, inching your way forward. Your diligence surprises me. Your fortitude gives me hope. You march on and on and on, even when the journey is fraught and the terrain ahead looms dark and thorny, on you go.

It’s the times that you march ahead of me I find astonishing. On you go, with me a few steps behind, marveling at the splendor of you in flight. I fight the need to take control here, to step forward and arrange you differently. But I’ve learnt, you see, that when you fly ahead it is wise for me to stay back, for it is at these times that you are at your most beautiful. You astound me. I am humbled that you would choose me to walk behind you. And all I can do in these moments is hold my breath and pray that you never stop marching.



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16 responses to “To Words

  1. Woohoo, thematic synchronicity. That is a wonderful idea, beautifully expressed.


  2. Been there often – by far the best writing a person can do. If we didn’t have words such as ‘magical’ to describe such moments, we’d have to invent them.
    Or maybe they invent themselves as they fly?


  3. Oh Simonne, I love these little tete tetes you have with your muse. So lovely. They give me hope.


  4. I’m smiling because mostly I’m running around chasing words like flies. Which reminds me of my mother’s new metal flyswatter for some reason.
    Other days I do my best to ignore them.

    Good to see you back. And congrats on all the fabulous accomplishments I see at the top!!! 🙂



  5. Melana

    Simonne –

    I love how your mind works, especially when you let us step inside and take a peek!

    You leave me wordless… 🙂



  6. hierophant4582

    You have real talent.


  7. Paul, nothing as good as a bit of synchronicity, huh?!
    It’s a wonderful place to be, isn’t it Tony?
    Thanks Annie, that’s good to hear, I do love my muse 🙂
    Kim! How lovely to see you! Does this mean you’re back? I’ll have to pop over and check.
    Melana, you could never be wordless 😉 x


  8. How much do I looooove this?
    Creative and gives this writer pause as I think about my own creative process.
    I just wrote on the other day called Zhivago.
    And I have no idea where it came from.
    Nice when that happens.
    Wonderful stuff, S



  9. well put – let the words fly ahead – learn.


  10. Thanks M and Jade 🙂


  11. romi41

    This is a beautiful tribute to words 🙂 I have to be honest, in the recent past I have not been experiencing the usual wonder and joy that comes from writing…it almost became *gasp* something to get out of the way!!! That’s when I really had to stop myself today and re-group, and following that, I felt it again!!! Phew 😉


  12. Romi, your writing is wonderfully funny and pithy – don’t stop!


  13. Simonne – I am so glad that you are writing again. I LOVE this piece (it gave me goosebumps…as I can distinctly imagine a good friend saying this about me as I tend to be a bit of a pioneer o’ life…). There is something about authentic creativity that tends to drive and motivate a person to their full realisation. I can relate. This piece spoke to me on all levels.


  14. Thanks Muse. I have no doubts at all about you relating to this.


  15. Dawn

    I love this.


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