Cake, theatre, and goosebumps

I fly home from Canberra tonight feeling both exhilarated and tired from my four days away. My nephew’s (picking the cutest photo from the hundreds I took may take some time yet) first birthday party was a grand success; my Auntie making the most over-the-top birthday cake(s) you’re ever likely to see at a party where the majority of guests can but crawl (at an alcohol free party anyway). They were beautiful. My dad and I did mountains of dishes and helped prepare mountains of food (hence the tiredness) and managed to drink our body weights in coffee.

During my stay I found out some great news – I got a job I applied for a while ago as a Reviewer for Australian Stage Online. I’m very pleased about it, not least of all because there’s nothing so good as free theatre!

The other great thing that occurred was that I realised on the flight over here that the Canberra Writer’s Festival is on. I only managed to get to one thing, but this particular thing seemed most timely indeed. It was a free event called The Light from the Dark House. It was a discussion of the programs offered and the books that have been created at Varuna, and Peter Bishop, the much talked about director of Varuna, was there from Sydney to head up the discussion. Hearing that 120+ published books have come as a direct result of the programs and residencies at Varuna brought tears to my eyes, as did hearing the published authors sitting next to Peter tell their own personal tales of how much Varuna did for their careers. Peter Bishop spoke with such passion about speaking and working with writers that I fairly got goosebumps! I did manage to break through my shyness long enough to introduce myself to him afterwards and the for the first time in my life was filled with pride that he couldn’t place my name… he placed me through the title of my book; “Ah Beat,” he said, “Yes, I remember that one.”



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12 responses to “Cake, theatre, and goosebumps

  1. Cool, it’s all happening. Life is an amazing adventure.


  2. That is fantastic, honey. It must have really been a great feeling.


  3. romi41

    Ah, I love that he knew you by the book! What a compliment for a writer πŸ˜‰ …and umm…in addition to a cutie-pie nephew pic, I would LOVE to see a pic of that over-the-top-cake!!! Mmmm… πŸ˜‰


  4. Melana

    The Canberra Writer’s Festival wasn’t just luck after all — it was divine timing!

    Congratulations, sweetie.



  5. sandybarker

    Awesome…all your ducks are lining up beautifully!


  6. Great news. It’s good to know that writers are still out there, doing things. A pity the mainstream publishers have forgotten about them, though.

    To be remembered by a book. Paradise!


  7. jackblackrabbit

    Some things are just meant to be…congratulations on your new job and for being remembered for your book, that is special.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog too (I didn’t know how to approve it, but have just found out!). I do look forward to reading yours as you seem to express the enthusiasm I feel about writing. That is very encouraging…carry on!


  8. Paul, it is isn’t it? πŸ™‚
    Thanks Annie, it was a great feeling, despite me freezing my tits off in a chilly writer’s centre in COLD Canberra!
    Ok Romi, I’ll drum up a photo of the cake and the nephew, I think I can do that!
    Melana, wise one, yes it was πŸ™‚
    Thanks Sand x
    Tony, it is so hard to the get the attention of the mainstream publishers, yes, which makes Varuna is all the more special as it’s affliated with two of them.
    Thanks Jackblackrabbit – make sure you hop back on here with a link to your site so we can all find you, thanks!


  9. Danielle Calleja


    I’m grinning like only a mummy in her PJ’s on a deliciously lazy Sunday reading of her friend’s successes and fabulousness can! Hee hee! Your hens coming home to roost have tickled me and spurred me on – I will pass news of your triumphs on to all our friends.

    My news? Have just submitted two poems for the Blake Poetry Prize – the topic “Bliss, Blasphemy and Belief” – that’s all I write about, honey!! I shall think no more of it, until the hens peck at my door.


  10. Danielle, you crack me up πŸ™‚ And I’m very glad I’ve spurred you on. I’m so glad you submitted to the Blake Poetry Prize – it is such a perfect topic for you. I wish you luck as you wisely let it go to the universe πŸ™‚ xx


  11. Scott

    Hi Simonne,
    Congrats on your job as reviewer for Australian Stage Online. I was in “The Return”; one of the two plays it seems you have reviewed for ASO thus far. Thank you for your honest appraisal of the play and, indeed, your very kind words about my performance! I hope Katy isn’t put off doing more theatre because of your review; it would’ve been nice if you had acknowledged that she is a newcomer to theatre (this challenging role was only the 2nd time she’d been on stage). Having said that, though, I realise the various obligations of the reviewer. Thanks again for taking the time to see, and review, “The Return”.
    Scott Hansen


  12. Hi Scott,
    Thanks for taking the time to seek me out, what a surprise. Firstly, you deserved kind words about your performance, you were fabulous and I wish you luck for the future.
    I hope Katy isn’t put off too. She is very young and I did think about writing more about her inexperience, so perhaps I should have. It’s more of a casting thing perhaps – I think she might do the role much more justice when she has a bit more experience under her belt. Please tell her not to be put off by one review – it’s a very hard industry and not everyone is going to like you, no matter how good you are. She had some good qualities, and I hope I get to see her in something else soon.
    Good luck for the rest of the run. Please let me know what else you’re up to, as I’d love to see you on stage again.


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