My blogroll has put on a little weight recently and is happily groaning under the strain of itself like the happy Buddha. That said, I’d like to introduce three new additions to the happy family and encourage you to head over to the facund friends three and check ’em out!

So, without further inanities, please welcome, Melana, author of A Fallen Angel Speaks and The Path: A Journey Into the Light.

Melana is a fabulous, evocative writer, poet and song writer. As if this wasn’t enough, Melana is also a Channel and shares her Spiritual journeys and wisdoms with incredible passion, empathy and insight. Her blog, The Path: A Journey Into the Light, focuses on the spiritual side of love and the experience of learning to love yourself. Melana is “a poster child for life lived the hard way”. Her words are like a salve to the injured soul. Melana channelled much of the information available on this blog and it’s all there, FOR FREE for anyone to bathe and heal and revel in. It’s a teaching system that teaches and fosters an understanding of the true reality of love. I encourage you to visit either of Melana’s two incredible blogs.

Our second articulate amigo is Paul Squires, author of GingaTao.

Paul has actually been on my blogroll for a while now (or as my husband just said; “Blogroll; it’s only an L away from a bogroll.” Yes, he thinks he’s hysterical. For my American friends, a bog here in Oz is a toilet… you can work the rest out for yourselves.) I digress, many apologies Paul, GingaTao has absolutely nothing to do with poo-paper and everything to do with a very unique writing style that drips with imagery. He is the Master of Metaphor. Check out his latest poem if you don’t believe me and then come back and tell me you didn’t say WOW and have to read it twice?

And finally I bring you our last silver-tongued word-smith, Pierz Newton-John, author of a brand spanking new blog called Cri de Coeur.

Paul is a Melbourne-based fiction writer who stole my heart when I read the lastest Sleepers Almanac. His short story, Eliot’s Awakening was THE stand-out story for me in the almanac. It was poignant and painful and funny, with pithy dialogue to make any playwright green with envy. Paul has actually just been awarded the Alan Marshall Short Story Award for 2008 and was the 2006 winner of the Boroondara Literary Award. Yes, people, he’s the real deal, and he’s shy (I think I talked him into starting a blog – of course I didn’t know he’d pick such an intellectual title that I’d have to look up the meaning, but boy, what a title it is! I was jealous all over again), so let’s all get over there and be as loud as we can, right?!

NB: I’m off to Canberra to celebrate my nephew’s first birthday tonight for a few days, so please chat nicely amongst yourselves…



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10 responses to “Introducing…

  1. I miss you already. Have fun. I will check out my fellow inductees to the bloggedy blogroll while you are away. Welcome back. How was the trip?


  2. Melana

    Oh, Simonne –

    Now I’m all warm and fuzzy, too! Thank you, sweetie, your generosity is golden and illuminates us all…

    I’m honored to be in such esteemed company! Hello and a warm welcome to all!!

    Have a wonderful trip and come on back to us. Of course, we’ll miss you 🙂


  3. wow… group of talented writers.


  4. Paul B.

    See what happens when I am away for a while… 😉


  5. What a nice little tribute and introduction to three wonderful writers, who are most deserving of encouragement and recognition. Blessings all! May your quills be filled with ink and your minds blessed with divine inspiration. Oh, and have fun with your Nephew Simonne – we’ll miss you!


  6. Grace

    Awesome! I’ve already made my way over to one and found it a gem. Looking forward to viewing the others, too!

    Happy Trails, Goddess!


  7. Fantastic! I’ve been trying to find out where all the great writers have been hiding.


  8. I’m having a great time, thanks Paul and even managed to get the wireless thingee working in my sister’s house so am currently sitting in front of the fire with my laptop on my lap 🙂

    Melana, anything to make you feel warm and fuzzy, my lovely 😉

    Welcome SuperPaurong, yes, they are a talented bunch 🙂

    Paul!! How wonderful to have you back – I’ve missed your wonderful writing.

    Thanks Muse. My nephew is so adorable. It was his birthday (1st) today and we all had a wonderful time.

    Grace, I’m guessing that might be Melana? I think you two might be become besties pretty soon!

    I think sometimes we have to flush them out Annie!


  9. oh

    This IS a lovely place to sink into the quiet. I could spend a day(s) looking into the three writer recommendations you’ve made in this one entry alone – which I intend to do on summer holiday…coming soon. Thanks!


  10. Three years late I find this! Thank you for the kind comments. (Though you did call me ‘Paul’ twice, hehe!). I’m actually editing ‘Eliot’s Awakening’ right now in preparation for its inclusion in my debut collection ‘Fault Lines’ which is being released by Spineless Wonders in Feb.
    You’re right, it was you who persuaded me to start the blog, so double thanks…


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