A Word A Day

I subscribe to a great little newsletter (one of oh so many in my bulging inbox) called A Word A Day, and every day it sends me a new word. (Funny that.) This week’s theme is archaic words; those poor tidings that we’ve forgotten; those funny smelling fat kids of the cerebral playground whom nobody ever remembers. So let’s grab four of those poor little blighters and throw them a bone, eh?

  1. Garboil (GAHR-boil) noun: Confusion; turmoil.
  2. Scrannel (SKRAN-l) adjective : Thin. Unmelodius.
  3. Sweven (SWEV-uhn) noun : Dream; vision.
  4. Ween (ween) verb : To think, suppose, believe.

The Nightmare

With scrannel sounds she
Called the hounds
Who broke asunder
And crashed like thunder
Through her sweven and dream
Willing her thus to ween
With garboil and dread
Of a scourge yet bled.


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10 responses to “A Word A Day

  1. Jeepers! I was just discussing Macbeth’s witches, this one is even spookier. And also promptsite wierdnesses with the same person, so there’s a synchronicity. Your voice is wild and scratchy and thorny and scarey and ancient.


  2. You really should be having a go at some of the writers’ prompt sites out there and get to a wider audience. I link to loads of them. This was excellent.


  3. Dawn

    Love it! Clever little muse that you are.


  4. Paul, I’ll have to come over and check that out!

    Thanks so much for the compliment Anthony. I’ll have to come and check out those links. Thanks for the heads up.

    Oo, a clever muse, thanks Dawn 🙂


  5. Oh no, and you got Jimmy Buffet instead. Sorry. In light of your disapproval I have edited in Doc Neeson instead. Sorry, I apologise profusely for my appalling yet momentary lapse in taste.


  6. Whiti

    I’m reading Through the Looking Glass at the moment – I wonder how Humpty Dumpty would interpret this poem? No matter what the egg says, I love it! Might have to dig the old dictionary out and go fishing for inspiration…


  7. Thanks Whiti! Yes, grab that dictionary! 😉


  8. interesting cool poem, i will def. use
    the word scrannel.


  9. LOL Simonne, that was fantastic. Dare I subscribe to yet another email newsletter? Yikes.


  10. Jade, scrannel is a beauty isn’t it?!

    Annie, thanks 🙂 Yes, go on, subscribe, even if you just put them in a folder and look at them when you’re searching for some obscure word, go on! 😉


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