“No more shampoo. We want real poo.”

Bronwyn Mehan, The Untouchables short story, The Sleepers Almanac No.4



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10 responses to “Punilicious

  1. Yeah, in the spirit of absolute honesty can I say that I worked at the very dodgiest end of paper publishing, without saying too much, but even dodgier than this but I never ripped off writers or people who wanted to be writers. They are almost always poor and passionate and risky type individuals and ripping them off is a #@$@ing disgrace. These people should be tracked down and burned at the stake. Or have one stuck through their cold hearts cos they are vampires. It is all over the writing on the internet world. Competitions with the prizes going to friends, spammers etc etc etc. That is why I think we should be thinking like indy musicians in terms of the artists organising their own business and trying to keep control over it. That is, be honest and think like a professional not like a supplicant.


  2. Paul, I’ve just renamed this post as I think now, after reading your impassioned comment, that it was very misleading! My apologies.

    I can unequivocally state that Sleepers is a highly reputable, independent Almanac that truly supports new and estabalished Australian writers.

    This is one of the reasons I have them in my links. I’m currently reading Almanac No.4 and thoroughly enjoying it. I saw this quote in a short story by Bronwyn Mehan and laughed out loud when I read it – I love clever jokes like that.

    In saying all that, I appreciate your opinion on this other subject, particularly as you clearly have had some experiences that weren’t, shall we say, pleasant?!

    So, let me just say again for the record that Sleepers is a member of SPUNC: the Small Press Underground Networking Community, and highly supportive of good writing.


  3. This looks like a great organization, Simonne.

    I too, am with Paul about users and abusers, though, it really is bad on the internet.

    Never heard of SPUNC – must google it.



  4. Oh sorry, I misunderstood and humbly apologise to everybody. You could delete that comment if you want to. Whoops, a little trigger happy, oh well,


  5. WC, I’m really enjoying the fourth almanac 🙂

    Paul, not probs at all, it’s nice to meet someone so passionate!


  6. Real poo?
    You have my undivided attention.
    Aussie humour must be savored.
    This looks really interesting and I absolutely love the quote.


  7. romi41

    Finally someone addresses the “hackness” of, sweet-smelling, “sham-poo”…seriously, nothing beats real poo, and YOU KNOW my thoughts on the topic 😉


  8. I love procuring undivided attention! 😉

    Romi (the poo girl – I know this won’t offend you!), yes, I do know your thoughts on this subject!


  9. romi41

    LMAO…no I’m not offended at all!…it’s part of me, whether in private or in public…*ahem* that will be all 😉


  10. No Romi, that will not be all, there will be more talk of poos in public (weddings even?), you know there will – you can’t help yourself 😉


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