I am from

I am from Australia. I am from blue ocean, yellow sand and hot sun. I am from “G-day mate, how yer goin’?” I am from animals that jump and fishes that kill. I am from clean air and big yards with rusted swings. I am from heat so fierce it can fry an egg on a paint tin left in the sun. I am from waves that pick you up and throw you around and around until your lungs burst and your head is ground into the sand. I am from deserts and rainforests and ranges and gorges. I am from red earth that flies up and settles on your skin like a tattoo. I am from ancient times. I am from fire and corroboree. I am from the rivers and the dried up riverbeds that cry out for salvation.

I am from my father’s house. I am from white rendering and Italian tile. I am from the smell of spaghetti that makes your mouth weep to be fed. I am from my grandmother’s rosary beads. I am from Ave Maria and French horns. I am from rose gardens and the smell of frangipani. I am from the sound of crickets in the night.

I am from a sister who held my hand. I am from a mother who weeps for the sorrow of the world. I am from a father who paints with his camera. I am from strong women. I am from a quince tree in the backyard. I am from bike rides and gumboots in the creek.

I am from nightmares of tidal waves. I am from a prisoner of war grandfather. I am from pig farmers and professors and musicians and carers. I am from the stage. I am from the pen. I am from my high-heeled red wedding shoes. I am from my aunt’s violin. I am from love.

(Inspired by Thomas and Charlotte. Thanks guys!)



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15 responses to “I am from

  1. This has a real clever device starting with the thrum of the didgeridoo, the primal pulse of the country and holding it with the repetition and rhythm through the piece. It seems to get louder and more resonant as the piece progresses and then fades into some beautifully chosen images so that a unique voice a real person is conjured from the land, very cool indeed, i liked it a lot,


  2. Welcome Paul and thank you so much for your thoughtful and insightful comment. I’m glad you liked it. Writing about Australia (for me anyway) is a pleasure because the images are so strong with all the extremes that we have here – desert and snow – draught and rainforest – our wonderful multiculturalism.


  3. Dawn

    Love it! Wonderful weaving of so many things. You always surprise me.


  4. Oh good! So glad you like it – and of course it’s always good to surprise people now and again! πŸ˜‰


  5. I love this exercise. It’s so challenging and revealing once done. Lovely job, my dear, as always.


  6. It is a wonderful country to write about. I have explored all those themes in my work at times and also the light which is different to anywhere else in the world, oh and Aboriginal culture, the oldest living culture on the planet must have something to tell us. I think I have your feed in my reader, so you will be hearing more of more my babble anyway, hello,


  7. Annie, it’s a really fun exercise isn’t it? I’m really glad I saw it over at Charlotte’s place (hers is exquisite).
    Babble away all you like Paul! Yes, I think us Aussies are pretty blessed to be living here πŸ™‚


  8. romi41

    awww…this was so lovely; you had me locked in from the first “I am” to the last, and oh my gosh, the smell of spaghetti making the mouth weep to be fed, I loved that!!! πŸ™‚


  9. I am from love indeed! Fabulous, Fabulous, fabulous piece. Enjoyed it thoroughly.


  10. Nice one Simonne. Not only is it where you’re from but I guess this is quite literally, where you find yourself. Ha Ha. No?


  11. Thanks Romi – my dad’s spaghetti is so darn good…!
    Welcome Sumedh πŸ™‚ So glad you enjoyed it, thank you.
    Chris – yes indeed!! πŸ™‚


  12. I love this!! We are so much more than we seem.


  13. Thanks tobeme πŸ™‚


  14. Melana

    What I loved most about this piece is how much it revealed about who you are and the people and places that have touched your life.

    It also reflects how much ‘in your life’ you have always been and how it has shaped who you are. Wonderful! I really enjoyed reading this.



  15. I love that last comment you made – about being ‘in’ my life – thank you, that actually means a lot to me as it’s something I strive for.


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