Goodbye and Good Luck…

Just as one of my dear friends has decided to start up her own blog – check her out at Off the Beaten Track, it’s going to be great – I have decided to stop for a while. As I posted recently, I’ve been very introspective the last few months and the trend is set to continue for a few months longer, so I think a break from blogging is in order. In saying that, no doubt I’ll do the odd pop in and say hello, so will keep the site live and just see what happens.

Writing this blog over the last 8 months has been such a fulfilling thing to do and I’ve made some truly wonderful cyber friends who I know I will stay in touch with. For the moment though, it’s taking me from my other writing, on top of the fact that while I’m in this introspective period, talking less and listening more is what I need to do right now. So, for now, it’s goodbye and good luck from me…

With love,

Simonne - Borneo sunset



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21 responses to “Goodbye and Good Luck…

  1. Good luck, Simmone, with your writing and thinking. I understand the need to slow down on the blogging. Let us know when/if you return.


  2. Good luck with your ventures my friend. You will do well, you will be missed here in blogland during your absence. Please let me know when you return. I hope we can keep in touch.
    A great admirer,


  3. poseidonsmuse

    Simonne…It goes without saying (from me), that I will miss you tremendously. If you do decide to return to Blogland, you know where to find me. Good luck with your writing, and continue to feed that nourishing spirit that we so dearly love.



  4. Take care. Enjoy your time and stay in touch when you can. I will miss your voice.


  5. I know what you mean, Sister Simonne. Nourish that wonderful spirit of yours and stop by when you can.


  6. romi41

    Everyone has to follow their own path, and I’m sure yours will be a fulfilling one 🙂 Good luck with all your other writing/journeys, and I look foward to seeing you when you check in!



  7. californiablogging

    Enjoy your time and best wishes to you.


  8. Sure put your feet up for a while, I’ll take care of the place for you.


  9. Sorry to see you go! Please come back and I hope you get a nice recharge. Enjoy the searing hot weather. 😉

    I’m glad you’re primed for a period of quiet introspection, as those are always good. If you feel like sounding off one more time, however, I tagged you for an internet meme (complete with award… hooray!)

    You’re one of my favorite writers, so I’m wondering what you think makes for powerful writing. Anyway, I’ll check back and I hope your sabbatical doesn’t take you away for too long.




  10. devil's advocate

    Sorry to see you go Simone, who will all these people praise and read about now?
    While you’re doing your writing – here is something some might say is a “long stretch”, but that’s what this website is all about right?
    I noticed you were wearing a two piece bathing suit in Borneo. Do you think that is a little extravagent/suggestive/revealing, when you could have easily worn a tankini with shorts or even a one piece?
    Borneo is in South East Asia as is Japan.
    Is Simone in some way responsible for this man’s actions:

    Is it such a stretch? Well is it?


  11. romi41

    Devil’s Advocate: it’s sad, lame but somewhat amusing to watch you harp on about somebody’s blog post for WEEKS…. Ever thought about starting your own blog to post your views, rather than leeching off of someone else’s to get attention? I mean they are free you know…


  12. Enjoy the time. You will be missed.


  13. devil's advocate

    Unfortunately I’m not that well educated in how things are to have anything to write about.
    I just worry that poor Simone is in this fantasy land where almost everyone aggrees with her un-opposed… espicially when she writes such tripe.
    I do suppose she is a fiction writer afterall.
    Yours in leechiness…


  14. Darling Simonne,

    I am not surprised to see this but I am happy for you in that I know you are following your heart and the heart always knows best.

    I wish you all the best with everything that you do and I know you’re going on to live a beautiful life – no matter what you do.

    I’m very happy for you and your new husband, your new life and your new everything.

    Your smiling face has always brought a smile to my face as well and you have been and will be missed by many.

    Much love always.


  15. It’s so funny Simonne, I was thinking about you today and I got this idea that you were off blogging for a while. I totally understand where you are right now and I say, good for you.

    Life is always changing and so is our focus. Youre intutition is quite good and my only advice would be to follow it and believe in it. I do hope you pop by from time to time to say, hi. Email me any time you feel lonely or need a sounding board, if you like.

    Best of luck with the ‘other writing’



  16. We all take breaks from this world of ours from time to time. I find that I usually learn more about myself during times like these. And what I learn, I actually like and in the end, it makes me a better writer.

    It was wonderful getting to read your work and experience a small piece of the world through your eyes.
    I wish you and yours the best of everything.
    much love,


  17. sandybarker

    To my friend of two decades…you are inspiring…you have the gift of words, and the gift of generosity…may you find every happiness…and I hope to see you back here…


  18. Thanks so much everyone for all your lovely well wishes – what a delight to sit and read them.
    Sandy, my gorgeous friend, I can’t believe I’ve known you since I was 18! I’ve changed a bit since then!
    Annie, Ruby, Kim, Muse, Peace (thanks for the award!!), Romi (thank you for your response to DA- I thought her reply was rather telling! And I guess she doesn’t like my fiction either!), Bill (you know how special you are to me, so I won’t rave on!), Karen, Charlotte… thank you 🙂


  19. Paul B.

    It feels odd not having you around anymore… but best wishes anyway.



  20. in some form, we will be here. i hope to find you here, or somewhere again.

    i can relate and have taken an unannounced leave, too.



  21. It has been a pleasure visiting your blog. I’m gonna miss your posts. Hope you’ll be back someday.


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