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Me and CJ, Christmas day

It was hotter than hot over Christmas here – we hit a new record for Boxing Day yesterday, with 45 degrees! (That’s 113F to my American friends.) Too hot to even contemplate going outside and jumping in the pool!

Anyway, I have nothing of great import to say so thought I’d just start writing and see what comes out…

I miss my sister, that’s what comes to mind first…

It’s not just because I miss my gorgeous new nephew who I’ve only seen twice, but I really miss her. She’s been my rock since I can remember. She’s been my best friend for 34 years. We’ve taken our pet frogs all over Europe together. We’ve laughed our way through Northern Greece together, eaten our way through Italy together, been across the Bremmer pass together, and thwarted unwanted Italian stallion advances together. We’ve sung together, played the horn together, polkaed on New Years Eve in an empty pub together, drunk Bailey’s watching a Santorini sunset together, thought we were going to die together, rolled our eyes at our parents together, got attacked by our killer cat together, build forts made of blankets together, had sock fights together, invented the ugg-boot dance together, took my pet rabbit for a walk together, eaten our weight in peppermint chocolate together, cried together, sat by Nonna’s bed together, and we’ve laughed together more than I have laughed with anyone else in the world…. yeah, I miss her alright.



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16 responses to “Free Prose

  1. Grace

    You look like an angel 🙂

    Oh, missing someone you love and are so close to is hard sometimes – especially at the holidays (113??? yuck!LOL) I’m sorry you’re missing your sister. Do you all get to chat or email much??

    I was missing someone I love very much, too – my 20 year old daughter. Then she text messaged me, and joined all of us for Christmas where we were able to reconcile. I hadn’t seen nor talked to her in over 2 months as she had disappeared from my life. What a present that was!


  2. Doktor Holocaust

    sometimes I miss people. I miss my mom’s “I’m gonna rip someone a new orifice today, and it may be you!” smile (that I see crossing my own lips more and more), I miss traumatizing neighborhood children with my dad.

    that’s why I road-tripped down there a couple months back. Dad was too busy to scare trick-or-treaters with me, but it was good to hide in the shadows and instill some real FEAR again.

    everything we like about the people we love becomes a part of ourselves, i suspect.


  3. venus00

    Looks like you and CJ are holding up very well in the 113 degree heat. You make a very striking couple. 🙂
    I’ve never had a sister, you make wish I had…


  4. Whew, that is a heat wave!

    Thank you for the beautiful photo! I’m so sorry you’re missing your sis. From your heartwarming and blessed account of your relationship, I can see why you miss her so much!

    LoVe and big bloggy hugs to you, MW


  5. romi41

    It was SO sweet to read that…as I read it though, ALL I realized is that family relationships are so unique from person-to-person…I have a sister who’s two years older than me, and I don’t experience ANY of that closeness with her, and dare I say I never will..I’m not sad about it, it’s just one of those “that’s the way it is” things, that’s understood between the both of us…

    On the other hand, I experience SO many of the feelings/warm memories you described when I think of my best friend…I guess for me, the term “family” transcends blood-lines, or something…. 🙂


  6. Michelle

    Well now I’m sitting in an internet cafe on the other side of Australia from you bawling my eyes out. That was so amazingly beautiful and I miss you so much! What a fantastic trip down memory lane. Although I don’t remember the polka in an empty pub on new year’s eve – where were we, and was I drunk?! I love you always xxx (the sister)


  7. Thank you Grace, believe me, if it wasn’t for the industrial air conditioning in our house I wouldn’t have looked quite so angelic I’m sure! In answer to your question, yes, we email and sms ALL the time and talk quite often on the phone.
    Grace, what a perfect Christmas present for you! I’m so so pleased for you 🙂 xx

    Doc, why do I find it so easy to understand that you miss traumatising the neighbourhood children?! And yes, great point that we end up embodying some of the good bits of those we love.

    Venus, hi gorgeous, lovely to have you here 🙂 I just can’t imagine life without a big sister to be honest!

    MW, thank you xxx

    Romi, I think that’s wonderful that you have that with your best friend. My sister is my best friend, but she’s a long way away, which is why it’s so hard sometimes, so I think you’re very lucky 🙂

    Hi sis!! Sorry I made you cry, I didn’t think you’d be reading this at Christmas time – you weren’t supposed to have internet access on your holiday! I CANNOT believe you don’t remember that NYE! Let me refresh your memory! We were at the Rose and Crown pub in South Perth with Szyoni et al having pre-paid for a ‘great night’ with a live band, good food etc and soon realised that no-one else in Perth had decided it was a good idea and it was practically empty all night! YOU, in your somewhat drunken wisdom, decided that the ONLY decent thing to do in an empty pub with lots of room is to polka around it! So that’s what we did – being generally the only two people who ever seem to know how to dance – we danced! And danced and danced, it was great fun! I don’t think the rock band particularly saw it as a great compliment, but hey, at least we were there and dancing! A few Bailey’s and a hot beef and gravy roll later, we were pretty happy!
    Love you sis xxx


  8. Doktor Holocaust

    because you secretly agree with me that children need to learn fear, as it is a vital survival skill that the modern world no longer prepares them to use?


  9. Oh Simonne, it sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with your sister. I hope you can reunite, in the flesh, soon.

    Grace is right, you do look like an angel – such a gorgeous girl you are.


  10. Thank you darling Annie 🙂 Yes, I hope we’ll see each other soon too. She might be coming over in Feb, so that’ll be awesome!


  11. poseidonsmuse

    You and CJ make for a gorgeous couple Simonne! I know how you feel about your sister…I missed my little brother tremendously during this Holiday Season. We had alot of fun memories as children and adults too…However, it seems that we are somewhat closer than ever now, even if we haven’t physically “seen” each other in over 2 years.

    Here’s to Sibling Affection!



  12. What a beautiful picture of the two of you. I hope you get to spend more time with your sister soon, such a wonderful loving relationship you have.
    Wow, a heat wave like that, I will take our frozen Canadian Christmas any day. I hope it was a very special for you.


  13. I can’t get my head around WARM weather at xmas…it seems so strange, when the ground is covered in frost and the wind whips your hair around your face, to think that in half the world, the weather isn’t like this. I was talking to my aunt in Australia on xmas day and she said it was 39 degrees and rising. Wow.


  14. Hi Muse, that’s wonderful how close you are to your brother. We’re blessed in that way and I’m so grateful to have that relationship with my sister 🙂

    Bill, thank you. Yes, the weather was amazing! It’s a mild 34 (93F) today – perfect weather for jumping in the pool 🙂 CJ went for a run after work yesterday and then threw himself with wild abandon into the pool – very cute!

    Hi Tanya, I really can’t imagine being cold at Christmas! I had a white Christmas in England once and the novelty did wear off when I stepped outside!!


  15. You two not only look lovely, there’s some very loVing body language going on in the photo as well.

    I’ve never experienced a sibling relationship such as you describe, I can only imagine it through your depiction. A truly Divine blessing! Glad to read she may be visiting with you soon. I’m sending wishes on wings for a reunion with your sis!


  16. Dawn

    I WISH I’d seen that dance!


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