CJ Santa



I got a fabulous Christmas present from Santa CJ yesterday! He met me for a coffee in Subiaco and then took me to the Crystal Universe warehouse to spend a $100 gift voucher! It was so much fun; I was like a kid in a candy shop. They’ve got a fabulous range of crystals – it took me a while to look at everything. I ended up adding to my quartz collection with some beautiful wands for my healings at home and some kyanite and lapis. They’re all exquisite and I can’t stop smiling – what a wonderful present!

Merry Christmas!



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12 responses to “CJ Santa

  1. CJ

    Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!


  2. Those are some beautiful healing tools. Happy Solstice!


  3. Oh Simonne, those are just gorgeous. I love crystals they are so magical.

    Merry Christmas, sweetie. I see you’re off to a great start.



  4. Doktor Holocaust

    woo! gift vouchers for favorite stores are wonderful presents. I’ll have to post some photos of my Santa Loot at some point in the next few days.


  5. Grace

    WOWOW!!! 🙂 How wonderful! Being a total crystal and stone freak myself, I’m sitting here just drooling over your pieces!


  6. Thanks guys!
    This afternoon I’ve lazed around on the couch watching the first series of Extras while CJ made gorgeous Swedish Christmas cookies 🙂 I’ve just scoffed at least 8 hot ones out of the oven and they’re divine! 🙂 (Do you think maybe I’m a wee bit spoiled…?)


  7. Grace

    LOL As you should be (does he have an single older brother living in So. Cal??? :-D…)


  8. Ha ha ha! He does have a cute older brother – but unfortunately he lives here and is married with 3 children!


  9. How very beautiful. Beautiful pieces for a beautiful soul.

    I hope you’re having a wonderful time and I’ve thought of you often – with your beautiful smile that lights up my smile every time I see it….oh, but you’ve changed!

    I can always see the real you shining through though.

    Much love and peace to you and I wish you a wonderful, serene new year.

    Peace and love, today and every day.


  10. Oh, what a lovely gift, Simonne, just like you! They truly are an exquisite collection and reflection of your Divine Self. Blessings Galore! xoox, MW


  11. Hi Roob, we love it when you drop in 🙂 Lots of Christmas love to you x Thanks for thinking of me!
    Thanks for the blessings MW – right back at ya!


  12. poseidonsmuse

    Oh Simonne! CJ is a wonderful man indeed! What a perfect gift for you!

    Your crystal collection is stunning (I’m drooling right along with Grace)….and you have such an array of powerful pieces from which to choose.

    Love, Light and Crystal Healing my Aussie Goddess!!!!! xoxox

    Thanks Muse! Yes, I have some lovely crystals – and that’s just a photo of the top shelf of my stash! I bought all the Chakra grids at the last crystal course I did, so have a great collection for my healings now and really love using them.


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