When I was visible I checked my make-up before I got out of the car. When I was visible my legs were always either hairless or covered. When I was visible I had a radar attached to the top of my head. I knew what I looked like at any given second. I knew who was looking at me and for how long. I just knew.

My descent into invisibility was my rebirth. I toppled into those caliginous depths leaving scratch marks all the way down. But eventually, instead of clawing my way back up again, newly augmented, I decided to stay.

Here, I am the sovereign and the soothsayer. I am the beneficiary and the benefactor of this brave new world. In this new world I am invisible to men and young women and I am impervious to the ill-winds of trend and hearsay. I am risen.



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11 responses to “Rebirth

  1. Beautiful. Utterly so.


  2. this sounds like a poem. gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling. i’m taking it that you’re well πŸ™‚ newlywed and all. sorry i haven’t been by, i’m a total slacker these days. i’ve forgotten how to blog.


  3. Grace

    This subject of being ‘invisible’ sure has cropped up alot around me lately! (The Fox is the master at blending in and being ‘invisible…which provides an awesome opportunity for observation and stealth!)

    On a purely physical and vain note, there have been only two times when I felt invisible. One was after the birth of my second child and I was carrying around an extra 25 lbs.

    The next time is a time that I’m currently in and that is more of a process than an event…I have become invisible to certain types of people because I am a 50 year old woman who doesn’t go around trying to look like she’s 25! LOL That doesn’t mean that I’m’s just that I’m not Miss Thang any more. The people who find me invisible are the ones who live a very superficial sort of life….

    On the other hand, I’ve never had so many people….of all types, shapes, sexual orientations, and ages…even species!…. look at me πŸ™‚ And almost all of them are smiling.

    I think it’s because my insides show more than my outside now…


  4. Grace

    P.S. My name on your blogroll is tied to my old (now invisible) blog! lol πŸ˜‰

    XOXOX Love you, Goddess..hope you are still madly blissing in NewlyWed love.


  5. Spoken like a woman, utterly comfortable in her own skin and intimately knowledgable of her own soul. Beautiful.


  6. and therein lies freedom. our being as it is.


  7. Doktor Holocaust

    It always makes me laugh when appearance-conscious people figure out in adulthood what malformed mutants such as myself learn in childhood – that pointedly not-caring how you look is power. Other people will still see you and notice you, but they will notice that you have more important things on your mind than fashion or makeup. let your hygiene slip a little and they’ll start to think you’re maybe a dangerous variety of mentally ill.

    I stopped caring how I looked before I was 10, and since then, my appearance has just been another variable i can adjust to get different reactions, another way to mess with people’s heads.

    The next thing in those caliginous depths (i like that word) is the lesson that nobody’s ever truly invisible. People will always see you, but if you tweak the packaging just right, you can get a sort of virtual-invisibility by being something they don’t want to admit to seeing. it’s great for sneaking up on people at the office.


  8. Thanks Narziss.
    Hey Kim, yes it does sound a bit like poetry doesn’t it? It is in a way – it’s not absolutely how I feel – maybe I will feel it one day, and sometimes I already do, just musing out loud I guess πŸ™‚
    Hey Miss Thang! Of course people smile in your presence! I do and that’s just in your cyberspace presence! (Will change the link btw – sorry!)
    Thanks Annie πŸ™‚
    Very interesting Dok Holocaust – I do so wish I’d had that power when I was younger, would have helped me a lot.


  9. poseidonsmuse

    Hmm…Your re-birth sounds more like a spiritual awakening to me Simonne…Something tells me that your Light is much too bright for you to be truly invisible though (I’m sure that there is always a beautiful shard of light waiting to burst from beneath the surface of your lovely face!)…

    Your smile and your warmth do not go unnoticed. Grace alluded to this too. I have so much respect for women that carry themselves well at all ages…Well dressed or not, women of all ages can carry themselves with dignity and integrity. It is ridiculous to see some women trying to conform to standards of beauty and fashion by trying to be someone or something they aren’t (same applies to men too…). By default, a beautiful woman (or man) is truly not invisible, they just “are”.

    Love you Simonne. I really missed your smiling face. I’m glad you’re back. xoxo


  10. This is an awesome piece of writing, Simonne, brimming with truth and clarity wrapped in inner-peace. The most difficult combination to reconcile is the triangle of truth, clarity, and inner-peace. You have conveyed the reconciliation beautifully.


  11. It’s an honour to have you here motherwintermoon, and thank you very much πŸ™‚


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