The Perfect Wedding

Just a quickie to let you all know (and appease my Mother) that our wedding on Saturday really was my dream wedding. I’m still on a high. Bill, CJ’s best man read out your well wishes for us and everyone was so touched, thank you so much my dear friend. I’ll do a proper post about it when I get back from the honeymoon in Borneo (in 3 weeks), so come back then!

In the mean time, here are some photos for you…

_dsf1422.jpg _dsf1233.jpg_dsf1391.jpg




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25 responses to “The Perfect Wedding

  1. jvanover

    I love your gown.


  2. Hi jvanover, thank you, I fell in love in with it when I found it and the colour of it really shaped the theme of the whole wedding.


  3. I am so glad your wedding was a perfect day for you. The pictures are beautiful and show an absolutely gorgeous bride. I hope your honeymoon is just as wonderful. We are all looking forward to your return. Vi and I did drink a toast to the happy couple, OK, our beverage of choice was coffee but a toast non the less.


  4. V-

    Oh Simmone you are absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful wedding. Love the cupcakes too. 🙂 It looks like I thought it would – PERFECT! Have a wonderful time on your honeymoon.


  5. christine

    i love that your gown is red!
    You both look very happy.
    Congratulations, S. May your relationship be blessed with happiness and peace.


  6. Dawn

    As her mother – and of course totally unbiased – she looked stunning. It was a very meaningful ceremony. As you all know by now, Simonne writes really well and it was emotional and heartfelt and many guests were moved to tears. My tears were hard to quell when your message was read out Bill. It was beautiful and I saw how much it meant to Simonne. Thank you.


  7. Sorry Simonne but this message is addressed to your mother Dawn.
    Dawn, you must be so proud to have such a beautiful and talented daughter, through her writings she has been an inspiration to me in many ways, I am so grateful to her.
    If my simple words in anyway “added” to the day I am so glad.


  8. Oh holy fuck, you are beautiful (and your hubby is too…handsome I mean). What a perfectly delicious-looking wedding, and I’m not just talking about the cupcakes – love, love, love the dress, mi hermana! Anxiously awaiting a recap when you’re back from your honeymoon.


  9. Dawn

    Bill believe me your words did add a lot to a very beautiful day and yes, I am very proud of her on many levels. She treasures your friendship and spoke about you after your message was read. I think it is wonderful that you have such a wonderful friendship.


  10. poseidonsmuse

    You and your new hubbie are absolutely STUNNING Simonne. Beautiful, ethereal photos too (as would be expected of such a Goddess as yourself). You two enjoy your time in Borneo and create some precious memories together….xoxo


  11. Grace

    Oh!!! Simonne!! You are absolutely a vision, and your husband is not only a handsome man, but a very lucky one at that!!! 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing the photos of your special day. I wish the best of everything in the world to you, two! May you always feel that special love for each other! xoxo


  12. californiablogging

    I am in awe! The beauty and richness of these photos. I love how real and grounded everyone seems with all the beauty and sophistication set in nature, it’s extraordinary. Enjoy your honneymoon. Look forward to more pics!


  13. Paul B.

    Wow beautiful dress, beautiful couple and no doubt a beautiful day. Congratulations to you both and good luck for the future.

    Well done.

    Looking foward to your future blog posts.


  14. How interesting, a lovely red wedding dress. What a lucky husband you got there. CJ you better hang on to her! Blessings to you and yours. What does CJ do for a living?


  15. I love your wedding photos (especially the one with the visiting cows!). It looks like you had a wonderful day. Looking forward to hearing more.


  16. jvanover

    Well, you made a beautiful bride.


  17. Huge congratulations to the both of you. I wish you one of those – and they all lived happily ever after lives.

    Much love to you both. I hope you’re having a beautiful honeymoon and know you will be.

    Peace, love, beauty, harmony and all the best to both of you.

    Bestest of wishes!!

    ~ RS ~


  18. Jo Hart

    You looked gorgeous!! Love the dress and loved the photos. It looked like you had a beautiful day. Looking forward to reading up after the honeymoon.


  19. Ohmigod your dress is *gorgeous* (and so are you!) How absolutely beautiful. It’s wonderful that it was your dream wedding. It looks perfect. I’m happy for you two!


  20. I was just wondering if you’d gotten married yet. I was pleased to come over and see the pics. You looked amazing and extremely happy. I believe you when you say it was like a dream. It looks that way. Can’t wait to hear all about it. So happy for you!! Congratulations a million times over.


  21. Hope it goes well for you guys…. 🙂 you both look great.. sorry I haven’t been in a while.. love the dress


  22. The photos are gorgeous – you both look so happy! And your dress is beautiful too.


  23. Oh wow, so many beautiful things that you’ve said, thank you so much! Will comment in more detail when it’s not midnight!
    It’s so nice to come home to all this lurve!


  24. Moe

    Congratulations, Simonne!

    I love your gown; the color is beautiful. 🙂



  25. Oh my God, Simonne!
    You are so incredibly beautiful. I love your gown, the color is wonderful. You look truly and deleriously happy. I’m so happy for you. May you have a really wonderful life together.


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