‘Kwan-Yin (Compassion)’ Rosanne Awbrey
My heart cracked open
Light poured out
and in
Gone was my need for perfection
Gone was my inexplicable desire for worry
Gone were the lines that cut across my forehead
Gone was the inner critic
had turned on my own body for
(my bum breathed a sigh of relief and finally ceased her cringing)
Gone was a need for judgement
Gone were lifetimes of old hurts
Gone was the desire to be loved
My heart cracked open
acompassion_kwan-yin.jpgnd instead
I just loved


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13 responses to “Gone

  1. Thank you for that. Very apt for me, given my recent post about judging my body and those of others. I am trying to replace my inner critic with a voice of love.


  2. Actually Charlotte, I think that post inspired this poem, so thank you gorgeous one 🙂


  3. Doktor Holocaust

    Guys can get body-issues too, yanno. I think it comes from having mirrors – if that reflection doesn’t match the imaginary picture-of-oneself a person has in their heads, they get upset. but I know my picture-of-myself is wholly imaginary, and while it would be cool if my body could match it (the octopus-tentacles alone would be nice), if it already HAD those cool mutations I would inevitably wind up pining for some other, previously unthought-of physical changes that would come in handy.

    Also, i think it comes of humans being visual creatures, relying on their eyes more than their other senses whenever possible.

    I don’t think my inner self-critic has had much to say for a long while. maybe my inner homicidal maniac got ahold of it, or my inner mob boss made it an offer it couldn’t refuse


  4. poseidonsmuse

    Hi Simonne. Funny how we always seem to be in synch. I just finished a chakra analysis…it seems as though all other chakras are open and “go” except for the first! Thanks for this. Very timely indeed….Love and hugs! xox


  5. The poem is beautiful with so much meaning. Thank you for sharing it.


  6. Another winner out of the chute, Simonne! I should print this out and post it next to my mirror. I’m working it on it, sister, I’m really working on it…


  7. That really is the key, isn’t it? Just love.


  8. Your repetition of gone sounded musical, like I wished it to be so in yours and mine, replaced by a something that is all the more substantial and desirable. You stimulated my thinking.


  9. how often does the fracture of a thing bring about paradoxical healing?

    i think more often than we acknowledge.

    today, a dear friend of mine who is dieing of cancer spoke of his disease as the gift that has taught him the pure joy and value of living each moment. he was radiant, today.


  10. V-

    Yes, a very nice place to be. I wish I could learn to stay there. Beautiful Simmone, thanks for posting it.


  11. Thanks Muse, how’s the chakra clearing going? 🙂 x
    Bill! I love it when you stop by, thanks my friend.
    OB, you go girl!
    Kiki, yes, I truly believe that it is.
    Thanks Tom 🙂
    Theo, I’m so glad your friend’s heart is in a good place, that’s wonderful.
    Thanks V!


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