Cute Nephew and Nicolas Cage

Me and JJ


Me and my gorgeous nephew in Canberra last week! I had a wonderful visit and am so glad I got to spend time with JJ when he was this little. He’s a remarkably good baby!

I came home and told CJ I was extremely clucky and he smiled and said quietly, “Can we get married first?” I guess it’s only 9 weeks til the wedding, so I suppose I can wait that long!

On another, totally unrelated note, I got memed by the illustrious Mister Peace on the subject of “If you were left alone on a deserted island, which celebrity would you choose to spend the time with?”

I don’t know!! I think I’d have to say the Dalai Lama. I pick him because I guess by the time we got rescued I’d be pretty enlightened and peaceful after so many hours of meditating and conversing with him, and because, having had the pleasure of hearing him speak recently, I know I’d also get my fair share of laughs in during my time on the island. (‘My time on the island’ sounds like I just got ejected from a Survivor series.)

In true Mister Peace style, IF I was single, which I’m not, so this is purely hypothetical, I think I’d have to be stranded with Nicolas Cage. Sorry CJ! But you did run into the loungeroom when I was watching ER last night just from hearing Parminda Nagra’s voice!



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29 responses to “Cute Nephew and Nicolas Cage

  1. Dawn

    Awwww – so cute – both of you!!!


  2. Doktor Holocaust

    I’m telling ya, that nephew of yours is Up To Something. The resemblance to Emperor Palpatine in the second picture is not a coincidence. He could only be a few months away from destroying democracy and establishing his own Empire!


  3. Deb

    Aw, looks like you had a good time!


  4. Awww, thanks Dawn and Deb!
    Dr H, you be paranoid my son!


  5. Nicolas Cage?!! I think, Simonne, it’s a good job you are not single. CJ sounds like someone who knows his stuff – he can sense a baby-broody lady at five paces.
    Ah, if only I’d had that talent when I was younger 🙂


  6. He he! I know know, but Nicolas Cage really does have a fabulous chest! It’s a good thing I’m going to be stranded on a holiday resort Island in Malaysia with CJ soon because he beats Nic hands down any day 🙂


  7. V-

    He’s soooo cute. I’ve had babyitis bad lately, to the point where I want to go up to complete strangers and ask them if I can smell their babies! Don’t worry, I’ve showed restraint.


  8. Paul Baylay

    Stranded on a desert island… with a celeb.. now THERE’s a nice thought. I wonder if Scarlett Johansson is available …

    Yeah what’s with the Nicholas Cage thing? Think you need to up the medication Simonne.


  9. I’m with Paul…I’ll take Scarlett J. Heh heh.


  10. Wow that is a tough question!!!
    I don’t really know of many celebrities that I even like.
    When I was a young girl, I would have told you Ralph Machio hands down. What a dreamboat when I was 7.

    but what about that nephew of yours? What a cutie!!!
    I guess you’re next then no? 🙂


  11. Sorry, Scarlett J. will be busy, on my Island, with me! Or I’ll take Kiki, that’s even better. 🙂


  12. I’m with Dr. H on this one. Just look at him practicing his commanding stare and special hand gestures – world domination is right around the corner!

    A cutie pie for sure, auntie Simonne!

    I’d have to put in my vote for George Clooney. He wouldn’t have to talk or anything, he could just sit there and ignore me if he wanted to as long as I could just drool on him once in awhile. Oh, and touch his hair.


  13. V, you’re hilarious, I’m glad you showed some restraint!
    Paul, yes, I can understand Scarlett.
    Kiki! Go girl!
    Kim, Ralph Machio, now there’s a name I haven’t heard in forever! Yes, of course I’m next! Chomping at the bit!!
    Sylvain, you’re adorable, she’s a lucky gal!
    OB, noooo! Not world domination! 😉
    Hmmm, George!!


  14. Ah, your nephew is too cute. 🙂 You must be proud. I’m glad you had a good time visiting him.

    Good choice with the Dalai Llama. He’d certainly be a calming presence if nothing else. That’s important because being alone on an island does have the potential to drive anyone insane.

    I can’t speak to Nic Cage’s relative hotness, but women must find him attractive for a reason. He has, after all, been in like 1,000 movies.


  15. Thanks Peace – yup, I am proud!
    Yeah, Nic is hot! I’ve seen Con Air at least 10 times and still have no idea what it’s about 😉 You know what’s REALLY cool? One of my best friends from my Uni theatre days just did a film with him and had a scene with him! Was VERY weird watching him chatting to Nic on the big screen!!


  16. That’s really impressive. 🙂 What movie was it, if I may ask? Did your friend have a big role, or just a brief speaking part?

    In any case, that’s incredibly cool. Your friend has a fun job.


  17. It was an awful movie called Ghostrider! But my friend was good in it! It wasn’t a big role, but decent enough! Yes, he does have a fun job – he’s an awesome actor and has been at it for a long time so we were all so proud of him when he landed this role 🙂 (His name’s Gibson Nolte by the way!)


  18. Yeah, I heard GHOSTRIDER was bad, but I’ll probably check it out sooner or later, anyway (just for the hell of it). I look forward to seeing your friend in it.

    Any big-screen role is worth mentioning. Like I said, I’m really impressed. He must be good, because to be noticed by producers, you’d have to be. I’m glad for him… kudos to Gibson.


  19. Dawn

    What Ms Cliterary Fiction herself didn’t tell you is that she played a big part early on in Gibson Nolte’s career path. He told me (he himself) that Simonne was the best director he had ever worked with, that she brought out emotion in him he didn’t know he was capable of and that he had the highest admiration for her creative talents. So there you go – a bit of goss for you to remember for when they are both quite famous.

    V: what you do is offer to mind the baby, hold the baby, admire the baby while the mother is packing shopping etc. It’s easy – the Mum and baby love the attention and everyone gets what they want.


  20. Thanks Peace, I’m impressed with Gib too! He plays Eva Mendes’s cameraman in it, just so you know who to look out for!
    Dawn – you’re too kind! I guess Gib and I really did foster each other’s creative talents way back then, we did some good stuff together 🙂


  21. He’s adorable and cuter every time I see him I think.

    Thanks for the photos!

    Much love to you today my friend (s)

    Peace, love and understanding.


  22. Thanks Ruby 🙂


  23. Sorry Simonne but I am totally with CJ on this one, what can I say but Parminda, oohhhhhhhh.


  24. Gibson

    Meanwhile, sitting at a borrowed computer in Los Angeles, Gibson blushes.
    It’s true that performing in Simonne’s ‘Cover Me Gently’ was one of the highlights of my University acting career. Hopefully she’ll bust the script out and give it another airing sometime…


  25. Dawn

    Gib! How great to see you here. That play was fantastic – YOU were fantastic. I hope she busts it out too! Hope your career is soaring. Your no. 1 fan (still) Dawn


  26. Gib! Hi Honey! Now I feel terrible for saying that Ghostrider was terrible!! Ha! It wasn’t, just not at all my cup of tea! Have not ever given a thought to ‘busting out’ that old script again! Not even sure if I could find it!
    Love you lots and I hope all is going well with you x


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