Speed Dating In The New Age

You have a date. You have a hope that they are the teacher, student, guide, lover, twin, friend. You want to be who you are with this person from the start. You want them to know your heart for all that it is. You write them a precis of who you are. You reveal your dark side and your beauty with all the courage that you have. For this is you, all of you, and you want to be loved and accepted for all that you are and all that you can be. And so you write:

I take you on a journey now, you who have touched a part of my heart in the brief moment in which we met. This is I, take it or leave it. I have no time to waste on formalities or conventions where we show only the best and brightest that we have. I have no desire to create brightness’ that don’t sincerely belong to me. I have no desire to show you the scrubbed, squeaking, laminated side of me that soon soils and goes limp and curls at the edges. I have no time to waste on this, it is of no consequence to me if you like the squeaky me, for that is the illusion and I have no desire or need to live in an illusion with you.

Here, take my hand and I will take you on the mini-tour. Step onto the path courageously and I will show you the truth of myself.


You are standing at the gate of my heart. It’s so expansive that you fear it’s really an abyss and to step forward would be to fall. This is your fear, your illusion and I ask you now to leave it at the door as we pass through. It is important that you disarm before entering my heart. I ask that you leave your fears, judgements, illusions and expectations at the gate and enter with nothing but the desire to love and be loved in your heart. This is not as hard as you might think it is. You have done this before, for every day that you were a young child you have done this, before you expected something to happen, when you just let it unfold in front of you with nothing but wonder and joy in your soul.

Now that you are disarmed, I invite you in.

Here, directly in front of you, inside my chest, is the pain of betrayal. Slowly I clear this pain from my existence, but until it is all gone, here are the remains, black, festering and guilt-ridden. You see this now to understand that if I attack it is from this black place where my resentment lies. Feel it now, so that you may recognise it and treat me with compassion when I let it seep out into our lives. Touch it now, so that you may come to know it and love it so that you can help me let it go so it need never touch us again. Breathe it in now, so that you have known this part of me, so that you can give thanks to this black pain, for it brought me here, along this path, straight to this moment in time, to you.

Here, to your left, is my heart. Step onto it gently and settle into its rhythm until you could identify it amongst a million drumbeats and come to rest here whenever you need protection and solace. Embrace it now, for it is the hub of me, the control centre from which I create and dream and manifest and love. It is the part of me that will, if you choose to stay, see you for all that you are and all that you can be.

Here, below you, is my belly. The black mire that you step into is my fear about not being good enough. Pause awhile here, as this will effect you more than anyone else in my life. All that I am afraid to be I will project onto you in the hope that you will rescue me. I ask you now to breathe in its scent and memorise its rhythm. Together, if you choose to stay, when we lie belly to belly, we can face these fears and let them go and come to see that in our love we are good enough just as we are.

Here, behind you, is my spine. The ivory beauty that you admire is my strength and my willingness and desire to support you in all that your heart desires. Run your fingers down its dents and across its bends. It is not as perfect as it once was, but I have cleared it of the fear it once held. Its ability to support myself and support our love, if you choose to have it, is unwavering.

Here, beneath you, is my sex. Bury your soul in it and drink it in without the fear of not knowing how. I want you to forget all that you have ever known about passion and desire and start anew with me. Deep within it you can see the scars and I ask you to run your hand along the hurts and fears that are still buried there. Here, my love, if you choose to stay, is where I really need you now. Never have I shown anyone these scars and fears, never have I been so vulnerable and so willing to release the fear of the past. I ask that you not yield to my fears, but take me with you on a journey to a passion deeper than either of us have ever known.

Here, within you within me, is my soul. Close your eyes and you will see it. In it are all the colours of the rainbow. There is no darkness here. It is pure, bursting with love, brimming with potential, ripe with desire. Step into it now…

If you dare.

©Simonne Michelle 2007


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22 responses to “Speed Dating In The New Age

  1. pradapixie

    That is utterly beautiful, Simmone, and has given me goose bumps.
    I can’t say anything that even comes close….. what a joy to read.


  2. That is breathtaking, Simonne. Nothing can be clearer than this. Just wow.


  3. Beautiful prose. you know the craft.


  4. Thanks again Simonne – speed dating??

    I just don’t know what to say to that.

    Just wanted to thank you for a beautiful post although I don’t understand the speed dating thing – I know I’m slow.

    Peace, love and understanding.


  5. ravi

    Great blog . I really liked it. I have also created a lens in same niche. This is my first time , hope u guys like it.Here’s a brief intro: Free online dating personals are fast becoming a popular way to meet other people from all parts of the world. Until recently, the majority of people met their boyfriends and girlfriends through traditional means. The most popular ways to meet someone included blind dates, setups, meeting through friends and colleagues, and of course bar and club hopping


  6. Dawn

    Beautiful Simonne, just beautiful


  7. Pradapixie, thanks honey!
    Tom, ‘just wow’ is juuuust fine with me! Thanks!
    Anthony, that means a lot coming from you, thank you very much.
    Roob, I actually wrote this piece to be read as a fable. It’s an ‘instruction manual’ for people who start dating. The whole speed dating thing is pretty ridiculous in that people get about 60 secs with someone in which time all they do is try and be the best and brighest in a whole bunch of people all desperately trying to stand out. The fable is reminding people that when you come into a relationship showing all of you, you show a true desire to share your heart with someone else and that you respect them enough to be your authentic self with them.
    Ravi, thanks, not sure that this is my niche though, might leave that to you 🙂
    Dawn, thank you.


  8. oooooooooook. what are you doing wandering around inside my secret universe??

    seriously, this wonderfully unfolds the journey into self and the alarming realization that we all long to be known and accepted…deeply.

    –deep sigh–


  9. If only everyone could always be so open in the realms of love.


  10. V-

    The only reason I haven’t commented yet, is I am running out of compliments. How many times can I tell you what an amazing writer you are and how your words give me chills?
    Please hurry up and finish your book so I can dwell in the pages and then hurry up and write another one!


  11. Paul Baylay

    Straight up, i like it when you go to this level. More please…


  12. Simonne,
    The thing that I love about you is that you are fearless in your writing. You are so willing to lay bear everything onto the page. You are one brave writer.


  13. Theo, your secrest universe is lovely and I honour it with the uptmost respect.
    Tanya, it would be be amazing if we could all let our fears go in one big offloading wouldn’t it?
    V, thank you goddess! That’s a fabulous compliment! The book is going nowhere at the moment and I’ve resigned myself to the fact that it might need to be on hold until the wedding and honeymoon are over! This post made me think though – it’s one of many fables I’ve written that I wanted to try and get published as a book of spirtitual fables and then decided I’d never find a publisher to go for it and dropped it. I might post another one and see what you guys think…
    Thanks Paul, I take your advice seriously my talented friend!
    WC, thank you. I never seem to think about the baring the soul stuff until after! Oh well!


  14. poseidonsmuse

    Simonne. That post touched me very *deeply*. I could water my Echinacea plants with the large tear drops that fell from my eyes. To bare one’s soul so deeply to risk internal hurt…but be so accepting of another’s internal presence…that is facing one’s true fears. Thank you for your inspiration.


  15. Oh Muse, the vision of you watering your echinacea plants with tears is quite gorgeous 🙂
    Love ya x


  16. Deb

    I think a book of fables like these would be fantastic. Darn publishers. Why don’t *we* collectively start a publishing company so we can get our hands on the books we really want to read?

    (That being said, it isn’t the same, but you can self-publish through places like lulu. Something to keep in mind, I guess! Though I imagine you already know about the self-publishing places.)


  17. Thanks Deb. Yep, have researched Lulu and if I did decide to go that route I’d definitely use them. Mind you, I haven’t even tried putting the feelers out to publishers re the fables, so maybe I should at least give it a go!


  18. Deb

    Yes, you should! The answer, after all, can only be “no” until you have actually asked the question and give them a chance to say something different.


  19. You started to see right through me
    And I’m loving every minute of it
    Its like I’m born again

    Take me with you lyrics by Secondhand Serenade


  20. Welcome Immigrant, will come check out your blog soon 🙂


  21. Grace

    ((( Simonne ))) I haven’t the words to describe what reading this – on this day – means to me. Thank you for reminding me that to bear one’s soul to another as a gifting of love is never a bad thing, regardless of what they do with the gift.


  22. Grace! How lovely to have you back! Much love to you Goddess xx


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