The Love Letter

CJ and I haven’t been apart since we got engaged and it feels strange not being with him. Much like having a leg amputated. Do you think that’s a tad dramatic? Possibly. I am an Aries mind you, and not without a decent amount of drama-queeness coursing through my veins. Still, I have this strange sense of having forgotten something so important that soon I might just whither away without it. I’m in Canberra for three days to see my gorgeous new nephew and CJ is at home working, designing wedding invitations, and pining. (Ok, I made up the pining bit, he’s probably just enjoying the quiet.) Anyway, missing him made me think of a love letter I wrote him a long time ago. A real, true, Hollywood sort of love letter I gave him to take on the plane when he went to the States for work for 3 weeks just after we got together. It fills me with such happiness thinking back to that time…

Guardian of my heart, Beautiful Heart, thank you for this precious gift of love that you have given me. I wanted to give you a gift to take away with you and all I could think of was words, words. Every time I see you and then I am here alone, these words of love and gratitude tumble through my head like falling leaves and lay, untidy and transient, waiting for me to scoop them up and place them lovingly together on the page before they float away, replaced by new ones. But when I try to gather them up, they slip through my fingers like rain, like silk… like magic. I can’t seem to fit the right words next to one another to paint the picture of my love for you.

I collected an armful of my leaves of love today and here’s how they fell:

The Love Letter to Him
Come into my heart, she said, and lie down. Lay your head on my imagination, your arms across my intellect, and your belly against my feelings. I won’t disturb you as you slumber in my thoughts and doze against my dreams.
Come into my body, she said, and lie down. Lay your weariness on my breast, your intrigue against my neck, your laughter in my belly and your desire in my heart.
Come into my mouth, she said, and lie down. I will fill you up with words of love.
And so she spoke:

The rest may just well end up being our wedding vows, so you’ll just have to wait!



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25 responses to “The Love Letter

  1. poseidonsmuse

    Simonne…that was soooooo beautiful. CJ would melt upon hearing those words from you.



  2. V-

    I know exactly how you feel. It’s so strange because I consider myself an extreamly independent women, but when Troy is gone, I just feel lost. It’s a beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing it.


  3. You’ve just transported me back over 30 years to when my wife, Yvonne, and I were engaged. We lived nearly 200 hundred miles apart, so meetings were few – and letters flowed …


  4. Hey Simonne,
    I am checking in here only every now and then, so the following might be a bit… strange. I gotta admit, I am a freak (no, that wasn’t what I wanted to tell you) So here goes: I so totally envy you, just from reading things about you from your blog. Sometimes I feel like your life is exactly how I want my life to be. (I so sound like i am at the beginning of puberty…) so I should be really bitching about you, as you got all those things I wanna have. And yet… I have never felt so happy for anyone getting married!
    I suppose all I want to say is: Go on like that girl! You got more than one gift. You are really getting to people, touching them in their deepest hidden feelings.
    Take care!


  5. poseidonsmuse

    You know Anthony…[don’t mind me chipping in here…]…that has always been a rather dreamy thought of mine…compiling love letters…What an utterly Romantic thought.


  6. Now that is a letter, no wonder he snatched you up!! 🙂
    How’s that baby?


  7. Why I am so nervous about that? A love letter? I have not nice goose bumps…maybe I got too hurt when I was a romantic before…. Maybe I don’t like to show so much… I wonder why more people don’t do like you and just say it out, either verbal or written… Well done, but but god it makes me uncomfortable….I just have to figure that one out.


  8. Doktor Holocaust

    I remember being that in love with someone. The best part, I think, was coming to my senses and running like hell to get as far from them as possible.


  9. Thanks Muse and V, I’m really missing him now.
    Anthony, I’m glad you had a trip down memory lane. I love writing letters. I can be so much more romantic in a letter than face to face!
    Senara, thank you for being happy for me, that’s lovely! And thank you for the rest of your comment, it’s really quite humbling. I must say, I certainly wasn’t this happy not all that long ago. I made a concerted effort to manifest what I truly desired, so my advice to you is to do the same because it works!
    Kim, the baby is remarkable! He’s so good! Will post a picture soon. I’m CLUCKY!
    Warrior, that is interesting and worth exploring. Past life stuff I’m hearing. Interesting!
    Dr H, you’ll love deep and hard again, mark my words! 🙂


  10. pradapixie

    You sure do love that guy. It’s a joy to be able to share in your happieness. Even if it makes me a little sad for me.


  11. Don’t be sad PP xxx Thanks for sharing my joy! 🙂


  12. Doktor Holocaust

    what if I don’t want to?


  13. Simonne,
    I love your use of metaphor and simile – it’s beautiful and so e.e. cummings. Beautiful.


  14. Thanks for sharing that beautiful letter Simonne…sharing your love with us.

    I’m so glad you are getting a chance to meet your nephew. I imagine he’s much bigger and quite entertaining. I love little babies.

    Hugs and have a safe trip home.

    Peace, love and understanding.


  15. When it’s the real thing, the words just flow. Sounds like you’ve found “the one”. Ken and I were head over heels from the first time we met, and things have only gotten better and better. That’s how you know it’s the real thing I guess. Those sound like beautiful, romantic and heartfelt vows to me. Hope the wedding plans are going smoothly – you sound completely serene these days Simonne (except for the missing CJ part!) and when I imagine you, it’s with a golden aura surrounding you. I’ve never imagined people with their auras before, and for a down-home plain talker like myself, that’s practically an unknown occurence. I think it means something.


  16. CJ

    Oh, just doesn’t that seem like so long ago! I remember. I opened that letter and read it on the plane flying out from Perth and away from Simonne, gone for 3 weeks. It’s hard to say how humble and special and grand reading it made me feel.

    And, yes, the rest did read like wedding vows, which is one of the reasons why I proposed 3 days after returning. The other reason was, of course, because I loved you back just as much.

    I gave you a bracelet I bought in San Francisco that was inscribed: “And in the curve of your hand I can see what is eternal” – a gift for a writer.


  17. hello simonne,

    just dropped by to check out the latest entry in your blog…

    hope all is well.



  18. DrH, well you have in your life what you think about most, so I guess if you don’t want to, you won’t!
    Thanks WC, that’s a lovely compliment.
    Thanks Roob. My nephew is totally gorgeous! I’ll post another photo soon 🙂
    OB, I’m so glad you have that too 🙂 As for me being serene – you got that right! It’s a wonderful change for me!
    Oh CJ, you pop up here at the most appropriate times! I love that bracelet so much – how did I manage to find someone so romantic?!
    Chrisfiore, welcome, thanks for visiting!


  19. Dawn

    CJ – that is beautiful. You are both so meant to be together and I am happy that you two are so happy. So uplifting reading such beautiful words from both of you.


  20. That’s really nice. 🙂 In addition to being a talented writer, you’re also really romantic. Those are great qualities in a poet.

    I also have a strong romantic side and I’ve written more verbose and hyperbolic mash notes than I care to admit. I’m pretty emotional and when that part of my brain meets the verbal and long-winded part of my brain, a heartfelt and potentially embarrassing love letter will no doubt result. I don’t think mine have ever been good enough to share publicly, and insist that they only be read by their intended recipient, so you’re pretty fucking brave for posting yours here.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your trip to visit your nephew and I hope you’ve found your way back to CJ.


  21. Thanks Dawn, that’s so so special for me to hear that from you 🙂
    Peace, I never think about what other people might think when I bare my soul like that – maybe I should! The thing is I so truly believe that we have become so hell bent on being sarcastic and indifferent because it’s ‘trendy’ that we’ve forgotten/are too scared to be romantic and poetic. Someone has to be! Besides, I could yodel my love for CJ from the rooftops of the world! Hee!


  22. Simonne – Was that a cheap shot at satirists? 😉

    I’m sincere and romantic. I am!


  23. Peace! Not intended on being!! I love your style, you know that! How about I challenge you to a deeply sincere and romantic post on your site one of these days? 😉


  24. Hmm… I’ll have to think about that. 😉 I can’t resist a challenge.


  25. Oo, that’s exciting! Cool!


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