Idolising Isis

Isis Crystal

I attended a fabulous full day crystal workshop on Sunday, run by Rachelle Charman, founder of the Academy of Crystal Awakening. The workshop was so good, I so needed the healings I received and felt incredibly supported, grounded, and peaceful throughout the entire day. I haven’t been writing much lately about my spiritual journey, so I guess it’s time for an update!

I’ve always had a fascination with and loved crystals, since I was a kid. I used to carry an amethyst crystal in my training bra (let’s face it, I had nothing else going on in there!) from when I was about 12 (maybe I thought the crystal would help me generate boobies, who knows?). Rachelle is a crystal guru and I first met her when I became an Angel Intuitive at Doreen Virtue’s course in Queensland last year. Rachelle helped me offload some old baggage about sexuality and gender stuff, which sparked an amazing period of deep healing for me. The fact that she was in Perth touring her foundation crystal workshop almost a year later was no coincidence to me and I knew I had to go. I’ve been healing a deeply wounded part of myself connected with some of my core issues and beliefs about my sex and femininity for a long time, but have really been experiencing some deep deep healing over the past few months. I’ve never felt more grounded, in tune, and switched on. It’s been quite amazing.

The amazing thing is that for the last few months (before I knew Rachelle was coming to Perth) I’ve developed a deeply connected relationship with a particular crystal of mine. I remember saying to CJ quite a while ago that I needed a new quartz crystal, I don’t even remember why now, I just knew I needed one. We went to the market and I chose a smallish one out of a bundle that I felt such a surge of energy from as soon as I picked it up. I took it home and cleansed it and before long I felt driven to sleep with it in my left hand (something I’ve never done before). The amazing thing is that I wake up every morning with it still in my hand! When I told my Naturopath that he was stunned!

Anyhoo, I found out from Rachelle at the workshop, that the crystal I was drawn to and have been holding through the night for the past couple of months is a Master crystal called an Isis crystal. It helps us get in touch with our true essence and puts us in touch with the Goddess energy. It has powerful feminine energy, is a powerful healing crystal for healing wounds of the heart, and helps to promote creativity. Was I surprised?! No! Was I pleased that I had intuitively found this master crystal to assist my healing on a profound level? Oh yes yes yes!

I could write so much more about this, and might another time. But in the mean time, check out Rachelle’s website. Her humility is astounding. Just being around her is a healing experience.

I’m off to Canberra tomorrow to finally hug my baby nephew in person! Yay! Much love to you all.



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8 responses to “Idolising Isis

  1. Deb

    I’ve always loved crystals, but I know nothing about them. For some reason I’m reminded of a sci-fi book I read ages ago called (if i remember correctly) crystal singers. Not all that related, other than about crystal…

    There was a cool store in the town I used to live where I’d go to look at their tarot decks and crystals, and it was called Isis.

    I think crystals are also important for more general energy, like energy in a room, right? I’m thinking of feng shui.

    Sorry, I’m just the random connections girl today, can’t seem to have full thoughts, just random snippets…


  2. poseidonsmuse

    Simonne…That is an incredible story. You must carry the genes of the Ancient Atlanteans…their whole civilisation was charged with the energy of crystals…I share your affinity for this type of energy too…I have been collecting stones and crystals since I was a wee thing.

    Lately, I too have been drawn to Quartz (I was admiring one stone in a local shop that was a Quartz spear with all of the chakra stones inset on it…felt like a very powerful piece).

    Isis is a wonderful Goddess for you too Simonne – she is very powerful and will help you with your past-life mysteries (as you had alluded to earlier).

    Have fun with your family and nephew in Canberra! Cherish that little guy and give him lots of love!

    Hugs to you Simonne!!!! XOXO


  3. I’m a total idiot when it comes to crystals. Rocks, yes. I’m extremely attracted to rocks and stones and have them everywhere in the house. But have never been attracted to crystals. I wonder what this says about me (or do I even want to know?).

    You are definitely an Isis person, in my rock solid opinion!

    Have a great time with the little guy and spoil him as only an auntie can!


  4. Deb, you random thing you! You should get a few crystals if you’re attracted to them 🙂
    Muse – I knew you would be an Atlantean Goddess as well. I bought a bag of Lemurian wands to create crystal grids with, yes the wands do generate a lot of focused energy. I LOVE Isis!!
    OB – Thanks rock-woman! Love ya! x


  5. poseidonsmuse

    That gives me shivers Simonne! How was your little nephew? Did you have a good visit?

    Thinking of you always girlie…Love and hugs xoxo


  6. Muse, he’s soooo beautiful! I got to look after him all on my own this afternoon! He’s very cute 🙂


  7. I used to scoff at the whole crystal thing until my (now ex) girlfriend started dragging me into new age shops. At first I merely tolerated it as the price I had to pay to have a girlfriend, but eventually I grew to look forward to going with her. Maybe it was the incense, maybe it was the music, maybe it was being surrounded by all those crystals, or perhaps some combination of the three, but I found these places very relaxing and comforting even. More than once I went in with a headache, only to have the headache disappear within a few minutes of entering.

    I’m no longer with that woman, but her introducing me to this sort of thing is a lasting gift from her. I rarely pass one without going in. Nice post!



  8. Welcome S.Smith, what a wonderful ex you have! That’s a lovely parting gift to pass onto someone, I agree. 🙂


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