Black Stilettos and Plastic Bangles

The lovely Charlotte memed me a while ago for ‘The Five Things’. The first thing is about what I was doing 10 years ago and as I find it hard to remember what I doing 10 minutes ago, this’ll be interesting!

Here goes:

What Were You Doing 10 years ago?

I was living and working in London. I was the assistant manager at a big pub/restaurant opposite St Paul’s, working long hours for a pittance. I’d been based in London and travelling since 1995 and was saving up for my big trip to India and Nepal on my way back home to Oz at Christmas time of that year.

Five Snacks You Enjoy:

Cold chocolate
Raw snow-peas
Crusty bread dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar
Japanese rice snacks

Five Songs You Know All the Lyrics to:

Little Earthquakes (Tori Amos)
The Day You Went Away (Jenny Morris)
Run to Paradise (Choir Boys)
Fields of Gold (Eva Cassidy)
Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Eva Cassidy)
Five Things You Would Do If You Were a Millionaire
Buy a house in Perth (that’s all I could get for a million dollars in that case)

Five Bad Habits

Telling CJ it’s my turn to clean the bathroom and then leave it until he either can’t stand it anymore, or has forgotten I skipped my turn and he does it again!
Leaving clothes all over the chair near my dresser.
Leaving things to the last minute.
Blogging when I should be working on the book.

Five Things You Would Never Wear Again:

Plastic bangles
Ra-ra skirts
Wide elastic belts
Miss Piggy knee-high socks (but man I looked good in them once upon a time)

Five Favourite Toys:

My laptop
My new black leather stiletto boots
My new red suede ankle boots (you sensing a theme?)
My fairy collection

Have a nice weekend!



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16 responses to “Black Stilettos and Plastic Bangles

  1. Very interesting Simonne! Thanks for sharing these things about you here – and while I’m at it, I want to thank you for sharing of yourself as often as you do.

    You’re a sweet soul who has much to give and you are appreciated, cared for and loved.

    I would and do wear pigtails – (braids)


    ~ RubyShooZ ~

    Peace, love and understanding.

    (Now, get back to work on that book or cleaning the bathroom.) 🙂


  2. Doktor Holocaust

    stealing this!


  3. Black leather stiletto boots?

    … you’re kinky.

    It’s time to change my contacts. I accidentally read this entry’s title as “Black Stilettos and Plastic Bagels”


  4. Oh woo is me who cannot wear boots that go higher than my ankle (I was cursed with short, stocky legs – great for tilling the earth but lousy for seduction). You are my hero! I long to come back as a long-legged blonde in my next life – one who can wear any kind of boots she pleases! I jest not – it’s sad when one can’t wear something it seems everyone else can slip on with ease. Makes you want it more.

    I covet, oh yes I covet.


  5. Ruby, that’s a lovely thing to say, thank you. I would certainly wear braids if I could do them! (I’m a bit hair challenged – that’s why I tend to just wear it long).
    Dr H – steal away my friend!
    Peace – Kinky? Me? Nah! Bagels are pretty much plastic anyway, so, no biggee!
    OB – Oh, you gorgeous Earth Mother! See, we all have our purpose in this life! OB, I almost hate to break the illusion, but I’m not a long-legged blonde! I’m blonde, yes, I have gorgeous black leather stiletto boots, yes, but I definitely don’t have long legs! (I’m about 5’2″) Of course, the boots help to create that illusion! Can I still be your hero?!!


  6. Sx – you are absolutely still my hero! And I still covet your legs.


  7. In the early 1970s I succumbed to fashion and hobbled around in four inch platform boots and six inch heels. Still didn’t make six foot, but often felt dizzy.
    Bruises often appeared on the rear as I fell off. I feel for you ladies, I really do.


  8. Hee, thanks OB!
    Anthony! Really?! That’s hilarious! Well, yes, at least you can empathise well!


  9. Yes I am sensing a theme, not sure if whats you had in mind but please post a pic of the said boots… ahhhhhhh yes…. Will get around to organising Men for Mound soon I promise.


  10. californiablogging

    yeah, I know about those plastic bangles. LOL


  11. poseidonsmuse

    As another woman with a boot fetish…all I have to say is, “you can never have enough boots.” I am patiently awaiting boot season here (hence my excitedness about the fall weather)…[tap, tap, tap] and I am already imagining the skirt-boot pairings, the pant-boot pairings….you get the picture. Oh! And plastic bangles….bleck! Thanks for the great post Simonne! You are a kinky little she-devil!


  12. Paul Baylay

    Does this mean I am not the first to comment?
    Hey what’s with the boots theme here? That’s a whole post to itself…..


  13. Deb

    I’m not even sure I could come up with 5 songs I know all the lyrics to (99 bottles of beer on the wall doesn’t count, does it?). Sad, because I listen to music all the time!

    I now have a mental snapshot of Simonne in pigtails, miss piggy knee-high socks, and black stiletto boots. 😀


  14. prada pixie

    Boots….yes black….5 pairs, brown …. 3 pairs. Shoes don’t even go there, except the kick ass red pair that people stare at in the street. And what i wouldn’t give for a pair like rubyshooz has in her pic…..


  15. Well, it sure seems like the boots are a winner!! Warrior, no photo of them, sorry, you’ll just have to imagine!
    CB – You’re not wearing the bangles now are you?! 😉
    Muse – I knew you’d be a boot girl too! 🙂
    Paul – Arriving first isn’t always the best.
    Deb – That’s quite the mental image of me!!
    PP – Are they all Prada my dear?


  16. Cold chocolate? I might try that. Is it dark chocolate?
    This was a great little meme. Amos, yeah maybe that’s who I need to listen to right now. Been awhile.
    Have a great trip.



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