An Exercise in Trust

CJ and I went down south (the beautiful South West of Western Australia, for my American friends) for the weekend to do some much needed wedding planning (11 weeks to go!). One of my aunts, the amazing GG, has a breathtakingly gorgeous 8 bedroom, rammed earth house in the middle of her own expanse of Jarrah forest and is kindly letting us get married there. To top that off, she’s also the marriage celebrant! Did I mention her house, which was once a B&B, is called Lovespring?

I know, I know, perfect. What can I say?

Anyway! One of the legalities of getting married is that you undergo an interview and sign a certificate of Intended Marriage, so CJ and I had our interview with my Auntie on saturday. When we arrived on friday night, she asked us if we were ready for our ‘exam’ and I must say that I really wish I had a photo of CJ’s terrified expression!

We were chatting while waiting for our lunch at a winery before the ‘exam’ on saturday about what we were going to say if she asked us why we wanted to get married. I suggested I tell her that for me, it was all about the diamond, but CJ wondered if that wasn’t such a good idea, and besides, by that time we were firmly engrossed in our hot scones with lashings of jam and cream and all thoughts of the ‘exam’ went out the window as I journeyed further and further into a cream induced coma.

By the time we drove back through the intensely beautiful forest, my coma was complete and, with said exam looming, I was a tad concerned about my ability to keep my eyes open. I mean, stumbling through questions about the sanctity of marriage whilst half asleep was probably not going to fill GG with much confidence about my commitment to CJ.

You’ll be pleased to know that GG can a make coffee pungent enough to rouse the dead and we got through the interview with flying colours! “You passed!” she announced, with a smile.


That done, it was onto more domestic matters. GG’s amazing two storey house has incredibly high, raked ceilings and the bedroom next to ours had a fire alarm with a low battery emitting a constant and numbingly annoying beeping that I had to do something about if I wanted any sleep that night. The only ladder GG had was, well, half a ladder really. So there I was, climbing a ladder that was held up only by CJ and GG, afraid of heights as I’d always been, wondering if I would ever see my wedding day. I actually got all the way up it and even let go with both hands as I wrestled with the stupid alarm that wasn’t budging. In the end GG and I had to hold the ladder for CJ (CJ is not a small man at nearly 6’4″) and, once he’d dropped the entire alarm straight onto my unsuspecting head from a great height, which of course caused GG and I to erupt into hysterical giggles causing the ladder to sway precariously with CJ still at the top of it, apologising and afraid for his life all at once, we did it! And once everyone was safe on the ground and the hysterics subsided, I looked at GG and said, “Oh my God, was that a trust exercise? Was that part of the interview?!”

GG just smiled at us both as CJ rubbed the developing lump on my head and trotted down the jarrah staircase to tend to dinner.



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19 responses to “An Exercise in Trust

  1. That’s cool. 🙂 I’m glad your plans are moving along. Good luck with everything, and congratulations on passing your test.

    Question: Why did the scones put you to sleep? My guess is that they were drugged by CG in an attempt to play a hilarious matrimony-related prank. Imagine taking your quiz while nodding off. THAT would have been funny.

    Sorry about your head-wound. Between drugged scones and your fiance beaning you with an alarm, I would suspect foul play. 😉 For some reason, someone wants to make sure you don’t make it to your wedding (kidding).


  2. V-

    I looked up the Jarrah forest online – BEAUTIFUL. What a perfect spot to get married. I’m sending you and CJ blessings upon blessings. He is a very lucky guy! I’m glad you past the tests, inspite of the lump on your head.


  3. pradapixie

    Sounds a wonderfulplace to celebrate and confirm your love for each other, in spite of the head injury.
    Looking forward to hearing more of the plans, as they get closer.
    How do you have a virtual hen night????Shall we all sit around in our respective countries and at synchronised time open a bottle of something bubbly?Will that mean drinking at 5am or something!!


  4. It sounds beautiful and I hope you have a beautiful wedding and we are expecting to see some pictures, okay??

    When is the wedding by the way? I’m sure you must have said but I’m slow today…



  5. poseidonsmuse

    A forest wedding, a rammed earth house (those dwellings can be down-right gorgeous!), a scone and cream coma…top that incredible day off with a goose-egg to the head – and you’ve got yourself some pre-nuptial “bliss!” You two are going to make a wonderful couple – I am so happy for both of you. Love and hugs to you Simonne! You’re an angel.


  6. Deb

    I love these stories! I mean, if you can laugh through the debris falling from the sky and flooded bathrooms, that’s a sign that the every day stuff isn’t going to drag you down! 😀

    If I was having to plan a wedding, it would be something like: elope to a tropical island for a wedding on the beach. Umbrella drink required, clothing optional.

    Hope you are having fun planning your wedding, though! So many people I know end up with a wedding that seems more what their families want instead of what they want. Sounds like you two aren’t falling into that trap. It sounds like it will be exciting!


  7. I loveeeeeeee weddings!!!! (Seriously, I’ve had 3 of my own! LOL)

    11 weeks will go FAST! 🙂 It’s good to have you back here with us, though ((( Simonne )))


  8. Doktor Holocaust

    “and why are you getting married,” the wizened old SubGenius Hierarch will ask, should I ever decide to tie the big red straps.

    “It’s Thursday, sir. I do this every Thursday, so I can say ‘I went on my honeymoon’ when asked what I did over the weekend.”

    Thank Wotan and “Bob” for Short Duration Marriage certificates that expire on Monday!


  9. You are going to have a beautiful wedding. Too bad we all can’t be wedding crashers (or maybe that’s a good thing!). Glad you’re back and that you & CJ passed the test. And how wonderful that your aunt will be your celebrant; that makes it extra special.


  10. Peace – The scones put me to sleep because I don’t react well to sugar or dairy, so when I eat both in reasonable quantities I just want to fall asleep!
    V- What a sweetheart for googling my neck of the woods! It’s so so beautiful, I feel very blessed to be getting married there. Check out where we’re staying the night of and the night after the wedding before we go to Borneo!
    Pradapixie – a virtual hens night is hilarious! We may have to do that!
    Roob – the wedding is on October 27 🙂
    Muse – thank you! Love ya x
    Deb – this is exactly what we want! Maybe it’s because we’re 36 and 34 and we’re too old to be pushed around!!
    Grace – You’re gorgeous!!
    DrH – Weird as ever! Love it!
    OB – My Aunt is so special, she’s an extremely accomplished woman with an amazing heart. I think the Goddess club should all book plane tickets NOW!


  11. poseidonsmuse

    WE LOVE YOU SIMONNE!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. V-

    Oh My gosh, you’re honeymooning in Borneo? I’m completely jealous. The pre-honeymoon villa’s look so tranquill. What a perfect place to enjoy each other and rejuvenate before you head off to an exotic island adventure. ~sigh~ It’s just all too perfect!


  13. LOL.
    Poor guy – is he okay now?


  14. Muse, you’re too cute!
    V – I know, too perfect! 🙂 But I waited a while to find this mind you!
    WC – Poor him! Huh?! He felt guilty, but I’m the one with the egg on my head! (Actually, I may have exaggerated a tad about the egg on my head! But it hurt at the time!)


  15. Ah, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize there was a health issue at hand. I just assumed there was something wrong with the scones.

    *slaps forehead* I’m an idiot. Sorry.


  16. Paul Baylay

    An interview to get married? Woah… I like this idea. What happens if you fail – can you demand a recount?

    Jokes aside (sigh I know its hard for me but..) what is it about scones, jam and cream that is so Australia / New Zealand? I know its a British thing at heart but they stopped doing it 200 hundred years ago..

    My mother (who lives in WA) is a freak with scone making and there is no escape for my poor father, who sadly now resembles one.

    ..and they wonder why i live in Berlin..

    Did i say “good luck” with the wedding? 😀


  17. congrats. what a tradition – having to pass an interview. and i thought having to get my future father-out-law’s approval was tough.

    best to you, and i look forward to reading more about that journey as you move along.


  18. Even your adventures are humorous…
    I have given you a blog award.
    See latest post for details……


  19. Peace – don’t fret about that my friend, if I didn’t indulge, I’d be fine!
    Paul – Yes, we were wondering what would happen if we failed!
    But, hot scones with jam and cream is soooo good! Ah well, just call me old fashioned! (Maybe we just know how to make them properly?!)
    Thanks Theo 🙂
    Kim! You’re too much! Thank you!


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