I’d just like to thank…


It seems that my esteemed blogging friend, PradaPixie has nominated me for a blogging award! Aw shucks, what’s a girl to say?! Thanks PP!

I guess I better go and think of something inspiring to write now! See you soon!



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16 responses to “I’d just like to thank…

  1. Simonne, you’re inspiring to me every day. You deserve an award like this. Congrats, goddess-friend!


  2. OB, thank you, that’s a lovely thing to say!


  3. Oh, Congratulations, Goddess Simonne! 🙂 You ARE an inspiration…and your words simply follow that theme!


  4. Simonne, you are an inspiration.


  5. D. Peace

    Congrats. Blogging awards are cool.


  6. Dawn

    Where do we see it? I don’t know anything about a blogging award – but congratulations.


  7. Mum, you’re hysterical, it’s at the top of this post – it’s a little brown and yellow banner.


  8. Dawn

    Stop calling me Mum! How can I be cool???


  9. He he he – well if you acted cool, I wouldn’t have to, would I?? 😉


  10. Dawn

    Sigh. I still don’t know how you get chosen for an award and how did you get italics? I wanted italics for ‘still’.


  11. Varvara Spyrou

    Dear Simonne ,

    Thank you for sharing with us your story.
    I’m looking for someone to open me the door for
    maditation. (Is there any door? or any key words?)
    According to Doreen Virtue ( if I understood well) anybody can do it without help. I tried but with no reasults. Something when wrong ?
    Could you give me any advice ?


  12. Mum, you’re still hilarious! I got nominated because another blogger nominated me (it’s a blogging thing!) I don’t know how you get italics in a comment actually! Sorry!

    Varvara – welcome. Doreen Virtue is right, anyone can do it. The trick is that it really can take a lot of practice and therefore a long time. But if you are sitting still and feeling calm for at least five minutes, then you are already meditating! The ‘results’ might not be measureable to you at first, but they will become more obvious as you practice. Feel free to email me if you like.


  13. Dawn

    You just did it with your ‘sorry’!!!! You DO know how!


  14. He he he! Yes, I do on my own blog but not on others, sorry! Was winding you up 🙂


  15. Dawn

    Just re-reading this. Simonne – this IS your blog! So if you can do it, I can.


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