One for the Boys


My blog has a vagina. It’s true. Not that it could have otherwise I suppose, considering the title, but still, I thought it might be time to clarify that. It’s a proud part of what I call ‘The Goddess Club’, which consists of Grace, The Muse, OB, V, Deb, and Ruby. The Goddess Club is predominantly about celebrating womanhood, spiritual musings, authentic ramblings and a whole lot of lovin’. My blog is also about writing in general, my book, and parts of my life. (I don’t write about my work because my boss isn’t yet convinced that all this vagina talk is good for business!)

So, that said, I thought I might throw a bit of appreciation towards my few male blogging friends. (I do have some male friends who are regular readers from outside the blogosphere, gasp! but they tend to suffer from stage fright and stay quiet most of the time.) I dig the three men in my blogging life and appreciate their voice here very much. So without further ado, I give you…

Bill, Mister Peace, and Paul.

Ta da!

(Take a bow boys.)

Bill is a remarkably gentle soul, with a big blogging community behind him and an even bigger heart. He’s kinda old and funny looking and used to be a banker, but do we hold that against him? No! We love him anyway (that sort of love you have for an old pet who farts involuntarily when walking and has one eye, but such a deep soul, you know?) Bill? Bill? You’re alright with that explanation, right? Anyhoo, for an old person, and one of the penis-clad variety, he’s extremely open, unabashedly loving and the sort of man who wants to ask for directions just to make the other person feel useful.

Mister Peace… God, where do you begin? This boy is a young’n in the scheme of things (calm down Goddesses, I can hear you all straining at your leashes) and funny, no, I mean really funny. His blog is where I get my morning dose of giggles to wake up my epiglottis (a sleepy epiglottis is not good for you, trust me, I’m a writer, I know how to google). On top of being wrinkle free and funny, he’s also sweet, cyber-huggable (down Goddesses) and humble.

Paul. I’ve only just come across Paul (he found me actually, I have no idea how, maybe he googled ‘cliterary’? Who knows?) and love his writing. I wasn’t going to mention Paul just yet because I fear a stampede as the Goddesses go and check out his sophisticated musing and muscle bound reflecting, but what the hell, he can handle it.

To the other men who wander about here – cjwriter, Dr Holocaust, Theo, Reggie, Tomachfive – thanks boys, we love ya!



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22 responses to “One for the Boys

  1. It’s always good to celebrate other bloggers. Thanks for the (I want to say tips, pointers but suddenly that’s sounding wrong) hints. I will be visiting your male blogging friends.


  2. Grace

    *** stands up and applauds the men *** we love the boys! πŸ™‚


  3. poseidonsmuse

    Thanks Simonne! Although we revel in the company of members of “The Goddess Club” (oh, how I love that!) — it is very important to recognise some of the good male bloggers that support us (I mean – *you*…I think I’ve only had 2 actually comments from men…they only seem to want to steal my “smiley faces” and run!!!).

    Anyways…Excellent post my Goddess friend.

    Boy Bloggers Rock!


  4. V-

    Those boys are pretty brave to enter into the realm of the Goddesses. I like brave boys.
    Especially old funny looking ones! (Although, I don’t think he’s either).

    I’ve always believed Groucho’s comment about not wanting to belong to any club that would have me – but in the case I’ll make an exception. The ladies here are wonderful and I feel very blessed to be included.


  5. This penis packing, old, one eyed dog. is humbled to even be mentioned in the same post as the vagina equipped Goddesses.
    Simonne, I have to admire the group you have chosen for your club each individually is inspiring as a group absolutely awesome. As a broad sweeping statement I do consider all of the feminine gender to be Goddesses, each in their own right, already. You and your group exemplify the Goddess qualities and are able to illustrate and share them so well through your writings.
    Several, I already know and respect here through the blogs, the others I have now visited their sites and will return to leave comments.
    I really do find it fascinating being allowed a look into the mystique and inner and deepest thoughts of the feminine world. In some ways I almost feel like a voyeur peeking in on a world to which I do not belong, but find that world so fascinating I just can’t stop peaking.
    This old one eyed dog is glad he has at least this one eye with which to peak. As for the farting part you have me mixed up with my brother. lol


  6. D. Peace

    Hey! A blog entry devoted partly to me. πŸ™‚ If you keep that up, I won’t be so humble anymore after all.

    Seriously, though, that was incredibly sweet of you. I’m flattered as I love this blog and your writing.

    For the record, I’m also huggable in person, I’m years away from a wrinkle, and my site is certified by the National Council for Epiglottis Health and Safety.

    Also, kudos to the other guys who read this site.

    V – I’m not the least bit apprehensive about posting on a blog by and for women. I’m pretty open-minded and liberal and think of myself as a feminist, if a man can even use that term to describe himself. Strange? I dunno. Anyway, I like it here.

    Enjoy your Goddess Club.


  7. Deb

    I have been enjoying being part of this community so much! It has been so good for me – I had actually forgotten just how warm and welcoming it can be to be around such wonderful women. I needed that reminder!

    But the men…we wouldn’t want to leave them out either! Thanks for introducing these three – I enjoyed their writing very much! Unique and captivating voices.


  8. -tips hat-

    thanks for the mention. as a newly allowed visitor, i’m honored.


  9. Your descriptions were so funny. Goodness I’m going to choke from laughing so much this morning. I’ve been blog jumping and for some reason everything has tickled my funny bone.
    “that sort of love you have for an old pet who farts involuntarily when walking and has one eye, but such a deep soul, you know?”

    good stuff lady. good stuff.


  10. Hi Charlotte, the boys are worth a visit πŸ™‚
    Thanks beautiful Muse.
    V, I don’t actually think Bill is funny looking either, but he can handle my jibes (I think!).
    Bill, you’re such a good sport, we love ya! And we’re glad you find us fascinating πŸ™‚
    Peace, you’re a feminist as well? Goodness, what a guy!
    Thanks Deb and Kim. Glad I made you giggle Kim!
    You’re welcome Theo πŸ™‚


  11. Simonne, I’ve been feeling a bit sorry for the males lately, thinking maybe I’ve scared them off my site because of all the estrogen. But seriously, WE LOVE MEN! I find men infinately fascinating, and admire their conflict resolution skills (don’t talk about the problem, punch each other on the shoulder a couple of times and move on). Thanks for giving a shout out to some mighty fine male bloggers. Bill, you crack me up. You’ve got a wicked sense of humor. D Peace-I’ve been lurking you for awhile and think I’ve left a couple of comments. You’re always an interesting and entertaining read. Next, I’m going to check out the new guy. Let the stampede begin!


  12. Oh, Simonne – don’t forget you’re bringing the sacred vial of estrogen to the next goddess club meeting (wink!).


  13. Paul Baylay

    You know I wasn’t sure whether to hide in the corner or say hello as loud as I possibly could and then run like hell…

    Encountering Simmone is on the same level as having a very minor traffic accident with a taxi and then watching Robert De Niro with a mohawk getting out of the drivers seat.

    Oh yes, I regularly Google the word “Cliterary” but normally all that comes up is a picure of my face which would explain a lot. Actually I just hit the random button.. maybe I am like the new kid with the new toy… but I “love” that button !!! Gimme Gimme..

    Ok ok I am getting over obsessed with this. Yes I will leave quietly.. Just let me finish this drink. No I can’t walk out and drink at the same time – I am a guy ok!


  14. Paul Baylay

    Perhaps it would help if next I spelt your name right Simonne…. but you can’t expect me to write, think AND remember your name do you? That’s memory overload.. 😦


  15. pradapixie

    Another lovely celebration of us, wonderful warm human beings just trying to get on in life. The struggle is hard for all of us at sometime, and some have more to deal with right now. So I love the idea of the Goddess club to celebrate.

    At the same time I’ve nominated you for an award, so pop over to pick it up.


  16. OB, happy stampeding! πŸ™‚ (And yes, I’m all stocked up for the next gathering.)
    Paul, I’ll take your description of an encounter with me as a compliment! Don’t be shy now, honey!
    Pradapixie! Thank you! What a complete sweetie you are, I’m thoroughly humbled! You deserve an honorary membership to the GClub πŸ™‚ Welcome!


  17. pradapixie

    OOOH thank you, that’s lovely.I’d love to be an honorary member

    to get your award, by the way; highlight it, copy it to pics file then post it on new post,


  18. Dawn

    D. Peace – anyone can be a feminist. When I was described as one (many years ago) I went home and got out the dictionary to find the definition:
    A belief in political, economic and social equality
    and I thought I could very happily be one of those. It didn’t turn out to be as easy as I thought but hey you get that. I had a friend who wore a pink Tshirt I bought at a WEL Conference which said “Born Again Feminist” – what’s so unusal about that? I hear you ask. Well, he was in his 70s and he wore it proudly.


  19. “My blog has a vagina” – that is the greatest opening line ever.


  20. Thanks for the mention Simonne – although I feel increasingly odd about the term “goddess”. I think I’m going to have to do a bit of research on goddesses now.

    Just wanted to say hello since I’ve sort of been remiss in the commenting on blogs thing lately. (Maybe a post on that topic might be in order too, I’m not sure.)

    Peace, love and understanding,



  21. Abarclay – Thanks cool πŸ˜‰
    Roob, have fun researching the Goddesses – you might be surprised πŸ™‚


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