Female Erotica


She took the brush from my hand, frustrated at how long it was taking me to prove to her that I indeed couldn’t braid my hair, anyone’s hair actually, but especially not my own. She shook out the feeble plait I had begun and brushed my hair vigorously, just like my mother used to do when I was running late for school. She must’ve felt me flinch because she eased off then, slowed down and put a hand on my head as the other brushed briskly down my long hair. I felt the edge of the brush hit my waist as she finished one stroke and lifted her hand to do another. The hand on my head was warm and felt small. I liked it there. I settled back on my cushion on the floor, gently pushing my back against the knees poking into me as she sat on the couch behind me. She put the brush down and started smoothing my hair out with both hands flat against my head, running down, down, down to my waist and up again. I shut my eyes, relaxed. I might have sighed then. I might have. I felt her knees part gently and I let my body fall between them until her thighs cradled my arms. Her legs were warm and narrow.

She started to braid my hair and then stopped. For a moment I felt uncomfortable. We hadn’t been friends all that long. Maybe she was uncomfortable being this close to me? Maybe I was? But we weren’t doing anything unusual. I’d never done anything ‘unusual’ with a woman before. But I’d never felt this suddenly uncomfortable and nervous with a girlfriend before either. The moment passed and she spread her fingers out and ran them from the base of my skull up along my head, through my hair. A sigh escaped. Just a small one. Couldn’t stop it.

I turned my head to the side to look at her and share a laugh, but neither of us laughed. We only stared at each other’s lips. Her fingers, still splayed out like a fan under my hair, tightened on my scalp. I felt a rush of heat so hot that I thought I’d wet myself. I was wet. Couldn’t believe it. How long since that had happened? Barely touched, not a word spoken, and wet, wet, wet. The heat was creeping up through me like a blush. We were frozen like that. Too scared to move. The heat crept up to my neck and I swayed almost imperceptibly to one side. That was all we needed. A tiny sway of confirmation. Her hand pulled gently on my head and I reached up as she lent down.

Her lips were the softest thing I have ever felt against my own. Her tongue was hot in my mouth and, never having kissed a woman before, I marveled at how small her mouth was. Is this how a man felt kissing me? I felt powerful and vulnerable all at once. And then the heat enveloped my face and my thoughts melted away. I became desire, white hot, and as my hands sought her skin, I had no idea if she was me or I was her, I just was.

To be continued…



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27 responses to “Female Erotica

  1. V-

    That was delicious.
    I’ve never had an physically intimate relationship with a women. Even though it is actually on my list of things to do before I die, It doesn’t look like it’s in the cards for me this go around. ~sigh~

    But your writings almost make me feel as if I have!



  2. poseidonsmuse

    Beautiful writing Simonne. This post gave me shivers. Funny thing how women can attain this degree of intimacy with each other, isn’t it Simonne? Women are innately gorgeous, sensitive and very tactile creatures – so, even in the absence of “Sapphic Bliss”, a very intimate connection can be established. As for myself….I have experienced intimacy on this level with other women and I have to admit – it is an entirely “opening” experience (the burgeoning bloom of the feminine …).

    Delicious (as V says)!….I can’t wait for Part 2.


  3. Watch out!!!
    You have such a unique way of pulling your readers into a moment. I almost felt as if I were spying…..
    Looking forward to the rest..


  4. Sylvain

    Wow….is it hot in here?


  5. D. Peace

    You’ve certainly grabbed my attention. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to the next part.

    Very sexy and well written. Good job.


  6. Thanks guys 🙂
    Kim, spying is just how I wanted the reader to feel, so that’s great!


  7. Intriguing. Is this part of the book? I’ll stay tuned for the next installment.


  8. Hi WC, not it’s not, just felt like writing some erotica!


  9. I’m with V – on my list of things to do but probably won’t happen this go ’round. Interestingly, my erotic dreams are almost always about women and rarely about men. Also looking forward to more on this subject, Sx. Very sensual.


  10. poseidonsmuse

    You know…thinking back on reading this initially…I do feel like a bloody voyeur NOW (but then again, should that surprise anyone – given my “kinky” tendencies). Good grief.


  11. Paul Baylay

    I love the anticipation of “To Be Continued..” With thoughts of a man’s voice yelling out.. “Start without me girls, I will be there as soon as the game ends”.. Wow – how is it I always forget my camera in moments like these…??


  12. Beautifully written, Simonne. You capture the anticipation and uncertainty so well, so tenderly. It really does feel like voyeurism – which is why it works so well! 🙂


  13. Beautifully written, Simone. You capture the anticipation and uncertainty so well, so tenderly. It really does feel like voyeurism – which is why it works so well! 🙂


  14. OB, V, well if it’s on your list gals, maybe you should get together! He he, nothing like a bit of cyberspace match-making to get the boys all excited!

    Muse, we all love your kinky tendencies! 😉

    Paul, I’m beginning to appreciate some male sarcasm around the place (never thought I’d say that!); you and Peace add nicely to the mix! 🙂

    CJ – Thanks!


  15. pradapixie

    WOW, that was just gorgeous, can’t wait for the next installment. I’ve never been with a woman, but i do have a crush on a gay womn at work. But have no idea what to do to proceed, except fantasise about her.


  16. Grace

    🙂 ((( Simonne ))) Now HERE is some erotica! Thank you for bringing such wonderful juicy energy to an otherwise “been there, done that” genre.

    I can’t wait for the second installation. Like my soul sister up there, Observant, my fantasies typically revolve around women. I’ve actually had a few experiences with other females – one as recent as about 10 years ago with a neighbor…but never the one I really wanted.

    You go, girl!


  17. Deb

    It is funny, I don’t generally have fantasies about women, but this post made me feel like I do!

    It was beautifully written, Simonne. The details that really got me in the moment were when you talked about her small hands and small mouth. Without that, I’m not sure I would have been pulled in completely, but with those details I was right there.

    Looking forward to part two!


  18. I totally love the conversation that this post has generated amongst the Goddess Club! All our secrets are coming out! I feel like the passion counsellor!
    Pradapixie, here’s what you do… actually I have no idea! Just make a move and see what happens!!
    Grace, I think a lot of women fantasise about women – well we all do! Glad you liked it, I guess I better get to and write some more.
    Deb, thank you 🙂 And your task (from the passion counsellor!) is to consciously have a lesbian fantasy next time you’re in da mood! 😉


  19. Grace

    ((( Simonne ))) Know what I think?? (And this is for the entire Goddess Club ) MUCH of our fantasizing about loving other women is simply our souls mirroring back to us this thought:


    🙂 xoxox


  20. hey. i wanna love my feminine self! wait. that doesn’t seem right. jungian as it may be…

    ok. what i mean is. i like this post, comments and place…



  21. I think men (in general) would do well to read more erotica written by women. It’s not that men should try to mimic what another woman might do in such a situation, but a matter of learning to understand the incredibly small things that can become a focal point of a woman’s desire.

    Very well done.


  22. Grace, I love how you think! I couldn’t agree more.
    Theo, of course you can love your feminine self, that’s wonderful and I encourage it!
    Welcome TheFirm, thank you very much for such a great comment.


  23. Red

    Wow. So beautifully written. Arrousing and erotic, I felt my own wetness building as I read this piece.


  24. Thanks and welcome 🙂


  25. Treasure

    Writing well-done. Delectably intriguing…warmly imaginative! Part 2 is due, when?


  26. Seriously. That is really good!! And I agree with The Firm. I think it gives a guy a better look into the details of a woman; where her focus lies. 29 years old and I’m just now realizing that sex is nothing special without the right atmosphere to create something worth remembering. I feel like an amateur. Hopefully I can start to set a mood better.


  27. maurice

    So absolutelyenticing and beautifully written,so sensative and joyful story of love for love itself. Oh, but for the second or more expression of joy,of finding excitement with the loving encounter to find oneself.The impact of the first encounter,so rare, and yet so powerful.


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