By Angelic Design


Some people come to my blog via some pretty interesting (to say the least!) browser searches (my sagging bottom cheeks, penises are funny and vagina jokes to name a select few)! But there are two constants that I get many times every day and they are:

1 ‘Mons pubis‘ in varying forms, and

2 ‘I see 444 all the time’, or something to that effect.

I’m going to leave ‘mons pubis’ alone this time (not that I’m suggesting that mons pubis’s (pubi?) should be left alone, but as I said, that’s entirely another story for another time). I want to ruminate for a spell about this interest in 444. Clearly there are quite a few people out there wanting to know why they’re seeing this number.

The answer, quite simply, is Angels.

4 is the number of the Angels. If you’re seeing the number 4 around you all the time you need to call on them for help and guidance, or just to feel their love and support. We all have our own Guardian Angels. They want to be called upon. Don’t feel like you’re imposing on them! You’re not!

If you’re seeing 44, it just means that your connection with the Angels is strengthening. You have many Angels around you now, so call on them! You don’t need to tell them how you want them to help you – they can do that part on their own – just ask for help (with anything) and let them get to work. Then just stay open for new opportunities and answers that can come in many different guises.

If you’re seeing 444, you have a very strong connection with the Angelic realm. This is wonderful! Use this connection to grow and learn and become more loving. It is truly happening, you don’t need to question it! The fact that so many people around the world are connecting on a very real level with Angels is no coincidence. We have entered the Age of Aquarius and the energies on the planet have shifted. We are opening up to new levels and we need to embrace the new energy without fear or embarrassment.

My writing here is such a mix of light hearted humour and more serious reflections about women, sex, fiction and spirituality and yet I’ve been reluctant to write about some of my beliefs and experiences to do with my spirituality. But the amount of browser searches regarding 444 is rather hard to ignore, as are my Angels, who’ve been giving me signs for days and days to write about this (including me parking my car this morning in-between two cars with 444 on their number plates, with the car opposite displaying 44 and every time I looked at the time on my laptop at my client’s office this morning, it was 44 past the hour!). So, I avoid it no longer!

You happy now Angels?!



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35 responses to “By Angelic Design

  1. Oh, thank you for explaining this. Funny my last blog post should be entitled 44. I’ll go do some conscious angel invoking now. See ya.


  2. Ooh, you’ve got me all excited. I’m going to be keeping my eyes peeled for angel numbers. Will report back!


  3. V-

    This is interesting. I don’t know much about numerology, but was under the impression that the number 4 symbololized balance. I would love to hear more.


  4. I see numbers all day long (doing company financials), but no specific set of them. However the more of them there are, the better. Love them numbers, especially ones with $$ before them. (I’m a hopeless capitalist. Don’t hate me)


  5. paul baylay

    And if I am seeing three 6’s everywhere should i run and hide? Or wait for the 4’s to come and save me?


  6. In the last few months, I’ve been seeing repeated numbers more and more. There’s part of me that says I’m only seeing them cause I notice them and therefore subconsciously look for them, but there must be a reason that I notice them, ie they are cropping up more and more often. It’s not strictly 4s though, just any number repeated.


  7. poseidonsmuse

    Simonne – thanks for that! I resonate to the number 3 most of the time – 3, 33, 333 (but 4 is just a higher vibration of this – Angels!). Four, I also discovered is also connected (albeit not too tightly) to the vibration of the heart chakra (about 45 mHz). I love tuning fork vibrations!

    The Universe speaks to each of us in different ways – we just have to be open to receiving these signals, wouldn’t you agree?! You certainly are in tune with yourself – there is no denying that!

    Celebrate your awakening…!

    Hugs my “Angel Goddess Sister”…

    Observant – You are too cute!


  8. pradapixie

    Lovely, lovely angel stuff.
    I carry my angel cards around with me all the time.
    Angels are so just so there when they are needed. I just get to feel guilty when I only need them when stuff is going bad, so Itry and remember to thank them in good times too!


  9. Hey Simonne,
    I’d never heard of this before. I must be on the look out for the 4’s. It’s interesting though, because sometimes I do feel that there are angels surrounding me – it’s very surreal and I scold myself for imagining things. But now, I’m thinking that maybe I wasn’t making it up.


  10. Kiki, you must take credit for me finally getting this post up after I saw yours! Thanks!
    Charlotte, happy hunting!
    V– Yes, in numerology the number 4 is about stability and process. Radiant Woman might be able to help us here. My birth number is a 4 and 4s are all about attainting security and developing more patience in their lives. 4s want to create a solid foundation for future generations, not materialistically, but with a spiritual legacy. And yes, this is all about balance.
    OB, we could nver hate you! Start noticing if you see patterns in numbers though, I bet you do!
    Ha ha Paul! Actually in terms of the Angelic realm, if you’re seeing 666 it means you need to focus on balance and healing in your life (well, you did expect an answer, right?!)
    Tanya, that’s interesting – all the repeated numbers have significance (called the Master Numbers – have a look here.)
    Muse, why am I not surprised you see 3s everywhere?! I resonate highly with 33 and see it often. 3 is the number signifying the Ascended Masters, Buddha, Jesus etc – esp Jesus. It means that they are working with you – probably through your art – remember the buddha painting?! So call them in when you’re working and ask them to work through you. That’s wonderful šŸ™‚ I totally agree re being open to receive whatever signals we are getting.
    Pixie – Yes, it took me a while to get in the habit of giving thanks all the time too šŸ™‚
    Hi WC, please don’t scold yourself! So many writers are surrounded by Angels/Masters/Guides because they are channeling them.


  11. It is very reassuring to know we have the Angels around and among us. I have been constantly watching for 4’s and will keep doing so. I often see the numbers 11:11 does that have any meaning that you are aware of.


  12. Hi Bill, 11:11 is being seen by thousands of people all around the world. It’s about manifesting your own reality. You need to keep your thoughts in the positive. It signifies a very creative person as well. Many people say that when we contract a new lifetime we set signs designed to jog our memory about our spiritual purpose and this is one of those signs. So when you see it, take note of what you were doing/thinking. From what I know of you Bill, it doesn’t surprise me, as you are going through a bit of an energetic shift right now. I think the key for you here is to stay really positive and ‘present’ in your thinking.
    Much love,


  13. OK, well in that case, I’m not surprised I don’t see collections of the number 4 around me šŸ˜‰ Now I’m looking forward to your revelations relating to mons pubis!


  14. Mr Angry, you’ll be very pleased to know that just this morning, someone found me by seraching for “I am skinny mons pubis fat”
    What the?!!


  15. D. Peace

    I had no idea there was any significance at all to the numbers “44” or “444”.

    I never have strange synchronous experiences. I don’t see any recurring numbers or anything like that. Maybe the spiritual world wants nothing to do with me? To be honest, I’ve never even seen a ghost.

    Once, after reading about chaos magick, I attempted to launch my own sigil, and nothing happened. I don’t think I have a spiritual bone in my body. I think I’m destined to be a materialist.

    Oh, well. Have fun summoning angels, because I don’t think they’re talking to me.


  16. Hey Peace, they’re not talking to you because you’re not talking to them! They’re there though! They come when called and not before. Give it a shot!


  17. poseidonsmuse

    Your post made for a wonderful discussion Simonne! I have a very interesting story about “Christ Consciousness” too, by the way…Thanks again for the inspiration.


  18. ((( Simonne ))) šŸ™‚ You know I have a fascination with numerical sequences!!! Since all the 777 stuff since arriving here, I’m back to getting huge 444s all the time.

    I really love it that your blog is so rich with diversity! It shows so many sides of your amazing soul!!



  19. Muse, you know I’m looking forward to hearing some more of your wisdoms and stories šŸ™‚

    Grace, thank you, what a lovely thing to say, I feel exactly the same way about your blog! Rock on with the Angels in Vagas!


  20. Although I think Numerology is really interesting I would like to refer to that Mons pubis-thing… [smart alec on] I think the plural is Mons pubii… [smart alec off] *fg*


  21. Well, thanks for clearing that up because I am going to have to write a post about pubiis with the amount of traffic I get from searches on it!!


  22. Tyler

    Hello Simonne, your theory sounds very interesting. I knew nothing about numerology or recurring numbers, but was asked one day if I saw 11:11 repeating. I saw it once and awhile, but as I was paying attention to 11:11, I was struck by 44. I see it on clocks, digital or analog (especially 11:44), prices, buses, signs, it seems truly magical.
    I have been researching it, but I have not heard anything about angels being associated before. I will try to embrace this idea.
    Do you have any more information, maybe your sources at the least.
    Thank you and Peace


  23. first time here. i am so fasinated by all this talk about numbers and its meanings. i thought i was the only one seeing 444 everywhere. all my life i have always felt that 4 is good. i was married on the 4: every where i went 444 was often present especially during my pregnancies. also both my boys were born on the 3 . my husband and i on the 26: my first son born 8 days after my husband’s birthday and my second son born 8 days after mine. what does all this mean?


  24. brandy "who dat" johnston

    hello! i am from new orleans and the number four was very prevalent in the superbowl. a quick google search of the number 44 and saints or superbowl 44 (see what i mean?) and you can find the eerie coincidences in it…God did say that as many as i love i chasten and rebuke, but i also temper, refine and bless….people are so quick to judge us down here based on what they read or hear in the media…did y’all know that louisiana is the happiest state in the union despite it’s very high murder rate? yes, theses things do unfortunately happen to our dismay, but as a whole, new orleans, which also encompasses a very broad region including the river parishes, is a very christian city…i feel that He blessed us with a chance to rebuild together as a people because we all knew He sent it…we were spared at the very last second, so to speak…had it gone directly up the mouth of the river, i may not be here today writing this to you the reader. anyway, whati am saying is numbers are a whole different language in and of themselves and i feel that God did intervene in the superbowl on our behalf…the drew brees interview right after the superbowl with a t.v. christian anchorlady was amazing….God had spoken to drew…the timing too with mardi gras was also weird…and drew brees was going to be the king of bacchus long before we won…it is no doubt divine intervention!! šŸ™‚


    • hello brandy,
      we have a facebook page called 444ever peace, come and check us out , almost 100 members with a special relationship to the numbers 4,44,444 etc…and i wrote an experience about the superbowl 44 i had in the discussion section…hope to see you there….


  25. here the facebook link


  26. vic

    Thank You šŸ™‚ , Im always seeing 44 & 4:44 everywhere and i really do belive that its a good sign, i have seen this number on my clock, on licence plates, on clothes detergent, price taggs, i see it everywhere its soo strange! but great!!


  27. I have been seeing the number 444 regularly since 2001 after a major life change. I randomly named a mix CD(yep back when we first got CD-R) “444” and I wasn’t sure why. I began seeing this number constantly from digital clocks, street signs, glancing at the computer screen, battery time left on digital devices, and even an international flight number. I have searched this question before and your blog was the first to pop up. Very interesting for sure. Thanks for taking the time to post.


  28. Leora

    The past week I have been focusing on calling on the angels to help guide and support me. I’m new to learning about the healing arts and very new to calling on the angels. Last night I woke up at exactly 4:44 and today I was telling my coworker about it and he happened to be looking at the time and it was exactly 4:44! So I decided to google what that meant and I came across your post. I am so filled with joy to know that 444 signifies that the angels are with me! This journey of life is so amazing – creating my reality, manifesting & calling on angels – I can’t believe how amazing and true all of this is. What a joyful experience to be expanding in this way. Thank you for the information about 444. I am so very grateful!!


  29. Glad I found this, I’ve been seeing 4:44 quite a number of times this past week and when I sleep I get totally weird but meaningful past life dreams.


  30. David444

    I see the number 4, which is my Life Path number and the number 11:11 (4) 4:44 on the clock after not looking at the clock for hours…I often wake at this time and look at the clock and the frequency for the number 4 appearing in my life is unexplainable by coincidence. I’ve had dreams pertaining to the number 4, my license plate picked completely at random and not even the first plate I got that day for the same vehicle, =4 by the numerological way of reducing the number string to a single digit. I also feel that I am astrally connected in some way but cannot define how. I think what others think and predict certain things that come to be, even though at the time, I had no idea it was a prediction. It just seemed like a good invention or thought and then it just came to be years later. I am very in tune to certain people and can tell when they are calling, as I am dialing them as well. Even if it has been months or years since I last spoke to them. The list of weird occurrences has just gone on and on and I have been searching for an answer but I cannot find anything to rationalize the phenomenon…Most frequently it has to do with the number four…I could elaborate if anyone is curious but, just for instance, I came into my house on two separate occasions and said, “Hey Baby..” to my GF. in both instances she got pocket 4’s in her poker game and one other instance she got quad fours which is extremely rare to begin with but the timing was the most eerie…It would only happen right when I first arrived and spoke to her.


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