My nephew is now a month old! How cute is he?! Looooook at him!!




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18 responses to “Loooook!!

  1. V-

    He’s absolutely beautiful. I thought he looked very smart even before I read your Nephew link! Have fun spoiling him rotten.


  2. D. Peace

    That’s adorable. 🙂 Congrats and let his parents know they have a really cute kid.


  3. Thanks VD! (Sorry, bad taste, couldn’t resist!)


  4. Such a beautiful little one. Congratulations to the parents and obviously very proud Aunt. I pray his life is filled with health and happiness.


  5. poseidonsmuse

    He is GORGEOUS!!!! Thank you for sharing this cute photo with us!!! I love the outfit (not sure if *he* will in 12 or so years, but we’re digging it now, aren’t we?). TOO CUTE!!!


  6. Thanks Bill, that’s lovely.
    Muse, he is, isn’t he! I’m actually going over there now (before the wedding) thanks to CJ for booking me a flight, cos I can’t wait that long to see him! I’m going over in two and half weeks! Yay!
    As for the outfit – it’s couture by my Auntie in New Zealand, who is fabulously talented.


  7. Doktor Holocaust

    it’s comin’ right for us! RUUUUUUUUUUUNNN!!!

    babies are evil. they have telepathic powers that turn most of the adults in a ten-foot radius into their minions, spray biological weapons out of every orifice.


  8. Dr H – Eeoo!! But seriously, look at that face, how can say that’s evil?! His bum maybe, but not that face!


  9. Yo, dude. He’s giving some kind of secret gang sign, don’t be fooled!!!


  10. a real doll baby indeed. congrats.


  11. Doktor Holocaust

    two things about that face.
    A) wait until it starts vomiting on everything. It won’t be so cute then. My parents got banned from a number of restaurants due to my eventually-weaponized spraying capacity. (in all fairness, they warned the waitresses not to give their hairy, creepily quiet little moppet any crackers, but did the servers listen? Nooooo, and some of those stains probably never came out).

    B) I was an evil baby myself, and I know my own kind. That kid is Planning Something. I’ve seen the same facial expression in photos of fascist dictators.


  12. Oh my gosh, what a gorgeous little boy. I love the stoic look and the fancy duds. He’s bound to be a lady killer in the near future.


  13. OB, that’s hilarious! I did wonder about that myself 🙂
    Thanks Kim!
    Dr H, you are evil! And I’m not in the least bit surprised that you were a projectile vomiter!


  14. WC, the duds are so cute aren’t they? I really do think my Aunt should go into buisness!


  15. poseidonsmuse

    OB – “Secret gang sign….” LMAO!!!!! Too funny…


  16. Don’t be fooled by the cuteness and lack of mobility! Before he’s two months old he’ll be able to apply his ‘Jedi mind powers’ to use adults as transport machines to move him around the place. Mark my words.


  17. Welcome Bluebeard, yes, I guess that sounds about right!!


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