Gratitude, Weight Loss and Renoir

The Law of Attraction has attracted a lot of attention lately. But there’s nothing new or in the least bit secret about it. This principle dates a long way back to great teachers such as Hermes, whose teachings are written in The Kybalion, and Abraham, father of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, whose teachings include this law. I think that with all the recent hype though, it might be a good time to remember that without gratitude, forgiveness, love and compassion, the Universe might struggle somewhat to bring us that shiny new bike, new iPhone, or that priceless Renoir painting we’re putting in our energetic orders for.

Let’s look at gratitude for a sec. Gratitude – along with forgiveness – is a very powerful and healing emotion (high frequency, for all you LoA junkies). The thing about gratitude is that on a spiritual level it’s almost like a rite of passage or a level that you need to reach in order to continue on your spirtitual journey. Seeing I work in health & wellness, let’s look at it in terms of weight loss and body image issues. In order to attract health, healing and positive body changes, one must first be grateful for the body we currently have. After all, this is the body that has carried us thus far through life’s trials and tribulations, joys and successes. This is the body that created a life (or two or three or four!) and has the scars to prove it; the feet that walked us forward through fear when our heart was pounding; the legs that ran when we didn’t think they could; the hips that carried a child or curved like the goddess; the breasts that supported life or gave solace and comfort to another’s fear or fatigue; the lips that have loved and caressed and spoken our truths and our fears and our deepest desires, lined with experience or full with youth, they are the part of us that share our sighs with the world; the eyes that say so much about us, so much that we forget or are too afraid to stare into them every day, so instead we just bemoan the crows feet that surround them. We need to first be grateful for this body before we can usher in a changed one. And we need to be forgiving towards ourselves and others so that we can be truly compassionate souls. We have learnt to be so unforgiving on ourselves. The demands and expectations we place on our bodies are extreme and rarely do we forgive or give ourselves an inch when it comes to them.

Moving a step beyond this, gratitude and forgiveness can be the two things that free us from fear and doubt so that we truly can manifest with pure joy and faith. Expressing gratitude for the people who teased you for being fat, or gratitude for the person who sexually abused you means that you are grateful that you had that experience as you can see that it has enabled you to be who you are and understand the things that you do. This expression of gratitude allows forgiveness to flow in. This is true healing on a soul level and creates spiritual growth at a great rate of knots.



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20 responses to “Gratitude, Weight Loss and Renoir

  1. thanks for this. one of the central themes in my recovery (read 12 step) program is gratitude. i have been guided to make gratitude lists on a regular basis. that listing is often the very antidote i need for anger, worry, low-self esteem, and certainly self-pity. the debilitating cycle of guilt-shame-remorse is cerainly broken with a healthy dose of gratitude.

    i like the way you have applied it here to self image and acceptance of our physical bodies.



  2. poseidonsmuse

    What a very interesting post! I guess I have comments relating to a couple aspects of your writing. First, I agree with you on all fronts, especially “The Secret” bit. “The Secret” is not some new type of business agreement that someone forged with the Universe. The idea of “energy-flow” and “cause-effect” underlies many time-honoured holistic concepts. Now, I get concerned when people utilise it hoping that only “good” can come from trying to manipulate the Universe. As we know, the Universe will act to balance itself in order to preserve Harmony – if we ask for too many “good things” (and isn’t “good” a relative term anyway? Who decided that money was better than a peaceful existence?) – the Universe acts by shifting the balance to favour equilibrium (ie. a few “not so good things” will come your way too – like greed, envy etc.). We need to learn to resolve this harmony and ask for only what we need (and ask only for what we think we are capable of dealing with) with good intention. Intention is key.

    *Thank you for drawing attention to this – I have been meaning to write about “The Secret” for some time now*

    The second part of your post is interlinked with the first. That is, we need to resolve this Universal harmony (and disharmony) within our own physical bodies if we are to love and accept ourselves and others. The reality that is our Universe is projected through the One Mind makes this even more important (when I speak of the One Mind, I am not speaking of the One Way as with Ruby’s post the other day). I am speaking of the collective conscious that draws all souls together as we are pulled toward self-community realisation. This might sound easy, but you know it isn’t (as a health care worker). Add some “scars” (disharmony) to body image (mental, physical abuse) and this makes for an interesting clay-mixture for character building. We are what we make of ourselves. If we learn to love ourselves (from root to tender shoot), we will eventually find Harmony in ourselves and others.

    Thanks Simonne – Beautiful Post! Great way to start my day!


  3. poseidonsmuse

    ps. Sorry for taking over your comment space…oops!


  4. πŸ™‚ Well, you know how I feel about the LOA. And I’m so with you on this, Simonne! There are a couple of things about The Secret and the LOA that are very different from how traditional ‘religions’ teach it. The one thing they’ve helped us with is this: go for the FEELING.

    See, when I was locked up in Christianity, we heard this all the time: “Walk by FAITH, NOT by your feelings! Your feelings will lie to you!”….have you ever heard such B.S.?? It’s true, though. Recoverying from that whole thing after 20+ years, LOA and The Secret were magnificent tools. Now I know that at all times, I can make the shift by focusing on my feelings. Is there Joy there? Peace? Gratitude? “JOY”, especially, is the big barameter for me!

    This was an AWESOME post. Rock on, girl!


  5. Your point about having graditude to the people who have wronged us, or abused us, etc., really caught my attention. After 2 (two!) abusive marriages (with one in the middle that was fairly normal), I had a lot of self-hatred and shame. “How could I have been so stupid?” I asked myself over and over. “There must be something terribly wrong with me.” Over time and with a lot of perspective under my belt, I learned to forgive my abusers and actually learned to have some gratitude for them and the lessons I learned about myself. Now, it’s not easy to try to explain that to people. Forgiveness they understand, but actual gratitude is a hard one to comprehend. It’s not that I’m grateful to the abusers, per se, it’s that I’m grateful for the learning experience. Apparently it’s a lesson I needed to learn.
    I only know of The Secret, et al, via cultural osmosis, but I’m always leery of concepts that push you owards only one way of thinking and doing things. I liked what PM said about universal balance – homeostasis will always rule no matter what we do. Like global warming – we won’t succeed in destroying the earth, only our ability to live on it. Nature will always win in the end.


  6. Hi Goddesses, thanks for the great comments (Theo, you don’t mind being a Goddess, right?!)
    Muse, you can take over my space any time, you always have wise things to add πŸ™‚
    Grace, yes! you wrote a great post about this not long ago. Is that really what you were taught as a Christian? But that’s so silly! Wow. I’m so glad you’re full of joy now!
    OB, it is a hard to explain to people, isn’t it? I remember trying to explain to a friend how I knew why I had attracted a disease that effected my ovaries and them struggling to get what I meant. Everything in front of us is there because we either contracted it in previously or we attracted it to us in order to grow. It’s amazing when you start attracting the good stuff through, isn’t it? πŸ™‚


  7. reggiehudson

    Latitude, Tree Moss and Been Far.

    These are all things that give us reference points and to my own amazement rhymes with your heading.
    Latitude along with longitude will tell us our location on a map or globe. Tree moss tells us which way is north if we are lost and need a reference point. Been Far, tells us that we have traveled a great distance from our original reference point.

    I’m grateful for your concern and passion to try and express to people just how simple and recognizable the path that lays before them is…….Just look and listen…it’s something that even a child understands.
    Tell you fiance I said he’s a lucky man and of course, I’ll send him my e-mail address to comfort him when you relinquish his God given right to play with toy submarines in the bathtub.

    both of you guys brother,
    oops, forgot to post the disclaimer that I’d promised.


  8. californiablogging

    This is my biggest challenge. My son has a pain disorder and he suffers which means as a mom I feel his pain. I am on a quest to keep my energy high in the midst of his pain episode and I can only get so far….. I like this post. A better understanding always helps. Also, my painting and the blog I put it on is all about this process.


  9. Thanks for your insights into weight loss. The idea that we should love the body we have now in order to change it is inspirational.

    (I have just found your blog and am looking forward to have a good look around!)


  10. Ralph Waldo Emerson said once, “What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.” Your post sort of reminded me of that… in the end how can you really know anyone, if you don’t know yourself?


  11. D. Peace

    That was a really powerful post and I don’t know what to say, except that I’m glad I read it.

    Kudos and thanks.


  12. chughes

    i especially appreciate that when you spoke of gratitude, you included being grateful for our painful experiences. Everything we live through- joyous or sorrowful- smoothes us, grows us. i have to remind myself.


  13. pradapixie

    I so agree with you, both personally and professionally. Personally I was told I was stupid so often as a child that it has made me the person I am today. Which is someone who is defiantely not stupid.
    Professionally as a therapist I spend my time working with low self esteem and childhood messages that together with my clients we work on undoing, just like I have done.
    I am so grateful to be here now in this life.
    Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to express my views here.


  14. Hey brother Reg, thanks for the wisdom πŸ™‚

    California, sorry to hear about your son. It must be tough not to take that on. Will check out your blog in a mo. Much love to you.

    Charlotte, welcome. I went to your site, it’s wonderful! Another kindred spirit is always welcome. Loving the body we have, especially for women, can such a challenge and something I’m still working on, it’s well worth it though because it creates a wonderful flow of energy and healing on the inside and the out occurs naturally and easily.

    CJ, great quote, that’s a lovely compliment actually!

    Thanks Peace.

    Christine and PPixie, I’m glad you agree. Being grateful for the hard stuff can be pretty challenging. Sx


  15. Nice post Simonne.

    It took me most of my life to feel comfortable with my body, my body image and even what’s wrong with my body – (cancer). I really am thankful that what I’ve gone through in my life and am going through now has made me who I am today….and today, I can love me without regrets.

    Yes, it’s taken much work on my part, but I’m worth it. I deserve happiness and wholeness – as we all do – no matter what.


  16. Ruby, that’s just so wonderful to hear. And that’s why you have this beautiful strength of character and sense of self that we all admire so much.


  17. Good views attract good responses…well my view on this is that you are right that the positive emotions that you’ve mentioned affect the physiology of a person. May I add that anything that diverts the attention away from the self helps lessen the constriction selfishness brings upon the body.

    Shostrom had wrote that egocentrism makes consciousness collapse upon itself hence disrupts the flow of many energies in the body, which thrives on freedom from pressuring emotions. In layman’s terms, to be always “Me, me, me” is not healthy for the body.

    Shostrom also said that love, an emotion that looks outward from the self to the other, frees the self from its self-constriction by directing attention to others in the form of understanding, serving and caring. This, I believe, allows for the freer flow of the energies of the body, hence, allows for the healthier and more natural function of the organs.

    That is why love, and its related emotions: forgiveness, gratitude, and caring, are truly the best health secrets a person can exercise to have a fuller life. Thanks for the thought-provocation, Simonne.


  18. Tom, what great words, thanks so much for contributing.


  19. I’ve always felt that unless you are able to forgive those who have caused you pain in some way that you are really still running around being a victim, waiting for those to vindicate their wrong doing. It takes so much energy to hold grudges or remain angry (which isn’t even a real emotion in my mind, always stems because you care about something, someone). I too have learned to release persons in forgiveness and accept them as they are. What I’ve noticed is that once I do that, more often than not, the situations somehow correct themselves on their own. So weird that I read this today. I was just going to post a blog entry about an old girlfriend of mine (we’ve been friends since we were ten years old and had a bit of a falling out a year ago). So. This was an awesome read. I am grateful for it. πŸ™‚ kim


  20. Thanks Kim, I’m looking forward to reading your post πŸ™‚


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