A Turquoise Ocean

Your fingers on my forehead
Made me wonder if it was raining inside my skull.
Your palm across my eyes
Shut the light out.
Your forearms pressed against my ears
Shut the sound out.
Your breath in my mouth
Replaced my own
And you stole me from me
And took me into you.
I’d never been inside a man before.
It was roomy and wide
Like a house that faces the ocean.
What I saw there made me afraid.
What if you never voice those beautiful words?
What will you do with all those ideas?
What if I’m the only person who ever sees them?
I stretched my fingers out to touch those words,
As if all I’d ever wanted was to be here, in this moment
When I could swim in your dreams
And drown in your ideas.
You drew me out then.
Took me away from the house that faces the ocean.
Let me stay
I cried.
But you escorted me out and back inside my skull
Where the rain came down in great sheets
Where I looked into your eyes
And just for a second caught a glimpse of a turquoise ocean
Before a door shut and obscured my view.


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19 responses to “A Turquoise Ocean

  1. beautiful, thanks for sharing.


  2. “I stretched my fingers out to touch those words,
    As if all I’d ever wanted was to be here, in this moment
    When I could swim in your dreams
    And drown in your ideas.”

    Oh, that was gorgeous… what a soul you have!! xoxox


  3. Oh, this is as strong as the crashing waves, as chilling as the salt sea air…marvelous constellation.


  4. Dawn

    aaaah – I’m so glad you’ve found your true vocation again.


  5. Hakansuer & Tom – welcome and thank you.

    Phoenix – Love to have you around girl 🙂

    Dawn – ahh, yes, it does feel good 🙂


  6. This is great. Are you going to include poetry in your book?


  7. This is rather good Simonne!

    What if I’m the only person who ever sees them?

    Why are you afraid of this. Instead, do you not feel the glory of that vision which is unique to your feelings?


  8. Abarclay – Thanks. I’m not including poetry in the book. I’m not great at it I don’t think. I did study it at University right up until my final year, but it’s certainly not my strength. The fiction half of the book however, does have several chapters that are a different format and have a fairly poetic feel, if that counts!

    Ritwik – Thank you. The poem is actually about my fiance and that line is referring to his shyness when it comes to expressing his own talents and his amazing creativity. I can see his incredible talent and it is my wish (for the world!) that others get to see it too because it’s quite remarkable.


  9. D. Peace

    I agree with abarclay12. This is really evocative poetry… you should get it published.


  10. poseidonsmuse

    Simonne, that was stunning – a real “keeper” (just like your fiance!). Your words are utterly romantic and captivating…


  11. Hi Peace & Muse – you guys always make me feel good 🙂


  12. Breathtaking. “When I could swim in your dreams” stunning line.


  13. Thanks Annie, means a lot coming from you.


  14. They never know how amazing they are themselves do they? It’s uncanny the similarities between women and men as well as the differences…the insecurities. This piece flowed well I thought, a coupling of two souls body and mind…..you liked what you saw and wanted to stay awhile….meh, maybe next time…yes? 🙂



  15. Kim, it is remarkable isn’t it? Yes, hopefully next time and the next and the next until he loses the fear of how amazing he is. Yes, we are similar creatures indeed!


  16. the journey in and out of the skull is a powerful image. it brings feelings of pain and intimacy together.



  17. Thanks Theo 🙂


  18. That was beautiful. You describe the moments so well, like they’re suspended forever, but mournful, because they cannot last… thank you for sharing it. 🙂


  19. Hi CJ (nice initials!) – welcome 🙂
    Thank you, lovely to have praise from a young accomplished writer like yourself! You can come back any time! I had a quick look at your blog, but need to go to bed now, so will return when I have more time, see you then!


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