Feminine Surrender

v        Mother, why are you crying?

V        Because I’m sad.

v        What are you sad about?

V        You.

v        Why?

V        Because I wish for you that you never come to harm. That you never feel pain, or guilt or terror.

v        What’s terror?

V        Terror is when, despite the violence against you, the world has forgotten you.

v        But why would the world forget me?

V        Because you are either the goddess revered or the whore reviled. You are forgotten when convenient.

v        I’m scared.

V        Yes. But there is good too.

v        What’s the good?

V        The good is when you realise the power in surrender.

v        What’s surrender?

V        Surrender is strength. The strength to draw in, love, nurture, embrace, contain, set free, forgive. Surrender is a humility that calls to the wounded. In softness is great strength and power. It heralds a new freedom. It holds you when you are afraid and shows you love when all around there is hate. This, what you have, is sought and craved and conquered through fear and hatred and ignorance.

v        Then I won’t surrender, I’ll fight.

V        Okay, but remember that by fighting you attach a cord to them and you.

v        What do I do then?

V        My child, for now you can only do what the system will allow. But outside of this lies your true power, your surrender to love. This they will follow. They already are. In our surrender lies the amnesty of the world. They are turning. It will take more time.

v        What about those who cannot wait?

V        Like those in the veils?

v        Yes, you told me of them before.

V        Our love will be their liberty. We fight for them by heralding in the new spirit without fear or embarrassment of who we are, without emulating the other, without hating the other. We must herald it in now, for they, our sisters, can wait no longer.



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12 responses to “Feminine Surrender

  1. poseidonsmuse

    Simonne – This post gave me shivers [the tiny hairs on my arms are standing on end….ooooh]. You words have empowered the Existential element of feminine Light workers. This is collective wisdom indeed….[hugs].


  2. Such a beautiful message. Intended possibly for the female, but the male can definitely learn also. I thank you for sharing this.


  3. Gorgeous. The voice is reminiscent of Gibran, the approach Taoist and the message echoing those who know that Kali is on the rebound.


  4. PM, yes, we all need to do this now. Let’s get to!
    Bill, of course for the male, and again thank you for commenting, it’s so wonderful to have men like you around.
    Welcome Kikipotamus, your comment is so lovely. Kali is indeed all around, and it is my hope that more people know of her and welcome her in.


  5. Hello Simonne,

    Thank you for sharing this thought-provoking dialogue. We, as men, still have so much to learn from women and about women.



  6. Thanks Manchild, as I said to Bill, it’s wonderful that there really are so many men ready to do this stuff.


  7. missprofe

    An excellent testament of empowerment.

    Reminds me of that line in the movie, “Wall Street”, when Hal Hobrook’s character is imparting advice to Charlie Sheen’s character re: the abyss. When man looks into the abyss is when man finds his true character. I am butchering the quote, but, this roughly what was said.


  8. Dawn

    I can’t say anything more profound than kikipotamus said. Powerful writing Simonne.


  9. Lovely, Simonne. Just finished reading A Thousand Splendid Suns which is a wonderful testament to the power of the female spirit. This post reminded me of that so much. The world needs the wisdom of the feminine NOW.


  10. Thanks OB – it’s good to have you back. I’ll have to read that then!


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