Better than Christmas

CJ wrapped his arms around me in bed this morning, me, rumple-haired, rumple-naked, rumple-snoring, and said oh-so-quietly, “You’re better than Christmas”. I smiled. It widened. Couldn’t help it. I grinned. No choice. Was like a force unrelenting. Happiness bubbled, threatening to disrupt my slumber with laughter. Did I actually hear that? Maybe I dreamt it? I mean, really, better than Christmas? Wow. What else is better than Christmas? Lots of things I expect, including me apparently. Cool. A giggle ran up the back of my throat, raced across my thick tongue and wriggled through my dry lips. Couldn’t stop it. His arms squeezed tighter. Confirmation that he really had spoken? Who cares? When you’re better than Christmas, you have neither the time nor the need to sweat the small stuff.



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20 responses to “Better than Christmas

  1. D. Peace

    That’s sweet. šŸ™‚

    The closest I’ve come is being told I’m better than Arbor Day.


  2. He he! Well, trees are about as special as you can get P, so that’s good, right?


  3. I am so glad you have found some one that does realize you are better than Christmas. That is a wonderful compliment, you are lucky to have each other. I hope these feelings you have for each other continue forever, exactly as you feel them now


  4. this is so off-topic but i LOVE the fact that you are a writer. i really respect the determination you have to publish a book. good 4 u.


  5. pradapixie

    WOW what a fab compliment, that’s just gorgeous.

    Long may it last


  6. My husband once said to me, “I like you”. It doesn’t sound like much but it meant a lot. Love is this thing that you FALL into, something that happens to you, an unstoppable force. But to like someone is a conscious choice, a considered decision. Somehow almost more special than the million “I love you”s he’s given me since.


  7. Wow Simonne, this one is a keeper. That is really something – better than Christmas – I can’t think of anything that could top that as a good morning comment.


  8. I’m serious. What a sweet thing for him to say. I only know you two from what I’ve read, but I’d say you two are made for one another.
    A good morning indeed šŸ™‚


  9. Thank you Bill, that’s lovely.

    Aulelia – thanks for popping over and the words of encouragement.

    Pradapixie – hello! Thank you. I still can’t leave comments on your site – why is it so?!

    Tanya – yes, that’s so so true, I agree. We’re both blessed, yay for us! I love your site btw, your work is pretty edgy, it’s great!

    WC – I agree! I’m never letting him forget it either!

    Kim – Oh! Thanks šŸ™‚


  10. well, thats the most beautifull post i have come ever across…
    anyways gud luck for the future..
    many more moments better than chrismas are ahead for u


  11. Doktor Holocaust

    …better than getting drunk and playing with the new sharp objects one’s just bought for oneself whilst partaking of a horror movie marathon (that’s my particular christmas tradition)? Better than santa clause and killer off-season leprechauns and snow demons?

    what’ve ye done to the poor boy’s brain?


  12. Welcome Arvind, and thanks! Thats lovely.
    Dr H – hilarious! I’ve done naught to his brain, I’m just fabulous! šŸ˜‰


  13. poseidonsmuse

    Since Christmas is my most favourite time of year (thank my Northern genes for this obsession)…this statement finds my molecules vibrating within that puddled, liquid (albeit, scented) state of luxuriant waxiness this morning…

    You must (truly) be a very special lady to your CJ if you are “better than Christmas.” Wow! Warm gingerbread, mulled wine, the camphor scent of a Christmas trees, ice candles and long walks in the crisp snow having nothing on you (“You enchanted Aussie Goddess you…….!).

    I will linger over this thought today Simonne. This post was truly beautiful…”Better than Christmas” indeed. Thank you!


  14. Oh you gorgeous thing. Thank you!


  15. V-

    What a wonderful compliment, but of course my mind immediately went straight to – Wow, they must have had a VERY good night. *wink*


  16. ahhhh…and you shared it with us. thanks.

    i was once told i was better than pizza. still not sure how to take that one. heh.


  17. Ok that’s soo nice.


  18. D. Peace

    It would have been funnier if he had said “Christmas came early and so did I”.

    I find that kind of self-deprecating humor always sets the mood.


  19. Christmas at my house is always on time šŸ˜‰


  20. Doktor Holocaust

    I disbelieve, or theorize that CJ is brain-addled. Christmas means “Silent Night Deadly Night” movies. Killer Santa with a fireman’s axe. No mere fleshbeing is better than Homicidal Santa With An Axe.

    because, deep down, christmas is just the glossy modern paint on the old Yuletide festivities, which were, at heart, about fear. fear that the dark and the cold were going to kill everyone before Spring came ’round again. Fear that, after the Winter Solstice, the sun might not come up again.

    nothing is better than that fear.


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