Agent of my Resurrection

Drowning in apathy
suffocating in fear
sitting on the couch of my indifference
watching the sitcom of my desire
as if it was free to air.
And then
a tsunami crashed into the
livingroom of my lassitude
and sent me flying down the
hallway of my constraint
straight out the
front door of my apprehension
and smack into the agent of my resurrection.
There he stood,
legs steadfast against the raging torrent
as if he wasn’t at all afraid.
As I swept past
he swung down a mighty arm
(like a pick-up truck with skin)
hoisted me above the deluge
and hurled me straight into a giant wooden cross.
(Where did that come from?)
My heart splintered into a thousand pieces
tumbled into the floodwaters
and was gone.
I looked at him aghast and then horrified
as he peeled off his shirt, pulled back his skin
and cracked his chest open.
Dripping like a tap
in the space where his heart should be
was a glacier of tears
that ran through the gap and
joined up with the tidal wave that it had created.
Start again?
he asked me gently
as he peeled me from the wood.
And that was all it took
for our hearts to find each other,
recreate themselves and beat as one.
And now, here we sit, on the
couch of our determination
watching the colours of our desire
in the livingroom of our passion
in the house of our true hearts’ creation.


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21 responses to “Agent of my Resurrection

  1. V-

    Is there no end to your talent? I’ve been enjoying your blog for a couple of weeks, via Observant bystanderโ€™s link. You are such a fantastic writer and humorist, but, as proven with this post, you have the depth of an old soul. When I see a beautiful piece of art, I have a wistful longing to pick up a paint brush and create. I am not a writer by any stretch of the imagination, but you make me wish I was.


  2. poseidonsmuse

    Simonne – Magnificent. I agree with V – you use words, the way a painter carefully selects and blends paint upon canvas. Thoughts, carefully filtered, trickle through sinewy, yet delicate feminine neurons, to end up as beauty upon a stark white page. Thank you.


  3. Wow Simonne. Absolutely amazing piece of work. This needs to be published. Immediately.


  4. californiablogging

    It plays in the mind like movie and in the heart like a song. I really enjoyed it. Very very nice!


  5. reggiehudson

    Have you ever set back and wondered sometimes , just where did those words come from? Art, literature, poetry, craftsmanship, music and imagination are quite possibly one of the very few things that can be described by the purest of words………. And the word is……………..passion. It’s somewhat akin to hearing your child call you….”momma or dadda for the first time”. It’s something you will gladly follow to the ends of time. Yep sis, I see your passion, it’s in your words. Keep being you…it works well for you.

    your brother,


  6. V! Thank you so much, what a generous, lovely thing to say. I’m not worthy! Thanks so much for taking the time out to read here and then posting such a lovely comment.

    PM, I consider that high praise indeed from you. I love your poetry. And OB, thank you too. The two goddesses.

    Thanks California ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reg, what a lovely thing to say. It’s taken me a long time to honour my passion and have the courage and enough belief in it to follow it through like I am now, so thank you for acknowledging that.
    And I know now that a lot of what I write is intuitive and automatic, so it is coming from a divine place and obviously something I’m meant to be doing. That’s not to say that it doesn’t need to be worked at, it really does – that’s just what I couldn’t understand in the past.


  7. poseidonsmuse

    Simonne – “Amen!” to your comment regarding “intuition and automaticity.” I have been painting for years, but this urge was stifled (for quite some time) by a near crippling mentation in science – a field almost entirely void of right-brain activity. Now, I am flinging myself back into the art world and I am devouring each delectable morsel as I go. Perhaps, I laugh at convention, but I do so (now) with a balanced and open mind. Good for you for following your intuition and your soul’s inspiration. The world needs your “voice.” Hugs.


  8. PM I’m so glad you’re honouring your creativity once more. Feels great doesn’t it? Are you intending on posting some of our work? I’ve been looking for some on your site ๐Ÿ™‚ Are you still working in the science arena, so are you a full-time artiste now?
    The world needs you too, Goddess x


  9. poseidonsmuse

    Simonne – Thanks for your interest. Yes! I agree with you – it feels incredible to take this artistic “outlet” a little more seriously. My work is going public now (auctions, sales and private galleries) and I am thrilled about this (something I have wanted for many years now).

    However, I am still happily cordoned to my professional career (science related) and would have plans to become a full time “artiste” when I retire (eventually). My art has also taken on new form and meaning as my soul’s journey is fulfilled (now that I’m in my thirties) – which makes for amazing clarity and inspiration…Wow! I should blog about this some time……

    Funny thing too – I am happiest when I am balancing a full life (left and right brains need equal nurturing here in PM utopia-land)…Now that my entire brain is nourished, I feel utterly fantastic [my neurons are tingling and saying “Thank you…!”]. And the nice thing – I do what feels right – and I stay true to myself (always have, always well) and that is truly the BEST part of it all!!!!!!!

    Hugs my Goddess friend!!!!!


  10. Oh PM, that’s great – re your work being public, how fulfilling. I totally agree re the left brain/right brain stuff. I adore being in my 30’s. I’ve turned such a corner in my life and the way I see myself at this age. Things seem to be less wraught, more satisfying and I’m in less of a desperate hurry, if you know what I mean. I wouldn’t go back to my 20s for all the world!


  11. D. Peace

    Lovely poetry. Also the “house related” imagery is used in kind of a funny way.


  12. Thanks P. Funny ha ha, or funny, just plain weird?


  13. A wonderful piece of work here Simonne. I stumbled onto your blog through a blogroll of another…glad I stopped by.

    Very talented indeed!


  14. Too kind, too kind J.O! Thank you.


  15. D. Peace

    I meant “ha ha” although now that you mention it, it’s odd in a cool way.


  16. Well, that’s cool then, in an odd sort of way!


  17. Dawn

    You ARE worthy! And talented. Brilliant and beautiful piece of writing.


  18. Thank you Dawn. I do so love it when you drop in ๐Ÿ™‚


  19. M

    what an amazing poem… I can’t believe I’m related to someone so incredible!


  20. PG

    Ohhhhhhhh this is just gorgeous. The sadness and the love and power of the passion behind these words floored me. I wanted to cry, first because of the sadness and then, because of the love imbued within the lines. It is magnificient. I’m sooo glad our friendship could pick up where it left off from last time round; it’s inspiring to have found you.


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