The Twin Flame

I’ve mentioned my fiance, CJ, quite a few times throughout this blog thus far, but never in any great detail. And that’s how he would want it, I’m quite sure. It was my dear and talented blogging compatriot, Mister Peace, who, with a comment on my Unplugged post, made me ruminate once again on how very amazing CJ is, and how very amazing what I share with him is. I know that in him I have found my twin flame. Our lives had these incredible parallels before we met. We look the same despite the height difference! We can’t stand to be apart. We were born on the same day. We share a bond that grew so deep so fast that we still marvel at the ‘bubble’ that surrounds us. We are blessed and we are blissful. Here’s an infinitesimally minute portion of how I feel about him:

It’s so gentle; this love. So unremarkable in its lack of drama that sometimes I’m left wholly amazed by how simple it is. And therein lies its beauty; your beauty. The sheer purity of it all. It doesn’t sparkle. It has no frills. And yet, the grace of it dazzles me. I look at you, at the dent I have made across your right side, the side where I lay at night. My cheek on your chest. My breasts cuddled up to the warm flesh over your ribs. My hip sidled up to your waist like a chastised child seeking forgiveness and comfort. My leg bent across your thick thigh. The arch of my foot resting on the wide muscle of your calf, with room for more if ever we duplicate ourselves and all rest together. This is home now, this cradle I have dug out for myself in your flesh. This is more home to me than my house with its modern comforts and its gentle sighs; a home that holds us together in the quiet dark before the dawn. This is more home to me than my own skin, which, as I grow more creased and lined, feels less like myself and more like a stranger taking up residence on the outskirts of my soul. This is more home to me than my own breath that now only truly feels authentic when it is mixed with your own. And flung across the left of you is my right arm, my palm cupped around your chest, the rivers of lines that run through it listening to your heartbeat like a tributary listens for the sea.


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15 responses to “The Twin Flame

  1. How utterly beautiful. Great way to start the day. I wish for you that you always feel this way.
    Annie x


  2. Grace

    Oh, Simonne! This gives me so much hope! I’ve just now gotten to your blog this morning and this was a cool glass of water to a thirsty soul. My own blog piece, written several hours ago, is a cry for just this sort of relationship. The beauty of the spirit in your post…the wholeness of it…has moved me to tears. I pray that you will always feel this way with your man. And I pray for people like me that are still waiting to experience such a love.


  3. Oh my god, that’s absolutely lovely. I want to say something profound, but nothing that comes out of my head right now could even come close to that beautiful description of your love. So I’ll come back another time and say something profound 🙂


  4. Simonne, this is beautiful, I hope you together continue to each share the wonders of this relationship. I wish you much love and happiness.


  5. D. Peace

    You have too much in common. My theory: You’re actually twins separated at birth.

    OK, just kidding.

    Seriously, that’s one of the most beautiful and eloquent blog posts I’ve ever read. What you have with your fiancee is really amazing. A major part of true love is feeling so at one with somebody being with them is like being at home. Awesome. I can’t say anything else that will do this post justice, so I’ll just leave it at that.

    Great post and thanks for the plug.


  6. Thank you Annie x

    Grace – just read your post – how amazing that we wrote such things at the same time. Will comment more on your site. Much love, beautiful-heart x

    Tanya, thanks for stopping by, I look forward to your profundity! Just looked at your website – wow – how talented are you?!!

    Bill, thank you my friend.


  7. Hey Peace – well actually that is kind of the twin flame theory – two people sharing one soul…
    Thanks Peace – for your lovely words, and the inspiration.


  8. poseidonsmuse

    “Like a tributary listens for the sea…” Absolutely beautiful Simonne. Pure poetry. Thank you! I am so glad that you found your twin flame – you are truly blessed indeed.


  9. It’s the “no drama” part that puts the icing on the cake for me. Your CJ sounds like Mr. Wonderful and I think you’ve found your mate, mate!


  10. reggiehudson

    Sounds like a couple of the same type of instruments just learning to play harmonies together. Harmonies and Harmony…..hmmm….wonder what that means?
    Holy Crap!…..It’s Ludwig Von Beethoven. Of course brother Ludwig always claimed that brother Bach was the God of Harmonies.
    Here’s sis Lara St John,


  11. PM & OB – Thank you x

    Reg, this is wonderful, good ole Ludwig!


  12. Beautiful post. It’s wonderful that you’ve found your soulmate.


  13. californiablogging

    I was clicking through and at first thought this was part of your book. Reading I have to feel the sting of healing. I’ll breathe and let myself believe. Nice time for me to find this lovely post.


  14. Breathe and believe – that’d make a good mantra. Glad you found me 🙂


  15. M

    I didn’t think anyone would ever be able to capture in words how I feel about my beautiful husband but there – you did it. Clever, clever sister. I’m so so happy you have him. xxx


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