Desert Rain – Final

Thought I’d finish off the Desert Rain stuff with a new voice. In the story, Carol goes to central Australia, into the desert to work with a writer – an old Aboriginal woman called Abigail – on her book of Dreaming stories that Carol has been editing. The heat and dryness overwhelm Carol the first time she visits Abigail and Abigail tells her this ‘women’s issue’ story, as she calls it:

Wigipindari, the oldest woman of the tribe, went to the watering hole to wash. She was old, old like the land. Her skin was like a crocodile, leathery and cracked. It took her long time to get there, her old legs were slow and tired. As she made her way, Gulparwari the lizard, slithered alongside her. Gulparwari was beautiful, the most beautiful creature on the earth. She was a lizard, smooth and young. Sometimes she looked like a rock in the river and sometimes she looked like a rainbow.
All the animals on the earth wanted to be near Gulparwari, just to feel her radiance. Sometimes she got sick of never being anywhere but with big mobs all the time. Sometimes she wished that the other animals might like her for her thoughts as well as her skin. As she slithered along next to that old woman, she stared with big eyes, looking at her wrinkled skin and her white hair. She saw how the others in the tribe nodded at her as she left and paid their respect to that old woman.
Gulparwari wished that she might experience that too. When the old woman got to the watering hole she felt very tired and laid down to rest for a while. Gulparwari felt very brave and slithered right across Wigipindari’s dry hand. Maman chose that moment to take that old woman to that big water hole. He was in a good mood that day and decided that Gulparwari would have Wigipindari’s skin. Gulparwari couldn’t believe it! Her smooth skin turned wrinkly and old and leathery! As she slithered through the bush, no-one paid her any mind at all! She’d never felt so free. Soon other animals were stopping to ask her for advice. Gulparwari cried with joy.

(NB – Maman = Creator/God)

©Simonne Michelle 2006



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18 responses to “Desert Rain – Final

  1. wow, for more wrinkly women then, that they get to share their wisdom. A lizard turning into a wise women, fabulous. RW


  2. D. Peace

    That’s really cool and, I’m assuming, evocative of Australian mythology.

    To be honest, I know very little about Australian culture, history, or mythology. The American education system is sorely lacking in many areas, not least of which is the fact that we’re really ethno-centric.

    Did you invent Gulpawari yourself, or is she a figure in aboriginal legend?


  3. Thanks RW.

    Peace, unfortunately our education system is ethno-centric also and even worse, tragically lacking in indigenous history. I did invent the story myself.


  4. D. Peace

    It’s cool, though. I like it.

    It reminds me of Anansi, the Spider-Man.

    As always, keep up the good work.


  5. Simmone, I’m going to come back here and spend some time perhaps later on this afternoon. I just wanted to pop in real quick and say thanks for coming by my blog.
    Great title for your book by the way. I already want to read it. Hilarious.


  6. poseidonsmuse

    Simonne – That was a beautiful “myth” [thank you!] – I could see the images floating through my head as I was reading your words….

    That story might also make for a wonderful children’s (mythology) story too (you might need an “illustrator” for that – wink!).


  7. chughes

    So i have Gulpawari to thank for my emerging wrinkles. 😦

    i joke!

    The best part of this legend is that it sounds authentic. How creative and imaginative. Also, i could have sworn that i had subscribed to your page. i’ve been missing out! but will rectify the situation immediately.


  8. pradapixie

    Hi Simmone, That’s a really good story and fits me quite well i think.

    Thank you so much for your comments on Bill’s site And you are so right about the father figure bit.
    Also for your praise of my story. I appreciate your thoughts.

    Hope you sort out the gremlin stopping you coming to visit.

    If it’s Ok with you I’d like to add you to my blog roll.


  9. Grace

    ((( Simonne ))) I just tagged you. See my place for details. GREAT new voice, by the way…very creative!


  10. reggiehudson

    Have noticed many of your uplifting comments on other Blogs as well. Wow, I’m going to have to come back and do some reading. You have a wonderful talent and passion. From the title of your book I perceive a hint of craziness. Thank God, there’s too many normal people in this world. Us crazies need to stick together. See you around the blog world sis.



  11. Damn, Simonne. That was incredible. Yes! The real beauty of growing older is that you get to stop obsessing over your looks. One becoms essentially invisible to the manic, “look at me, aren’t I hot?”, beauty-obsessed younger people and you can go about your day to day business without wondering who’s looking at you and who’s not and why. When you talk, people actually listen to the words coming out of your mouth. I love it. This was an amazing story to me – it captured a lot of concepts in a nutshell.

    Loved Reggie’s comment about us crazies (above). We’re the really interesting people, aren’t we?


  12. Peace – Thanks for the link, that’s cool.
    Kim – Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to your return. I’m glad you like the title!
    PM – Yes, stories like that definitely need illustrating – Actually I wrote a spiritual story for children and adults years ago I’ve always wanted illustrated – maybe we should combine forces and see if we can get it published??
    Christine – Thanks!
    Pradapixie – Thanks so much for stopping by. It’s very frustrating that I can’t seem to be heard on your blog! I’ll keep trying! Blogroll away!
    Grace – Thank you. Will see what you’ve tagged me for shortly!
    Reg – Thanks for coming to cliterary land, you crazy thing you!
    OB – Thank you so much, I love your comment. That time when you start to become invisible is quite liberating isn’t it! (Once you get over the initial fear). And yes, m’dear, we really are interesting!


  13. Dawn

    Yes! That’s a good story, that one.


  14. poseidonsmuse

    Simonne – sounds good to me – when you finish your book, we should talk….! Cheers!


  15. Cool, you’re on PM!


  16. I like the journey. I am curious to see how/and at what point she finds her vagina again and the two reunite.
    I guess if you write it, I am just going to have to go and buy it.
    Thanks for posting it here. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Thanks, kim


  17. Kim – Thanks for taking the time to read all of these posts and for your great comments. Will get cracking on with it then I guess!


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