Oh Nuts!

Just because the universe loves to balance things out, I thought after the seriousness of my last post, I should help the process along by posting this! CJ, my fiance, is a graphic artist/multimedia designer and very talented I might add! We flipped through some of his old sketches a while ago and one of them completely cracked me up. He was asked to design a logo for a wool/knitting company and he’d obviously decided to have a laugh while he was brainstorming. ‘Nuts About Knitting’ has now become one of our silly ‘couple phrases’ that really annoys other people who have no idea what we’re laughing about. But you must admit, it’s kinda cute in a gross sort of way!




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6 responses to “Oh Nuts!

  1. CJ

    The first pic is supposed to be a ball of wool with swingin’ danglers, by the way…


  2. Hey there you! Yes, but I still think it looks like a ball-of-wool-frog (with swingin’ danglers as you so charmingly put it)!!


  3. That’s hysterical. Wow, he could make a living just doing custom headers for blogs. I loved it. Thanks for the grin.


  4. Yes, he’s a talented boy. Drawing balls of wool with, ahem, balls, is rather a talent I feel! šŸ˜‰


  5. D. Peace

    I can’t believe nobody bought those. I think they should be a corporate logo somewhere.

    These would be especially popular among kindly elderly ladies who knit.


  6. My sentiments exactly!!


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