Genius JJ

I’m an Aunty!! Yes, it’s true. My sister had beautiful baby James – otherwise known as Jamie Jay, or JJ – last night at 11:35pm. He weighed in at a healthy 3.2kg, is 51cm long, and very adorable by the looks of the photos. It’s very hard that they live in Canberra and I live in Perth, let me tell you! So a big thanks goes out to my sister’s husband’s friend (!), TP, who rushed the photos through to us in Perth so we could ooh and ahh like the proud family we are! My sister is a legend; it’s official. My brother-in-law is a robotics-engineer-genius and my sister has a PhD in general geniusness, so I’m already calling this wee wonder-baby ‘Genuis-JJ’ in my head – not to put any pressure on the child at all!

Baby JJ




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15 responses to “Genius JJ

  1. Dawn

    awww that’s the cutest genius I’ve ever seen


  2. He’s adorable!

    How wonderful it is being an aunt – I know from first hand experience. I’ve got a special friendship with three of my sister’s kids and I love being an aunt. I hope you get a chance to meet him soon.

    Peace, love and understanding.


  3. Hi Rube, thanks for dropping in. Sigh, yes, I wish I could see him now! I’ll meet him in October when they come over for my wedding 🙂


  4. poseidonsmuse

    Congratulations Simonne! Another opportunity for you to shine in someone else’s life (re: Aunt). I love spoiling my niece (and I have a nephew on the way too!). Here’s to “Aunt-hood”…!


  5. very sweet indeed….. You all are in for a joy beyond compare………congratulations to everyone


  6. Yup, that one’s a baby genius for sure. Notice how he’s holding his hands out, telling us just how little room was left for him in the womb by the time that 9 months was up. And I think he’s actually smiling, don’t you? Congrats auntie Simonne!


  7. Congratulations to the proud auntie and to the rest of the family. With his family genes and obvious good looks, look out world here he comes.


  8. D. Peace

    That’s really sweet. I’m glad for you.

    Being an aunt is cool because you can be fun without having to actually discipline the little guy yourself. You’ll never be the bad guy.

    His parents sound completely amazing, by the way. TWO genius-level parents? That’s a really nice set of genes to inherit.

    Congrats to the whole family.


  9. Thanks Muse!

    Catherine – thanks for dropping in and for the congrats, I can’t wait to see him!

    OB – you crack me up – and yet, I think you might be on to something there, I mean he IS a genius afterall!

    Thanks Bill and Mister Peace. Yes, the genes are impressive indeed!


  10. Grace

    Oh, congratulations to you and to all of JJs family! Isn’t he just a doll!! Babies are just deliciousssssssssss 🙂


  11. Emy

    Congratulations, Simonne!!

    Your whole family must be so happy.



  12. Hey Emy, nice to have you here! Thanks for the congrats 🙂 It is pretty awesome.


  13. M

    It’s the sister here… I just wanted to say thank you for all the lovely comments about little Jamie. He is totally adorable and a very good baby so far!
    Best wishes to all,


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