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I’ve only been blogging for three and a half weeks and already I’m amazed at how quickly I’ve become enmeshed in the blogging culture and how quickly I’ve developed some true friends through it (Bill especially). The thing that concerns me is that time spent in the blogosphere takes me away from my writing for the book – which is why I started the blog in the first place! See the dilemma! I’ve heard many writers say that all writers should have a blog (for varying reasons), and many others say that blogging is too time consuming and is time wasted that should be spent on work (writing work).

I can certainly see both sides of the argument now that I’m actually attempting to do both, as well as work part-time and plan a wedding! The thing about blogging is that writers write, and writers who want to be writers don’t. Boy, am I articulate today or what?!! The thing is, I am writing and I am sticking to my deadline (Oct – feel free to nag me – in fact I encourage you to nag me!), so is the blog just distracting me from it?

In a way, yes, I’ve hit a hard chapter in the book and have been conscious that the blog (and blogosphere) has been a welcome distraction, so that’s hardly a good thing. And yet, when you start roaming around the blogosphere it’s a great way of seeing what’s current, what’s hot and what’s not. The great thing for me is that my book is about three pretty hot topics right now: body image (and all that that encompasses, including cosmetic surgery, dieting etc), spirituality and sex, and so I’m constantly reading posts and comments that are incredibly relevant to my own work. This can be quite time consuming though… there’s that dilemma again!

Clearly I’ve not answered my own question as I thought perhaps I would just jotting it down! Sigh! I think I better go and finish this chapter and then I might be more inclined to be less distracted… Told you I was articulate today!



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  1. The blogging world is such a wonderful distraction from everything in life. I am so glad you tried blogging as through it I was able to meet you and consider you an internet friend. I enjoy your daily postings, based on what I read in the preview of your book it should be a great success. I know I want to be first in line to buy a copy.
    Thank you for everything, and for all the support you have given me.


  2. Thanks for your kind words Bill, I’ll give you a signed copy, I promise!


  3. chughes

    i write everyday and post on my blog almost as much. My way is to write first, then come here and bump around.

    Writing your book is your work. Planning your wedding is your priority. And this could be part of your downtime.



  4. Hi Simonne,
    I’ve run into the same problem – but my issue has been getting my novel marketed. Like you, I started my blog(s) as a sort of support system for my writing. And like you, I became very involved and have stopped now and then and asked myself, how is this helping the writing/marketing?

    My answers (which may not help you or maybe they will) are:
    1. it forces me to write everyday, which was a discipline I had never developed before.
    2. Gives me instant feedback, so I know what is reaching people and what isn’t.
    3. Has helped me to open lines to and dialogues with tons of other writers.
    4. Taught me to write on a deadline. And to cut the chaff, get to the point.
    5. Has created an audience of sorts – I think anyway.
    6. Is a place I can send potential agents and publishers to, in order to see further samples of my work.

    While it’s true I can get lost in the blogging sometimes, I think overall it’s been good for the writing – and forces me to stop wasting time in other places. I’m not currently working on a project but will be taking up another one soon. So maybe I’ll change my mind, but right now, I think it helps more than it harms.
    So there you have it, more than you ever wanted to know from my side of the pond. 😉


  5. Hey WC, thanks, it’s good to hear what other writers are doing/thinking about the whole blogging concept. I agree with you in that it might be a good place to send potential agents and publishers, especially for them to see that you have a readership of sorts! I know you do, it’s great! I guess my worry was that I was writing every day (on the book) and have slipped up a bit on that since staring the blog! But I do think it’s a necessary thing and I’m enjoying it, and ultimately, you make a good point, that it will help to sharpen my writing. Thanks for the tips! Much appreciated 🙂

    Christine – hi! Thanks for stopping by, nice to have you here!


  6. D. Peace

    Spend more time blogging. You can always get your ghost writer to start pulling some extra weight if your book falls behind. You DO have a ghost writer, don’t you?

    I’m just kidding. Seriously, I have heard both sides of the debate, and I think the pro-blogging side makes the better point if you happen to be the type of person who can get burned out on a single project. If you only write one thing, day in and day out for weeks on end, you’ll hate it by the time you finish it. The quality of the work will suffer dramatically. In this case, a blog gives you a creative and personal writing outlet separate and apart from just THAT ONE THING.

    On the other hand, the anti-blogging contigent makes a better point if you’re the kind of person who is so easily distracted that anything can draw your focus away from your work. If a writer is the type of person who can’t concentrate and has a tendency to wander mentally, blogging and the internet in general can be too great a temptation to time-wasting. In that case, the internet might mean doom for your project.

    In your case, I would suggest dedicating a specific amount of time every day to blogging and sticking to it emphatically. Give yourself one hour, or two hours (or whatever is appropriate) and no more or no less.

    That way, it can help give you an additional outlet, which can actually help SPARK creativity, without also becoming an all-consuming compulsion. You do have SOME discipline, right? 😉

    Whatever you do, don’t just quit and disappear. You’re lovely and would be greatly missed.


  7. Hey there, we’ve been writing comments on each other’s blogs simultaneously! Freaky! 🙂
    Very, very good points my friend! I think [deep courageous gulp] I might be the distracted kind of person, so the time limit is a good, solid suggestion! It does get hard writing about the same thing for a year and a half, and the blog has already proved to be a refreshing change, so I will keep going with it I think. Thanks for the lovely encouragement 🙂


  8. D. Peace

    Synchronicity. It must be a sign.

    And you’re welcome. Yeah, the blog is a great way to generate new ideas and give you a writing outlet outside of your book. Plus, there’s a social element to it, and writing alone can be a little dull.

    Just stick to a regimented time schedule and you’ll never have to worry about wasting time again.


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