Chicken Roodle Soop

I’ve had gastro for the last few days and my fiance has been looking after me so very well. Normally I eat lots of vegetables and fruit and salads and since I’ve been sick I’ve asked my partner to make me mashed potato, soup, and crackers (okay, he didn’t make the crackers – but you know what I mean) because that’s all I’ve been able to stomach. I went to the doctor yesterday and she told me to eat bland food like mashed potato, crackers and soup! Gosh I love to be good!!

Anyway! Last night I felt like chicken noodle soup and it reminded me of my Italian grandmother and her amazing cooking that I was blessed to experience the entire time I was growing up. She’s very old now and not up to cooking, so the family reminisce about it and do our best it match it (but invariably fail). She used to scoff in true Italian mama style at anything that wasn’t homemade from scratch – ie the ingredients came straight from the backyard and there is nothing else and never never ever a recipe of any kind. I remember her scoffing at packet soup once (one of us must have been brave enough to mention it, not only in her presence, but in her kitchen) and saying “Chicken Roodle Soop?! Pooh!”

From then on she used to call me Chicken Roodle Soop whenever she was scolding me or trying to make a point that something was ridiculous or not the way it should be done (ie her way – and yes – points such as these were usually made, at the very least, hourly). And when you think about it, it makes wonderful sense. I mean to her, anything that came out of a packet was a terrible indictment of the times. When I told her at the ripe old age of 15 that I was now a vegetarian, she looked at me with such skepticism and said “What you do that for you silly Chicken Roodle Soup?!” and promptly put a huge plate of steaming hot spaghetti bolognese in front of me, pinched my cheek, ruffled my hair and walked off to the massive wood stove shaking her sage head.

I’m tempted to call her and tell her what I had for dinner last night…



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11 responses to “Chicken Roodle Soop

  1. I got a good laugh out of your chicken roodle soop story. It certainly brought back memories of my mothers cooking. It was all so good but same as with your grandmother, really no recipe. Just add a little of this and a little of that until it tastes right.
    Glad you are being well taken care of and hope you are feeling better very soon


  2. D. Peace

    Jeez, she sure gave you a hard time over some soup.

    Really, though, she sounds sweet. I’m glad you enjoyed her cooking while she was still young enough to make it for you. Incidentally, what’s with grandmas and FEEDING people? It’s their reason for being. My grandmother acts like feeding us is her sworn duty, despite our ability to make or provide our own food. She never misses an opportunity to make more stuff… we’re better for it. She’s great at cooking.

    And get well! You can beat any sickness… you just need to roll up your sleeves and go kick gastro’s ass. True story: I once beat Lou Gehrig’s disease using only my sheer power of will.


  3. Geez Peace, you’re tough! Good on you! Seriously though, I do believe that’s what we are all innately capable of doing 🙂
    Why do the older generation of women stuff us with food at any given opportunity? Because in those days the kitchen was the only domain in which the women had any control or authority over and the only way in which to receive praise for something so life giving and nurturing. You can see the desire to ‘feed’ lessen with each generation, it’s very interesting.
    Bill, I’m glad you had a wee trip down memory lane, and thanks for the well wishes; I’m definitely on the mend now.


  4. D. Peace

    That’s an interesting observation. There’s probably a lot of truth to it, because the grandmother that I just mentioned was a stay-at-home mom and never worked outside of her kitchen, where she crafted her little masterpieces.

    Ray Romano is kind of hit-or-miss as a comedian (in my opinion) but he had a really great quote once:

    “When you go to eat dinner at my mother’s, you have to understand she’s going to give you too much. She’ll give you more than you ask for. If you want a lot, ask for a little. If you want a little, ask for none at all. If you want none at all, you’re just going to have to shoot her, because she’s GOING to give you SOMETHING.”

    Interestingly, an Italian mama as well.


  5. Aw, what a sweet story. And yes, the grandmothers do know best. How she handled you was precious and very wise indeed. You should call her.


  6. Dawn

    Yes, call her! Tell her you are writing – tell her the story. Visit! I happen to know her and she actually did use a PACKET of chicken noodle soup when her shining light son was sick (because he told her that’s what people did and he knew everything) – but of course, she added her own touches – such as adding noodles.


  7. Hi Dawn! I didn’t know that! Oo, scandal!! 🙂

    PS D.Peace – NEVER known anyone who could quote Ray Romano before! Wow!


  8. Wow, you sure have a sweet lady as your grandma!
    You really should call her. 🙂

    My…she’s not a very good cook. She can cook…instant noodles. Well, i will still call her up nonetheless 😀

    p/s…fortunately, she didn’t call me “Maggi boy”. Maggi is the brand name of the instant noodle in my country Malaysia 🙂


  9. Hey Alvin, thanks for stopping by! I’m very familiar with Maggi noodles – ate my fair share of them when I was at university!


  10. No problem Simonne.

    You mean…you have Maggi over there as well? O_O
    Okay, in case you don’t know…it’s not very healthy. LOL.


  11. Alas, yes, I do realise it’s not so healthy! Nothing quite like homemade!


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