The Proof vs Faith Debate…

Well, Chapter 4 is well underway, there is definitely a disernable light at the end of the keyboard. So, we continue with our proof versus faith debate…

When I was still training, I used to train a woman called Lisa who had a sluggish metabolism. She herself knew that she had a slow metabolism and she used to complain about it and was very resistant to my suggestions to eat more often. (She would starve herself during the day, thus slowing her metabolism down and then couldn’t understand why she never lost weight and always felt tired.) One day she decided to go to a clinic that specialised in measuring and adjusting metabolic rates. She turned up to her training session with me the next day, after having had her slow metabolism scientifically confirmed, full of enthusiasm about her new ‘six small meals a day’ diet. When I reminded her that that was exactly what I had been suggesting for the last six months, she relied “Yes, but now I know for sure, I can do something about it” as if I had completely lost my mind. This need for scientific proof has been evident in our culture for some time, but the need to verify ourselves seems to me to be a relatively new theme and a most concerning one.

Somewhere along the way we seem to have made the collective decision that rather than civilians of our culture, we are patients needing fixing in order to fit in. Whether it’s more self-awareness, weight loss, or some genetic flaw requiring cosmetic surgery, we seem to have come to the point where we need an ‘expert’ to tell us what’s wrong with us and how we might begin to ‘find’ ourselves in order to fit in. We are constantly self-analysing, but we are now no longer qualified to judge when we are actually ‘found’. One of the main problems with a culture that is so bound by science and the need for empirical proof is that the very quest for proof has now become a part of the collective unconscious of the social culture. This need has permeated deep into our subconscious and we are now looking outside of ourselves for validation. An intimate understanding of our own bodies and sense of self that is derived of our own intuitive powers has been eroded by this need for hard evidence. This sense of self has been re-badged ‘Female intuition’ as a way devaluing it in the eyes of the Western patriarchal scientific establishment. From ‘witches’ to a modern day belief in the Angelic realm, most things of an intuitive, psychic, sexual, or emotional nature are usually relegated female and therefore either insignificant, destructive, or down-right silly. In any case they are pushed to the side and rendered immeasurable by modern scientific means. It is this immeasurability that has doomed them to their fate. To be male is to embody reason, logic and the realm of the mind. To be female is to embody emotion, feeling and the realm of the body. Quantifying reason, logic and mind is a far easier task then measuring emotions and feelings. Anything that is immeasurable by science tends to be relegated to the ‘female’ box, and faith is often included in this.

Of course now we are in the unique historical position where our quantum physicists are returning to God, and on top of that, the collective unconscious, previously not ready to hear what so many spiritual teachers through the last few hundred years have been teaching, is hungry for food for the soul. The Age of Aquarius is upon us and a return to the feminine is happening right now. The Law of Attraction was never a secret the likes of which Churchill and Einstein kept from us. Countless spiritually aware people throughout history have innately understood this spiritual principle. But because the patriarchal establishment has been so afraid of such immeasurable beliefs and gifts and so quick to vilify anyone who believes in them, it’s just easier to not be vocal about it lest one finds oneself slung up on a giant wooden cross. Now, however, we are experiencing a shift. And unfortunately, many men are struggling with it. Their once lauded faculties of reason and logic, the ultimate in human traits, need to be put aside when attempting to apply some of these basic spiritual principles. For a gender that has largely been taught that ‘men don’t cry’ this is proving to be quite the challenge.

So here we are, with DVDs like The Secret dividing a culture – half demanding proof and half embracing what is for them an intuitive knowing. This demand for proof is based in an old and familiar fear – the fear of what has been relegated female and the fear of stepping away from the empirical to the spiritual. What I find entirely fascinating is that so many people blogging and emailing and having office discussions about The Secret are making the comment that they believe it, but “where’s the proof?” I read a blog about it by a ‘Positive Psychologist’ who went so far as to say that he had faith in the premise that visualising was an act of creation, but then went on to say that he didn’t like the film at all because they didn’t provide any proof. Faith is not faith if you need proof.

Helen Keller once said that “The heresy of one generation becomes the orthodoxy of the next.” It just takes time for these ‘heresies’ to filter through to the establishment and for these changes to become orthodox. What I do know is that the world is going to be a much more magical place when the majority is manifesting love and joy and when faith has crept back onto the social agenda. I’m guessing that many a man’s hand is going to have to be held through this transition, and I suggest we do so lovingly and with grace.



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4 responses to “The Proof vs Faith Debate…

  1. Such an excellent post. You are so correct in saying we all struggle to “fit in” and struggle to correct anything that separates us from the norm. Often even afraid to voice opinions or thoughts varying from the main stream.
    I agree with everything you have written, even the parts about the males of our society and I am a male.
    I have always had beliefs in the spiritual, but sadly for me it has only become this last few years when I have taken the time to really develop or work on strengthening my beliefs. It has taken until the point when I have been told I am dying, to get me to stop and reconsider the world. I have come to so many different realizations and it is like seeing the world through different eyes.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful post. I hope you don’t mind if I list you on my blog roll.
    Bill – Dying Man’s Daily Journal


  2. Thanks Bill, again your humility and grace is so palpable, and it’s so reassuring to know that I’m not offending men or alienating them as that’s so not my intent. I’m honoured that you’ve added me to your blog roll and I hope you don’t mind that I add you to mine.
    With love and respect to your ‘different eyes’, Simonne


  3. Great post – I like it!

    Though I have to say that I’m very partial to proof myself. My attitude has always been that where proof is possible, we should look for it. In all other areas, let faith guide you.

    The best book I have read on this topic is Ken Wilber’s “The marriage of sense and soul” in which he examines a new world view that embodies both science and faith and outlines how each of these two camps must change to reach a union. I highly recommend it!


  4. Hey Alex, thanks for stopping by 🙂 That book you recommend sounds like I should certianly read it while I’m still on this chapter, so I’ll hunt it down, thanks very much for that!


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