Before I unleash my blindingly brilliant theory on proof versus faith (mainly because the chapter is doing my head in and there are serious doubts as to whether I have anything brilliant or original to say), I just have to say that I have been practicing the Law of Attraction like mad the past week to manifest in my life a ticket to the Dalai Lama next Wednesday. (I forgot to book on the day the tickets were released and then realised with much dismay and intense disappointment that 17,000 other people had beaten me to it.) So since then I’ve been manifesting like mad and just in the nick of time, in the grand and wondrously divine scheme of things, I just got a phone-call from a friend saying that she had TWO tickets to the Dalai Lama and did I want them!!! Not only that, but she called me at 4:44pm! (For those of you who don’t dabble in numerology, 444 means the Angels are looking out for you.)

Big smiles abounding over here!


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  1. PG

    Oooh I didn’t see this one ’til now…well, well, well. I love it. I showed it to Kel, coz I was showing her the other 444 blog. THIS is just phenomenal. I love it and an incredibly impressed at what you can bring yourself if you put your mind to it! This has inspired me to do the same! 🙂 xox


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