God Does Not Play Dice

I posted a comment on a forum today.

So what?

Let me explain; it was a PHYSICS forum. I just heard the thud as my sister hit the floor (and that’s saying something because she lives in Canberra and I live in Perth). Yes, it’s true, I was possibly the only female and definitely the only post-er (is that what someone who posts comments on forums is called; a poster?!) with an Arts degree! (Maybe I can be the Arts poster girl! Get it? Ha! Ok, never-mind). Anyway, I asked what the difference was between quantum physics and quantum mechanics and I was feeling all very proud of myself for joining the forum and asking a question that wasn’t too dumb and thus aiding my research by speaking to ‘real’ science geeks, when I realised it was a thread from 1999. Sigh. Well, at least those guys were partying like it was 1999 – all that talk about electromagnetic phenomena, Liouville space, supermatrices, and Klein/Gordon wave equations certainly had me whooping and cavorting with a bottle of sauvignon like it was my new best friend within minutes. Let me explain (not about the whooping and cavorting – about the physics).

I’m currently writing chapter 4 of the non-fiction part of the book; the chapter about how what (and how) we think about ourselves affects our health, weight and wellness goals. Yes, it is a bit of a doozie! Especially now that ‘The Secret’ has caused such a sensation – it feels even more difficult to know what sort of framework to use to house some of the concepts I want to talk about. It’s obvious from so much of the backlash to ‘The Secret’ that (many) people are crying out for hard evidence. (‘The Secret’ doesn’t have a reference or bibliography page.) So, I decided to include in my own discussions in my book about the law of attraction (yes, I was writing about this before ‘The Secret’ was published, as have countless other authors and teachers, including Hermes in, well, I don’t know what year, a long time ago; arguably around the time of Moses, so I’m not in the least bit put out!) a scientific explanation of how it works. This seemed simple enough at the time! Sigh. I came to realise (in about a nanosecond) that quantum physics is not anywhere near as easy to understand as Shakespeare or Brecht, but I’m doing my best.

What I do feel rather inclined to talk about is this incredible desire we seem to have these days for proof. Not that I think we should believe random theories about life without any science, but, the Law of Attraction is hardly a secret and hardly without science. Why do we have this desperate need for validation? And why, more and more, do we seem to need it about ourselves?

Oh this is heading in a whole new, wondrous direction and I’m so tired out from trying to explain E = mc² that I think I might have to come back to that later! But, never fear, all is as it should be! Perhaps I’ll have thought up something highly profound between now and then. It’s all part of the divine plan, I’m sure. As my mate Einstein would say; “God does not play dice”.



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14 responses to “God Does Not Play Dice

  1. wrothful

    Hi. I just wanted to say thanks for your comment about Zodiac, I hope you enjoy it. Also your blog looks great and your book sounds quite ambitious. I think it’s going to be the kind of thing my wife will especially love. Good luck working out the Quantum whatchamadoosits!


  2. Ha! Thanks! Gotta love those quantum whatchamadoosits!


  3. Sue Ann Edwards

    Greetings! You gave me a big chuckle. Thank you.

    The only way to know ‘quantum’ is with an attitude of an adventurer, in touch with what we refer to as our Intuition. And most men aren’t in touch with that level of themselves. They can’t answer because their approach to the study is with their heads.

    There is NO way to study the undefined by defining it and that’s what most of us have been trying to do.

    If you really seek ‘proof’, if you really seek to ‘know’ and have the courage to know, then I share this comment. While many of us have spent our days yearning for Justice in the World, it hasn’t dawned on us that reality is it. We’re reaping exactly what we’re sowing. Fear of death rules our lives, not a love for life.


  4. Hi Sue Ann,

    I’m in complete agreement! I personally don’t seek any proof at all, the proof for me is in my faith and that’s all I need. However, the sort of market I’m aiming at with the book is going to be quite split and it is my intention to fill in some of the gaps with the science and then explain that all the proof in the world isn’t going to give you faith in your own intution and your own connection with spirit. I do think however, that we need to give the modern Western male as much help as we possibly can! So if helping him to believe – through some empirical understanding – will lead him closer to a deeper intimacy with his own faith and innate intuition then it’s worth doing in my opinion!
    🙂 Simonne


  5. Sue Ann Edwards

    Undoubtibly worth doing! Males need help with Intuition and females need help with self discipline when it comes to responsibility and accountiblitity for emoting. It doesn’t matter which half we’re polarized in, we need help integrating the other half.

    When it comes to matters of faith, we all have faith in something. Even faith in nothing is a belief. Sometimes all it takes is to point out that our lives are everything we imagined, so it makes it simple. Imagine again. Different this time.

    I noticed an interest in the issue of weight. Fat, is mostly water. This water symbolizes stored emotions of density, in particular, emotions caused by perceiving ourselves as victims. Accountiblity issues. As these issues are healed, the fat leaves, as the dense emotions are no longer being stored.

    There is also the issue of Trust. Trust that the universe will supply whatever we need, so we don’t have to pack on anything for future years of scarcity.

    Our appetites are fueled by our emotional insecurity issues. When these issues are healed, we are left with only hunger, which is our body communicating what nutritional elements are required to maintain optimum health and well being.

    There’s also a psychological block to ‘losing’. Having the idea in mind of ‘gaining thinness’ bypasses this internal blockage and resistance.

    It has also been an effect for a great many of us, to gain in size as our awareness expands. Like we have to have a bigger house to keep our expanded awareness in. This weight also, drops off later on upon our journey. This is energy stored and it will be needed upon our paths.


  6. Hi. Can’t say I agree that fat is mostly water (lipids and water not mixing too well and all), but I do agree with the victim mentality and need for protection and the trust concept. I think the block to losing is more about what it actually means in our culture to be thin: choosing to be the sex symbol can represent a whole new world of fear.
    🙂 Simonne


  7. Sue Ann Edwards

    I guess it just depends on whether we define ourselves by our looks. If we only pay attention to what our physical eyes see, then we’re pretty much living a superficial life of no depth or substance, so whether we’re a ‘sex’ symbol or not, really doesn’t make any difference. We’re still living a shallow and superficial life.


  8. Hi Sue Ann,
    Your point is so true – re whether we define ourselves by our sex or not. This is what women are taught and this is what is happening in our culture where porn is all pervasive. So I guess my point is that it actually makes all the difference, as horrible as that is. The shallow and superficial life seems to be a rite of passage for young women. It is the older women who can often break free of that thinking and sometimes I think they forget that so many younger women are trapped in this horryifying quest for perfection.


  9. Moe

    A physics forum, huh? Wow. Just the word “physics” is almost enough to send me feeling for the hills with my fingers logged firmed in my ears. But I’m a bit dramatic when it comes to anything that could be even a distant cousin of math.

    The premise of your chapter sounds interesting. Good luck with the rest of your book, and with successfully navigating your way through the land of Physics! 🙂



  10. Hee, thanks Kelsey! I’m terrified of maths, so this is certainly quite the journey for me right now! I’m about to send the chapter to my genius (robotics engineer) brother-in-law to read and am feeling rather nervous about it!
    I’ll head on over to your site soon – I stuck my head in and it looks great – but I’m off to hear the Dalai Lama speak now, and as much as YOU are important, well, I kinda don’t want to be late for that!
    Thanks for the visit!
    Simonne 🙂


  11. Moe

    Yes, it would be a shame to miss the Dalai Lama because you were reading some random person’s blog. Even if that random person happened to be me. Not something I’d recommend. 🙂



  12. You’ll be happy to know I got there with time to spare! It was amazing – he’s so humble (and dead cute!) Will find the time to write a post about it tomorrow.


  13. I think there are times when you need proof, if it can be found by putting in some work. There was a time when people believed that the Sun revolves around the Earth. Now we know it doesn’t. It had to be proven though, that it was the other way around. So things like that make people want proof. Another reason could be the judicial system. It appears that justice is served when there is “proof” – at least most of the time. When it comes to religious and non-physical stuff, I treat with my non-physical side: faith, belief, trust, whatever you call it. By the way, I saw your comment at the guy with the slippers, I think HE SHOULD GET HIS SLIPPERS. No need for proof there!


  14. The style of writing is quite familiar to me. Did you write guest posts for other blogs?


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