The Inspiration Maker

Sometimes we meet someone who lifts our thinking to another level and inspires us to work harder, be better, give more, or just have more fun with what we’re doing.

I was privileged to be inspired by just such a person today. She was an amazing and highly accomplished woman whose success has fueled her humility rather than her ego and she was truly a breath of fresh air through my wrought being!

Since launching the blog only a week or so ago, and then announcing it to everyone I know, I have been struck with just how conservative some people are. I forget that my passions and beliefs can sometimes make some people uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had great feedback about the new title of the book, but there are a few (and there always will be) who cringe at the word vagina, or struggle with concepts to do with self love or spirituality. And it’s these people who sometimes make me hesitate or consider toning down what I’m doing/saying/writing so I can slip back into the fold so to speak, without ruffling any feathers.

But today, after walking away from this woman, I realised with much clarity and joy that I really, finally am on the right and Divine path, and I need to honour that path and walk it with confidence, pride and courage.




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2 responses to “The Inspiration Maker

  1. Tis always wonderful to get that fantastic jolt that says ‘I can do it’. Something that happens so rarely in our lives. I say take time to meet as many new people as possible and open your mind to all levels of stimulation. Only then is anything is truly possible!


  2. Indeed! Thanks again Tracey 🙂


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