I had a coffee with a dear friend yesterday afternoon who’s also engaged. To have another girlfriend who’s planning her wedding at the same time as me is so great. To have a girlfriend who’s planning her wedding at the same time as me and who is totally organised, a fabulous girlie-girl, incredibly fashionable, stylish, crafty, and creative is totally, completely, and stupendously awesome!

When she asked me what my bonbonniere was going to be and I looked blank, she proceeded to rattle through some great and extremely cost-effective ideas from the top of her head. I have to tell you, this impressed me no end and as I sipped my skinny flat white and stared at her over the rim of the glass, I marvelled at her bonbonniere-savoir-faire.

She went on to ask me about what jewellery I was going to have the bridesmaids wear. I have to choose the jewellery too? She went on to suggest that we make the jewellery! Yes, make it. I can hear my mother laughing from here. Mum and I are creative creatures, don’t get me wrong; we can whip up a short story, knock out a puppet play, and rustle up a comedy skit at a moment’s notice, but make things? I think not.

Anyway, three skinny flat whites and two honey joys later, my dear friend had decided on the bonbonniere (they’re in keeping with my Italianess – that’s all I’m going to say – and no, they’re not sugar-coated almonds or crocheted toilet dollies), the bridesmaids’ jewellery, my hair and make-up, and what sort of shoes everyone in the bridal party was going to wear. On top of that, when I lamented loudly that I just didn’t have time for wedding preparations because of the book, she kindly, amazingly offered to research hairdressers and make-up artists for me, and accompany me down south on my next ‘wedding trip’ to see the house, meet my Aunt – the wedding celebrant, and just generally make me feel calm, in control and organised.

What a legend!



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2 responses to “Bonbonniere-Savior-Faire

  1. nathalie

    hello- nice site! well done.
    all these hours on contribute must have helped out!
    did you meant the typo saviour – faire- correctly spelt in text- but with a u in the title?
    love n


  2. simonnemichelle

    Thanks! I was thinking about the old days using Contribute this morning!! Thanks re the typo! You’re always helpful for that 🙂
    Love S


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